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F'Kee TVBLic 



The oldest 
flag in the 
United States 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John Page 
in 1737 by King George II of England, was carried by his 
son, Nathaniel, who fought with the Bedford Minutemen 
at the Banle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 


MAY ^^No, 

"Out of the Blue" 

SIGNUM 1991 

Bedford High School 

Mudge Way, Bedford, MA 01730 

Volume 8 

True Blue.... 

Thoughts evolve 
Changing goals 
Problems solve 
Switching roles 
Feelings show 
Expanding minds 
Dreams grow 
Brand-new finds 

Emotions peak 
Self improve 
Inside you seek 
Future move 
Time cries 
Choose your soul 
Close your eyes 
Write your role 
Aging years 
Love is found 
Many fears 
A happy ground 
They have survived 
Almost through 
We have arrived 
Out of the Blue! 

"True Blue" - Bedford pep and spirit has reached its 
peak. On September 5th, the doors opened once again and 
in came the BHS students out of the blue skies of their 
summers, but into the blue spirit that BHS has built and has 
come to treasure over its many years! 

Christine Hamel leisurely strolls to her Field 
Hockey practice. 

Stephanie Kyvelos, Theresa Concannon, Karen 
Clancy, and Jennifer Peterson stand proud think- 
ing about their newfound Junior status. 



Rachel Meyers, Amy Andrade, Brian 
Kern, Kerry Pignatiello, Liz Welch, and 
Jen Callahan enjoy a warm day outside on 
the bleachers. 

Stephanie Dubitzky and Kristen Colli- 
ton hang out in the parking lot trying 
to look cool. 

Band-campers Steven Hector, Alex 
Brill, and Alex Freeman dream of 
band competitions while at parade rest. 

Katie Holden and Beth Mofield take a 
break to cool off from practice. 


"Take that", cries Lisa Cadotte as she 
and Jodi Cohen attack our photogra- 
pher with their Ninja Turtle juice. 


On Their Way Out 

It's sometime after Labor Day, 1987. The day is clear 
and warm. The time is approximately 7:30. You are about 

You struggle to open the enormous portals. Finally you 
are surrounded by the walls of the monsterous hallway. 
Your new carebears trapper keeper falls to the floor as 
millions of upper classmen trample and crush you beneath 
their huge converse hightops... 

That is all behind you now. You have grown up and 
matured to the level of saying the word "freshman" and 
laughing hysterically. You will never admit that you were 
ever one of those tiny little creatures. Well, you have sur- 
vived Bedford High and ya know what? It wasn't so bad. 

It doesn't matter if you won't admit it. We all know how 
much you love this school. A major portion of your life was 
spent here. 

One thing which I'm sure we'll all agree on is the number 
of amazing students we grew up with. These students be- 
came our friends quite easily. 

It's almost time to say goodbye to our friends for a while 
and to start another part of our lives. It's almost time to be 
freshman all over again. 

For now, just enjoy your remaining days here. Relax, and 
take a deep breath and look back on some of the best times 
of your lives. These memories will be with us forever. 

Keith Farmer, Paul Doherty, and Mike 
Blasi display their studliness for the 

Megan Dworshak, Lynnette 
Blanchard. and Erin Fehlau 
prepare themselves for a skiing 


"1 want YOU", screams Kevin 

Geary, as the rest of the Senior Pete Shammon, Jamie Asbedian, and 

Class cheers at the 1990 Spirit Anxious seniors await the taking of Ryan Jansen don't succeed at trying to 

Games. their class picture. look macho. 

Suzanne Spencer shows Rachel Senior overachievers collect their payment 

Meyers her secret hiding place for at Awards Night. 



Heeeeeyyyyyy Babeeeee! 

Jennifer (iorgcns IciriiN ginul e.iiiiii; 1\.iImi\ 
al an early ape 

Mark Watkins eooriliiiales his lite preserv- 
er lo his h.iir. 

Nice sashes, Iroop 2085! 

Kyle Gclorniini del'eals I he purpose i>r 

Liz Welch and Paul Doheriy carry on an 
intellectual convcrsaiion at three. 

Julie Merrill digs right in to her hearty 



Spirit Games 

Out of Their Minds 

Every spring, the Fresh- 
man, Sophomore, and Junior 
classes gather together to 
strut their stuff at the annual 
Bedford High School Spirit 
Games. In the past few years, 
under the direction of Mr. 
Huff and Mr. Hunt, class 
spirit has risen to new heights. 
Each class is assigned a color 
to wear(red, white, or blue) 
and the football field trans- 
forms into a battleground. 
The whole place is alive with 

The three classes at war in 
the 1990 Spirit Games were 
the classes of 1991, 1992, and 

1993. The contestants com- 
peted in several events includ- 
ing the infamous egg toss, the 
knowledge game, and the or- 

After heated races, fren- 
zied tosses, and brainstorm- 
ing, the class of '92 emerged 
victorious. Unfortunately (or 
fortunately, depending on 
who you are) the class of '91 
landed in last place; and the 
class of '93 surprised every- 
one and snatched second. 

You might laugh, you 
might cry, but you will defi- 
nitely be glad you came out to 
support your class! 

Jamie Asbedian happily spews 
cracker crumbs all over everybody. 

Daymion Smith, Steve Craig, and 
Krista DeNeiro cheer on the class of 



Roman Nights 

Why Did the Night Have to End 

What a night! It seemed 
like it would never ready, but 
the final result was magical. 
The new cafe doors opened 
and - behold - Roman Nights! 
The warm spring evening be- 
came very hot with all of the 
dancing and excitement of 
the Junior Prom. 

The dancing and mingling 
continued throughout the 
Prom Court selection. The 
1990 Junior Prom was lead 
by its King and Queen Steve 
Mead and Kerry Pignatiello. 
The rest of the court was 

made up by Liz Welch, Me- 
gan Dworshak, Erin Fehlau, 
and Susanne Spencer. The 
men were Mark Gray, Mar- 
cus Kennedy, Jamie Asbe- 
dian, Ryan Janson. 

Dancing around the foun- 
tains and columns was magi- 
cal. The long hours the class 
of '91 spent decorating very 
worth the effort. But, of 
course, the dancing did end 
and everyone was left won- 
dering "why can't this night 
go on forever?" 

Tom Chester, Lisa Kelleher, Kathy 
Hurd, and Kevin Duris sit out. 

Alicia DeLuca and Todd Nelson 
share a special moment during the 


Sasha Korik and Josh Berman act cool 
outside the cafeteria. 

A group of Juniors huddle together for 
a picture. 

"It was a great night for everybody." 

-Kerry Pignotiello 


Bedford Day 

Painting the Town Blue 

Saturday, September 22 
dawned less than perfect. The 
sky was cloudy and the occa- 
sional rain drop was felt. But 
that did nothing to damper 
the spirits of Bedford Day! It 
all started with the parade, 
led by the fire department 
and their sirens. The march- 
ing band showed off their 
stuff and the cheerleaders 
waved their pom-poms. 

After the parade, everyone 
congregated at the booths set 
up by various community or- 
ganizations. There were also 
many booths from Bedford 
High School groups, includ- 
ing the Spanish Club, the Ju- 
nior Class, and Forum. One 
of the most popular BHS 
booths was undoubtedly the 
yearbook's nail-the-New- 

Kids booth. People - young 
and old alike- stood in line to 
throw darts at everyone's fa- 
vorite rock group. New Kids 
on the Block. 

Spirits were high as Bed- 
fordites from all around came 
to show their pride in the 
town. Never has so much en- 
thusiasm and togetherness 
been seen in a place so small 
(with the possible exception 
of last year's annual celebra- 
tion!). Everybodies efforts, 
time, and donations were ap- 
preciated incredibly by the 
people of this fair town. 

As always, the residents 
came to show their love of the 
town of Bedford. In the words 
of Sophomore, Alex Brill, 
"we all had fun." 

The New Kids only got what was com- 
ing to them! 

Jodi Cohen waves her flag high and 
proud for the town of Bedford. 

14 Bedford Day 

Bedford Day 15 

Pep Rally 

Showing Our Spirit 

As always, the Bedford 
High spirit lives on. Spirit 
week, always a very exciting 
time at BHS, was concluded 
as always with the first Pep 
Rally. Each of the classes 
filed in to compete with the 
other classes for most spirit, 
and to join in together to 
produce the most combined 
spirit this student body has 
ever seen. 

The sport's teams were in- 
troduced and they all ran in 
to get their praises sung. 
The band played, and 
played, and played and we 
were treated to a Flag and 
Majorette routines. The 
Cheerleaders, as always, 
were constantly on deck to 
keep the spirits of the BHS 
students alive and kicking, 
much to the chagrin of the 

The Homecoming court 

was introduced also. It in- 
cluded: Jenn Callahan, Me- 
gan Dworshak, Julie Mer- 
rill, Sue Spencer, Liz 
Welch, Paul Doherty, Keith 
Farmer, Mark Gray, Jon 
Koop, and Jamie Asbedian. 
Shortly after, the Cheer- 
leaders called up all of the 
team captains. Little did 
they know of what was in 
store for them. The Cheer- 
leaders proceeded to tie ev- 
eryone's hands and place 
pies in front of them on the 
floor. This "impromptu pie- 
eating fest" became a bat- 
tle, with Christine Hamel 
coming out victorious. 

Finally the Seniors were 
declared Hall decorating 
champs for a second year, 
and the rally came to an 
end. But once again, BHS 
showed its true color and its 
true spirit. Yea Bucs! 

Michelle Dee, Jen DiNitlo, and Stephanie 
Steiger cheer for their triumphant class, '91. 


Jen Cohen 

Mark Gray and Tim McNeany gaze longingly 
at Dave Boschetto's chest. 

The Freshman and Sophomore classes check 
out the Flags and Majorettes in action. 

The Senior Class rejoices in their triumphant 

"It's sad to think that this was the last time us seniors will be able 
to show our true Bedford spirit like this. I'm just glad we won!" 

-Jen Cohen 



Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! 

This year Bedford High 
School Students outdid 
themselves with spirit, liter- 
ally! The week got off to a 
slow start with beach day at 
below freezing tempera- 
tures. Luckily, the pep 
picked up the following day 
when everyone came in 
decked out in their favorite 
college sweatshirt. Wednes- 
day was "too cute" as the 
student body came dressed 
in Disney attire. Thursday, 
not a soul was recognizable, 
being it costume day. Friday 
topped off the whole week 
as the school became a blue- 
and-white blur. 

The week was filled with 
preparations: for Hall Deco- 
rating, for Homecoming, 
and for the dance on Satur- 
day. Homecoming ballots 
were handed out in senior 
Homerooms and the final- 
ists were announced at the 
Pep Rally Friday. The win- 
ners: Queen Liz Welch and 
King Paul Doherty were an- 
nounced Friday at the 
Homecoming game. Hall 
decorating was quite an ex- 
perience. The Freshman 

showed a good start with 
their Yellow Brick Road. 
The Sophomores took sec- 
ond with their Pumpkin 
Patch. The Juniors were 
Shipwrecked(no offense). 
And yet again, the Seniors 
excelled, and picked up 
their second consecutive win 
with their Senior Psyche. 
Better luck next year. 

The Pep Rally was a great 
ending to a fun week. The 
ambiance was of true spirit 
and excitement, and as usu- 
al, the student body could 
be counted on to make a lit- 
tle noise. Mrs. Gullage: we 
are all very sorry that we 
made too much noise, but 
we did think that it was a 
"pep" rally. We are truly 

Thanks to everyone who 

Sophomore Hall-decorators stand show-off their 
award winning hall. 


Pep-ralliers pep up a storm during Friday's fun-fest. 



Bedford prepare to "waste 
Weston" at the Homecom- 
ing game. 

Amy Borshay and Monica 
Hunsader deck out in blue- 
and-white Senior spirit gear. 

The Sophomore class gets 

Senior Hall-Decorators collect in the aftermath 
of their winning hall for one last goodbye. 


Let's Party 

Out of the Classroom 

This year's Halloween- 
time festivities filled BHS 
with tons of spirit. Finishing 
off the usual Spirit Week 
events was the announce- 
ment of the Homecoming 
Court at Friday night's 
game and then the dance 
the following evening in the 
new cafeteria. This year's 
court consisted of Jen Calla- 
han, Megan Dworshak, Ju- 
lie Merrill, Susanne Spen- 
cer, and Queen Liz Welch. 
The boys on the court were: 
Jamie Asbedian, Keith 
Farmer, Mark Gray, Jon 
Koop, and King Paul Do- 
herty. The usual announce- 
ment was filled with antici- 
pation as the Court stood 
anxiously with their parents 
eagerly awaiting the out- 
come. The announcement 
brought humor, as three of 
the "king" possibilities were 
in the locker room with their 
team, including winner Paul 

Doherty, but his mother 
filled in nicely. The dance 
went great, as well, and an- 
other homecoming was a 
smashing success. 

The annual language 
Halloween parties brought a 
new tradition to BHS this 
year - the combining of all 
three language groups. The 
larger group brought three 
times the amount of festivi- 
ties to the joyous occasion 
and the spirit was unbeliev- 
able. Silly games were 
played, and silly costumes 
were worn. It was definitely 
a night to remember! The 
usual pointless, though 
amusing games took place 
and teams were formed, and 
as usual, it was a crazy 
night. Perhaps no other 
school organizations have as 
much pep as our Language 
Groups do, and well, I guess 
we're proud of them. 

Lisa Cadotte and Jodi Cohen get into the 
spirit groove at Friday night's Homecoming 


French-clubber Gretchen Ela stuffs her face at the 
Language Party. 

7he best part about Homecoming was dancing with Juan 
Koop at the dance on Saturday!" 
- Jen Callahan, Homecoming Queen runner-up 


Bluemin' Spirit 

Competition Inside and Out 

The Thanksgiving season 
is always a fine time. The 
leaves are changing color 
and falling, the air is colder, 
the winter jackets are out, 
and Bedford High School 
goes crazy with activity. 
Like every year, the grudge 
football game with arch-ri- 
val Concord-Carlisle on 
Thanksgiving day brought 
more excitement than imag- 
inable. We really don't like 
those guys from C.C.! The 
entire town gathered the 
night before for the annual 
pep rally/bonfire across 
from the High School. The 
night was cold, but everyone 
was kept warm by the high 
spirits of the football team 
and the slow burning of the 
CCHS football player, 
hanging from the blazing 
mass of wood, it was a high 
for everyone! The band 
played and the Senior play- 

Tara Lee, Andria Pomponi, and Jen Carson 
get caught up in the excitement of the night. 

ers spoke. The crowd was 
treated with a rap by Mike 
Rosenburg, Dave Bos- 
chetto, Mike Dmochowski, 
and Kevin Geary. Spirits 
were raised, and it payed 
off. Bedford destroyed 
CCHS the next day in an 
unbelievable victory. It was 
a day for rejoicing! 

The day after Thanksgiv- 
ing, the football field again 
was the center of activity 
during the annual Powder 
Puff game. The competition 
was within school bounds as 
the Juniors and Seniors bat- 
tled each other 'till the 
bloody death. Some expert 
playing in the cold rainy 
weather proved the Seniors 
to be victorious. It was an 
exciting game and the Se- 
niors well earned their title. 
Better luck next year Ju- 
niors, after all, not every- 
body can be a Senior! 


Seniors Amy Borshay and Rachel Pollock enjoy a 
well-deserved victory at Friday's Powder Puff game 


Acting Out 

Winning Performances 

This year's Tournament 
of Plays was right up there 
with the best of them. The 
curtain opened to the Fresh- 
man performance of Just a 
Joke, featuring Laurie 
Mellmack in her debut per- 
formance of an amateur co- 
median. Talented Freshman 
Erica Willey walked away 
with the Best Newcomer 
award. The Sophomores put 
on the one act play Balcony 
Scene, starring Brian Feh- 
lau as the deceased who 
watches the rest of the cast 
at his own funeral, and 
earned the award for Best 
Actor. The Juniors received 
the other Best Newcomer 
Award for Brian Sparrow's 
well done job in Dirge, a de- 
pressing tale of accidental 
murder. Brian and Dave To- 
bey were especially impres- 
sive in Dirge. The Seniors 
came out on top with their 
hilarious comedy. Roomers. 

Rebecca Rosenburg took 
Best Supporting Actress, 
Erin Fehlau - Best Actress, 
Matthew Stein - Best Sup- 
porting Actor, and the en- 
tire cast earned the Best 
Play. It was a fun night for 

The Variety Show on 
Dec. 1, 1990 was an experi- 
ence as well. The acts in- 
cluded Stayin' Alive, again; 
Bust a Move II, the right 
way; Stop in the Name of 
Love; The Red Hot Chili 
Peppers; The New Kids 
(Dorks) on the Block; sever- 
al impressive live bands; and 
a memorable and colorful 
live performance by Chick- 
en Dinner. 

The evening was a tre- 
mendous success and every- 
one walked away with a 
smile. There's no denying it 
- Bedford High School stu- 
dents really know how to 
have a good time! 


Chicken Dinner eaters Jon Hamby 
good taste in clothing and haircuts 

Mrs. Rainis struts her stuff on stage. Are we 
really that bad, Mrs Rainis? 

Kim Cardile gussies up in her fashionable six- 
ties' beilbottom leisuresuit. 

Is it Rachel Meyers or Dave Boschetto? Or 
better yet, who Busted a Move better - Rachel 
or Dave?! 

The feel of polyester against our bodies was so enjoyable 
that we had to find an excuse to wear it again!" 

- Mark Minassian on his encore Performance. 


Medieval Times 

Wassail! Wassail! 

December 7th and 8th 
were both enjoyable and 
educational experiences for 
everyone who happened to 
be fortunate enough to be 
present in the transformed 
new-cafe which for two glo- 
rious nights became known 
as the medieval dining 

This years Madrigal Din- 
ners were smashing success- 
es. Besides the panicky 15 
minutes Friday night before 
the start when the power 
went out, all went very 
smoothly. The guests were 
satisfied and impressed with 
the wonderful performance. 
In addition to the excellent 
food, singing, and acting, 
the royal strings and brass 
helped to contribute nicely 
to the Renaissance ambi- 
ance. The entire room was 
surrounded in the aura of 
the medieval times. 

The script this year was 
composed by the madrigal 
members Erin Fehlau and 
Christine Hamel. The entire 
production was directed by 
the Royal teacher, Mr. Low. 
Everyone involved was 
greatly appreciated and de- 
served a round of applause 
for a job well done - and 
that's just what they got. 

The castle's faithful 
wenches delivered the yum- 
my dinner and sweet wassail 
which nobody could get 
enough of. Unfortunately, 
however, the evening did 
have to end. The festivities 
lasted a bit under two hours 
and everyone was sad to see 
it over. This new-old tradi- 
tion is one of the BHS music 
departments favorites and 
will continue to prosper in 
the future. Thank you to all 
who participated in this cul- 
turally facinating endeavor. 

Royal Strings member Samir Kapuria plays a 
cheerful Renaissance tune. 


Lisa Cadotte obliges with her wenchly duties and 
pours more Wassail for the Wassail. 

"Oh boy, this Wassail looks good. I wish I 
could chug some!", thinks Tara Lee secretly. 

Madrigal dinner-eaters Matt Knell and John 
Woolard appear enthralled after finishing a 
Renaissance tune. 

Jacqui Shwimmer, Brian Fehlau, 
and Gretchen Ela play a happy tune 
on their medieval instruments. 

"I can't think of a more - uh - interesting way that I could 
have spent my Weel<end. What a blast...." 

- John Woolard on the excitement of the Dinner 


On the Air 

Talkirg With Gene Bums 

Earlier this year, BHS 
had a new and different ex- 
perience - RADIO! Yes, 
Gene Burns brought his 
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
WRKO Talk Show to the 
Bedford High School audi- 
torium and was joined by 
Mr. Reynold's E-period Po- 
litical Science Class. The 
topic of discussion was 
Question Three on the 1990 
Referendem ballot. It all 
started early last fall when 
Matthew Stein and Dave 
Boschetto accompanied Mr. 
Reynolds to hear Gene 
Burns speak on CLT. 
Slightly unhappy with what 
Mr. Burns was saying, Dave 
and Matt approached him 
and after much ado, ar- 
ranged to speak on his show. 
Later the arrangement was 
changed and Gene Burns 
agreed to bring the whole 
talk show to BHS! The Po- 
litical Science class which 
had been discussing CLT at 
length spoke on the show 
about their opinions. All but 
one student opposed CLT, 

though that student didn't 
speak. Throughout the af- 
ternoon student after stu- 
dent stood up to the com- 
ments of Gene Burns and 
many other home callers. 

Especially impressive 
comments were made by 
Dave Boschetto and Mat- 
thew Stein, though every- 
body in the whole class had 
extremely strong and sensi- 
ble arguments. Mr. Reyn- 
olds had his say as well and 
wowed the whole crowd. 
Gene Burns was a tough nut 
to crack, so to speak, but 
Bedford High School's Poli- 
Sci class really gave him a 
run for his money. This 
event was something com- 
pletely new to Bedford High 
School and it definitely se- 
perated us from the others. 
We should all be proud of 
Matthew and Dave and ev- 
eryone else who helped out 
and especially to everyone 
in Mr. Reynold's class. You 
all know exactly what you're 
talking about, and you made 
all of BHS proud: 



1990-91 Political Science Class - bottom, left: Matt O'Malley. Mike 
Dmochowski, Holly Grey, Amy Andrade, Kathy Schowalter, and Amy 
Connolly. Top, left: Mr. Reynolds, John Paschkewitz, Dave Boschetto, Joe 
Somerset, Rob Donaldson, Tricia McGovern, Kevin Geary, Jeff Jones, 
Rachel Pollock, and Christine Hamel. 



Mr. Reynolds shoots the breeze with Gene Burns shortly 
before the start of the show. 


Poli-Sci students Christine Hamel and Tricia 
McGovern prepare for their upcoming de- 

"It was cool... no, it was more than cool!" 

-Dove Boschetto on Gene Bum's visit 

Gene Burns discusses the question 
of CLT with an eloquent Amy An- 


Moving Ahead 

Striving to the Top 

This year BHS went 
through several of its annual 
rituals without a hitch. Last 
fall Bedford was visited by 
several of the country's col- 
leges and universities and 
each Sophomore, Junior, 
and Senior schlepped their 
parents or friends along to 
try to find their futures. The 
evening was a success as stu- 
dents talked and mingled 
with college representatives 
and asked questions and 
searched. ..This BHS tradi- 
tion has plowed the way for 
many students and we hope 
it will be just as successful 
next year. 

January 31, 1991 NHS 
held its annual induction for 
the 16 students. Speeches 
were given by Co-President 

Liz Welch, Vice-President 
Judy Galani, Treasurer 
Dave Boschetto, and Secre- 
tary Megan Dworshak. The 
guest speaker was Mrs. 
Rainis from the foreign 
Language Department. She 
gave an inspiring talk on the 
importance of having a pas- 
sion in what you do, and ev- 
eryone was thoroughly im- 
pressed. The induction came 
off smoothly thanks to the 
help of Ms. O'Malley, Mr. 
Duggan, the officers, and 
basically everyone else in- 
volved. Musical accompan- 
yment was provided by tal- 
ented violinists Dave Hirsch 
and Karen Freeman. The 
entire evening was a terrific 

Daymion Smith and Stephanie 
Anderson discuss their plans for 
the future. 

Who better to bring to the Col- 
lege Fair than your Dad. After 
all, he's probably paying for it. 


Mrs. Rainis gives an inspiring speech to the new 
inductees and the other members. 

The new inductees nervously recite the pledge of the 
National Honor Society. 

Dave Boschetto speaks frankly on service during the 



Making an Exchange 

Bonjour! Fourteen excited 
Sophomores and Juniors 
from Bedford High School 
traveled to Paris, France last 
April, 1990. This was an ex- 
perience of a lifetime. These 
students found out about the 
true French culture. "It's a 
lot more than just a big tower, 
pretty paintings, and all the 
cheese you can eat," explains 
traveler Christine Hamel. 

Wonderful friends were 
met during this three week 
visit. It was very sad for the 
students to say goodbye. 
However, they were jumping 
for joy as they waited at Lo- 
gan Airport later that year in 
October. This time it's "Hel- 
lo" as the etudiants Francais 
slumped through the doors at 
the arrival gates, ready for 
three weeks in the good ol' 
U.S. of A! 

Showing these wide-eyed 
French correspondants the 
sights and sounds of the 
American lifestyle was a 
show all its own. Their 
"ooohhs" and "aahhhs" filled 
the halls of BHS as they saw- 

....lockers, desks, smiling 
teachers, milk at lunch, the 
crazy costumes during spirit 
week, decorated halls, pep 
rallies, television in home- 
room, just plain homeroom, 
and so much more that we 
here at BHS take for granted. 

The French kids were also 
treated to the sights of Bos- 
ton, and if they got matched 
with a good family - who 
knows where else!? There was 
a Halloween Party, several 
get-togethers, and even a talk 
show video/interview made 
at the end of their visit to re- 
member the special occasion 
and to get everyone's views on 
it. The whole visit was a time 
to remember, for the French 
correspondents, for their 
hosts, and for the rest of us at 
BHS who got to experience 
this dose of culture hands-on. 

Once again it was time to 
say goodbye. On that last day 
together there were teary 
eyes, big hugs, and promises 
of future visits. It was a terrif- 
ic experience for everyone! 

The French students enjoy the cra- 
ziness of a BHS Pep Rally. 



vm-i v-m-m-ik i'-s $ 

Hostess Christine Hatnel smiles, think- 
ing of her "French Connections"! 

Matthew Stein and Brian Kern and 
their correspondents pose for the cam- 

Rebecca Rosenberg and her new 
friend Delphine display their similar 

"Although we're from different countries, Delphine and I hove 
more in common than just our hair!" 

- Rebecca Rosenberg 


Moving Up 

Out of the Crowd 

Underclassmen officers have 
done an excellent job this year! 
Freshmen Sarah Rosenberg, 
Jessamyn Smith, Wendy Cas- 
tellana, and Erin Smith have 
lead a number of activities 
which have brought them 
through the first step of the 
four year memory lane called 
High School. Their biggest 
event was the Variety Show in 
December. The large amounts 
of profit went to the Junior 
Class and will also be used dur- 
ing their Senior year. A very 
impressive Wizard of Oz was 
produced by the Freshman in 
the annual Hall Decorating 
contest. There are some very 
creative minds in that class and 
the officers are fine examples. 

Sophomore officers Dave 
Venuti, Dave Boffa, Rachel 
Berkowitz, Kristen Colliton, 
and Stephanie Dubitzky held 
an original fundraiser this year. 

The Sophomore Class sold 
Champion Sweatshirts at a de- 
cent price and fared well. They 
held a dance as well in the New 
Cafeteria and worked up a fair 
treasury. The Sophomores Au- 
tumn-related Hall during Spir- 
it Week was a fine show of 
their stuff, and they came in 

The Junior Class officers: 
Daymion Smith, Debbie Jones, 
Kelly Callahan, Tara Lee, and 
Karen Clancy exhibited tre- 
mendous class spirit as they 
took charge of the jewelry sale 
and collected money for this 
wonderful fundraiser. The Ju- 
niors, though they were dis- 
qualified, came through with a 
great Hall - Shipwrecked. This 
year the Juniors also deal with 
the hassle of Semi-Formal and 
Prom. Good luck to all three 
classes in the future! 

Sophomore officers Rachel Berkowitz and 
Kristen Colliton are joined by fellow class- 
mates in surveying the progress of their 


Daymion Smith 
Class President. 

Freshman Class Officers, from 
left: Erin Smith - Secretary; Jes- 
samyn Smith - Vice President; Sa- 
rah Rosenburg - President; and 
Wendy Castellana - Treasurer. 

"Being a Class Officer has really given me a chance to get 
involved in the Class. It's been fun!" 

- Sarah Rosenberg 

Sophomore Class Officers - 

bottom, left: Dave Boffa, 
Dave Venuti; top, left: Kris- 
ten Colliton, Rachel 
Berkowitz, and Stephanie 

Junior Class Officers - bot- 
tom, left: Debbie Jones, Kelly 
Callahan, and Tara Lee. Top, 
left: Daymion Smith and Ka- 
ren Clancy. 


The fact that the Senior Class has elected 
the same class officers two years in a row 
should say something. We like their hair- 
styles? Well, sure, but its more than that! 
These guys have worked hard, sweated, 
stressed themselves out - with and without the 
support of the rest of the class - to make every 
endeavor they encounter the best! The semi- 
formals, the proms, the Hall Decoratings 
have all been successful, well planned, and 
enjoyable activities and we couldn't have 
asked for better, more qualified leaders. 

We'll all be saying goodbye soon, but be- 
fore we go, we'd like to say thank you to Mr. 
Miliken and our beloved class officers for 
making our Junior and Senior years (the best 
years) exactly what they were - the best!!! 

Senior Class Officers: Prom Chairperson - 
Jamie Bailey, Secretary - Jen Cohen, Beloved 
Class President - Jamie Asbedian, Treasurer 
- Pete Shammon, Vice President - Ryan Jan- 
son, Prom Chairperson - Chris Theophilc. 


Jen Cohen handles her duties as a Senior Class 
Officer with a smile! 

"Long you live and high you fly, snniles you'll give and 
tears you'll cry. All you touch and all you see is all your 
life will ever be." 

-Pink Floyd 



'Such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there..." - Phil Lesh 



BA, Bobby, Pinner 

We used to play for silver 
Mow we play for life. 
One for sport and for blood 
At a point of knife 

-The Grateful Dead 


Jamie, Spaz 

Here I go again on my own 
Going down the only road I've 

ever known 
But I've made up my mind 
I'm not wasting no more time 


"B", The-B, Busy B 

If God one day struck me blind, 
life's beauty I'd still see. - Prince 
By any means necessary. - 
Malcolm X 


When I was much 
younger than today, I never 
needed anybody's help in 
anyway. Mow those days are 
gone I'm not so self-assured, now 
I've changed my mind I've 
opened up the doors. - The 



We must love while these 
moments are still called today. 

-Indigo Girls 



Always t>e nice to girls. 
It pays offl 



Hope for the best 
Prepare for the worst. 




So you can go on with your 
search and I can go on with 
mine, and maybe someday we 
will find that it wasn't really 
wasted time. 

- Eagles 


Mike, Blazer, Laser, The 

Take your time, don't live too 
fast, troubles will come and they 
will pass, be a simple man. - 
Lynard Skynard 

Don't knock it till you've tried it. 
- Von Laser 


Don't wish it away, don t look at 
it like it's forever. Between you 
and me, I could honestly say 
that things can only get better. - 
Elton John 


Ames, Aim, Amilia 

Friendship wipes away the tears 
and brings upon a smile... 



Schetto, Bave, Dork 

stepping towards my future 
As a tear falls from my eye 
Leaving the worid behind me 
I whisper the word goodbye. 






Jenn, Yannie, Fluffy 

It's better to have loved and lost 
than never to have loved at all. 


Di, Tweeker, Julia 

Ain't got no worries 
Ain't got no regrets 
Who they think they're kidding 
They ain't seen nothing yet 



Once upon a time there was a 
little dot on a yearbook page 
(place dot here .) I called it 


Chelle, Moosie 

...Can't push me no matter how 

bad they try 
Stand back, this is my tum to fly. 


Music and rhythm find their way 
into the secret places of the 


Lather, Secret Spank, 

I am fearless in my heart. They 
will always see that in my eyes... 
- Steve Val 

Hey Paul... Oil! 



Thinking of the past 
My high school years went by so 

I can truly say I had a blast. 


To tame the savageness of man 
and make gentle the life of the 
- FLR '68 



You can't always get what you 
want, but if you try sometime, 
you might find, you get what you 

Rolling Stones 


no matter how old you are. 
When you go out into the world 
It is best to hold hands and stick 

- Robert Fulghum 


Take it easy!! I did. 
party, party, party 

Tommy Tunes, Chest-ah 

As funny as it may seem 
Some people get their kicks 

stomping on a dream 
But I'll never let it get me down 
Because that big old world keeps 

spinning round 



We always did feel the same, we 
Just saw it from a different point 
of view. 

- Bob Dylan 


Alexander, Adidas, 
Mich el lea 

Into this world we're thrown 
Hey, Hey what can 1 do 
And it makes me wonder 
Are we all Just dust in the wind? 

- Doors, Zep2, Kansas 



Seano, Double D 

It is only with the heart that one 
can see rightly; what is essential 
is Invisible to the eye. 


Shelly, Mickey, Saucy, V 

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee 
shouldn t be able to fly, but the 
bumble bee doesn't know any 
better, so he just keeps flying. 


Cool, Vouge, Deluc, a.d., 

Being an idealist, I hope that 
someday the worid can be as 
good as I. Funny though - that 
could never happen. 

- me - 


Jen, ganahue, lather 

The urge to roam, to dance, to 
fly, to be, the search for free, the 
need to see, to go, to find, to 
search, to do. 


Jenne, Fred, Qoona, 
Buddy, V 

Isn't it better to forget and smile, 
than to remember and frown? 

Beauty 8e The Beast 


Fingers, Junior, Tiger, Jay 

Look out for yourself, but along 
the way don't hesitate to help 
others along the road of life. 


Chowsky, Dmo (Deemo), 

You can do a lot in a lifetime 
If you don't bum out too fast 
You can make the most of the 

First you need endurance, first 

you got to last. 


Buddha, Rick 

When a man lies he murders 
some F>art of the worid these are 
the pale deaths which men 
miscall their lives all this I 
cannot heart to witness any 
longer cannot the kingdom of 
salvation take me home. 



Oil, Dirty Dog, Moral Man 

A man hears what he wants to 
hear and disregards the rest. 
- S and Q 

Hey Scott OIL! 



Now is a time of magic... 
When everything is possible 
And the best is just beginning. 
- Joan Walsh Anglund 


Rob, "D", Donald 

When all is said and done 
More is said then done 
I've said enough. Let's do it. 

Chris Welch 
Graduation Speech '90 


Eber, Quy 

When walldng through the grand 
forest of life, don't forget your 
chain saw. - A famous scientist to 

You guys are SAFE! - The 
sarcastic Jonathan Koop 


Drak, Double-D, V-Ice, 
Trump, Ace 

All warfare is based on Sun Su. If 
your enemy is superior-evade 
him, if angry-irritate him, if 
equally matched-fight, if not, split 
and re-evaluate. 



It's not whether or not you get 
the last laugh, but how many 
you get along the way. 

Sherri, Baba, Compass 


For time is like a river 
Rolling into nowhere. 
We must live while we can 
And drink our cup of laughter. 

- Steve Winwood 



Farm Dog, Keithy, Fahma 

I live my life a diflferent way. 
Refuse to let myself become a 
victim getting caught up in a 
vicious web of lies... 

En. Vogue 


Fey, Er 

For no one gets a lifetime 

As specks of dust we're 

To let this love survive would be 
The greatest gift that we could 


- Indigo Girls 



Imagination will often carry us to 
worlds that never were, b' * 
without it we go nowhere 


AI, Al man. The Smash 

When you're old and ripe and 
you've lived a long life, it's time 
to go. - John D. Silber 

War is costly, peace is priceless ■ 
Bumper Sticker 


Qhudy, Jude, Ja-Ja 

I believe in Crystal Light 
'Cause I believe in mel 

- Linda Evans 

El Qalante, Markie 

The difference between the 
impossible and the possible lies 
In a person's determination. 

- Tommy Lasorda 



Open your eyes to beauty. 
Your heart to life. 


Geary, Kev, Kevbo 

Some men see things as they are 
and ask why?'. I dream of things 
as they never were and ask why 
not?'. - RFK 

Who the hell is Ben Casey? 



Truth is such a rare thing. 
It is delightful to tell it. 

E. Dickinson 

Jen, Fer-rer 

Sometimes I wish to Qod I didn't 
know now the things I didn't 
know then... And give me 
something to believe in. 

- Poison 


Tyle Q., Kyble, Qiarrelli 

Somewhere men are laughing. 
And somewhere children shout- 
But there is no joy in Mudville- 
Mighty Casey has struck out. 

-Ernest Thayer 


Don't hope for success, train for 

- 1990 Class D State Champions 






You only live once, but if you live 
right once is enough. 


If there Is no love In your heart, 
then there is no hope for you. 


Oli, Boomdaas 

Forget your sorrow and dance. 
Forget your troubles and dance. 
Forget your richness and dance. 
Forget your weakness and dance. 

Bob Marley 


Bane, Rocket, Fly Guy 

I don't want to grow up and look 
back and remember how great I 
was. I want to stay this great 

A prize fighter in a comer is told 
hit where it hurts - Silver and 
Gold -U2 


Chris, Ci 

I listened, motionless and still; 
And, as I mounted up the hill. 
The music in my heart I bore. 
Long after it was heard no more. 

- William Wordsworth 


Lissa, Liss, Mel, Meli 

ISiempre listal 


Chris, Henry-man 


Dickie, Rich, Duke Maim 

Our place in the total pattern of 
the cosmos is only finite. That is 
not to say that it may not be 

- Paul Revere 


Gizmo, Stace 

You got to aim high whether you 
lose or win and when you get to 
the top you got to get off and go 
right back down again. 



Hershey, Chipmunk, 

summer of '90 




Same as it ever was 
- "33" 

BBQ, Monico 

...Friendship comforts all our 
fears and makes it all 
worthwhile. TWFAF 

Always face the sunshine and the 
shadows will fall behind. 

Life is the bubbles! 



The only reason I graduated is 
because everyone said I couldn't. 


Bigyan, Zog, Buckwheat 

How many times do you hear it 
It goes on all day long 
Everyone knows everything 
And no one's ever wrong 

- Rush 



JefF, Jonesy 

Take your time, don't live to fast, 
troubles will come and they will 
pass. Qo find a woman and you'll 
find love, there is someone up 

Lynyrd Skynyrd 


Sam, Paco, Cashmere 

FREE yourself from what you 

FREE yourself from what you 

FREE yourself form what you 

free yoursif and let it go... 

-SK '90 



A portrait is a picture in which 
there is something wrong with 
the mouth. 

- Eugene Speicher 



User, Asil 

Whatever you wish, whatever you 
dream, whatever you hope to 
achieve, whatever you try for, 
whatever you plan. ..It's yours if 
you only believe. 

- E. Brewneman 


no matter how low you get, 
stand tall and be a man - Marcus 

It doesn't matter how you feel, 
it's how you lookl - Marcus 


Bri, Bri-Quy 

Those of you who think you 
know everything are annoying to 
those of us who do. 

All work and no play makes Jack 
a dull boy. - The Shining 


Jon, Juan, Koop 

Say the word and you'll be free. 
Say the word and be like me. 
Say the word I'm thinking of. 
Have you heard the word is love. 

The Beatles " The Word " 



If a person desires to be a 
humanist it is necessary that the 
people around him shall be at 
least as wise as he is, otherwise 
his humor will not be 

- J. Stephens 

Cindy, Blondie 

It's Brutal! - L. Palmer 

never, never in a Jeep - I. Jones 


Toe, Hair, Linetoe, Sean-O 

You gotta play to eat. 
- Frank Bello, Anthrax 


Johnny Love, J.L. Scruff 

I see nothing wrong in spreading 
myself around. 





Edge, Hammer, RIO 






Tricia, Trish, Trachea 

All is memory taken home with 

The opera, the stolen tea. 
The sand drum drawing, the 
verging sea. 

10,000 Maniacs 

His dreams are others nightmares, 
he doesn't worry or even scare, not 
afraid of you and me, living on the 
edge - a lonely place to be. 

I W I 


Tim, Beef, McMeary, Sir 

You can dance if you want to, you 
can leave your friends behind. 
Cause if your friends don't dance 
and if they won't dance, well 
they're no friends of mine. - Safety 
Dance, Men Without Hats 

There is a time for everything and 
a season for every activity. - 

Me late???.. .never!! 

Buck, M.C. Hammer, Steve 

Matters, a tonl - S.M. 
OILI - P.D. 

They say I'm crazy but I have a 
good time! Life's been good to me 
so far. - J. Walsh 




Kim, Shorty, Too Tall 

Today is the tomorrow we worried 
about yesterday. 

It's better to have loved and lost, 
than to have never loved at all. 


Steph, Stephie, W-Bag 

never forget the times we shared, 
for day by day they will slowly dis- 
appear. Soon it will be time to part, 
but our memories will be kept 
deeply within our hearts. 




Minoose, Moose, Macbar 

The mouse dreams dreams that 
would terrify the cat. 


Our life together is so precious to- 
gether. We have grown. Although 
our life is still special let's take a 
change and fly away somewhere 

John Lennon 


narf, Francesca Rinaldi, 

You can t leam anything from 
someone who always agrees with 
you. - Calvin and hobbes 

Forgive and forget - Me 

Mow the fun is really going to start! 
But we musn't dillyl We musn t dal- 
ly! There's even less time to lose 
now than there was before! 

- Willy Wonka 


Cracker, Qrambo, 

If you have faith as smak as a mus- 
tard seed, you can say to this 
mountain, move from here to 
there' and it will move. (Nothing 
will be impossible for you. 




Mo comment 


Debbie, Deb, Twin, Sliorty 

Many of us seniors may soon be 
miles and miles away, but all of 
you will always remain close to our 



Many of us will soon be on our own 
but that doesn't mean that we will 
forget one another. All the good 
memories will be cherished close 
to our hearts. 


Scoota, Doc 

You have to test yourself everyday 
Gentlemen. Once you stop testing 
yourself you get slow and when 
that happens they kill you. 

- Billy the Kid 


I believe there comes a time 
When everything just falls in line 
We live and learn from our 

The deepest cuts are healed by 


Pat Bennatar 

Kebbie, Keb, Rocky 

Don't know what you got till it's 


When you go out into the world 
look out for traffic, stick together 
and hold hands. 

Matt, M.O. 

I'd rather have a bottle in front of 
me than a frontal lobotomy. 

- Charles Bukowski 




The known is finite; the unknown 
infinite; intellectually we stand on 
an islet in the midst of an ocean of 
mystery. We must reclaim a little 
more land. 

Scoop, Niki, Nikipickles 

If you don't know where you are 
going any road will get you 

Beam me up, Scottyl 
Yo Babyl 


Let the force flow from within 


Piggy, Pig, Rita 

If you can imagine it. 
You can achieve it. 
If you can dream it. 
You can become it. 


Ray-Ray, Predator 

Oz never gave anything to the tin 

That he didn't already have. 



Those who do not dream do not 
truly live. 



St. Stephen 

1 feel the future in the hands of 
our youth will be safe. 

- Motley Crue 





Louise, Poof, Strawberry 

If it all fell to pieces tomorrow, 
would you still tie mine? 

- The Eagles 


Jen, Jeni, Jenifa, Looza 

I'm not bad. ..I'm just drawn that 
way. - Jessica Rabbit 

I want it all, and I want it nowl - 

You get what you give - Jenifa 



If you aim at nothing. 
You will hit it. 


Jodie, Jode, Scro..., 

Don't bunt. Aim out of the 
ballpark - David Ogiloy 

We want iti - Softball '90 


Nance, Ben, Nan-say, V, 

Yes, there are two paths you can 
go by, but in the long run, there's 
still time to change the road you're 
on. - Led Zeppelin 
Absolutely not. - Mike Sanaito 

Kathy, Rose 

It takes 

A year to walk. 
How long to fly? 



I exist therefore I am 


Tomorrow is always fresh with no 
mistal^es in it. - Anne Shirley 

Cheerful is better - Lisa Cadotte 


Mame, MS 

Live every moment, love every 

Cause before you know it your 
precious time slips away. 

R.E.O. Speedwagon 


Joe, Leo, McJose, Mejillas 

Live for the present and try new 
things; with hard work you will 

Every day should be Golf Team Ap- 
preciation Day! - Ms. Manley '90 



Louis, Spidey, Mr. Wizard 

Ronald Reagan is the Fred Astaire 
of Foot in Mouth Disease - Jeff 

When I was a boy I was told that 
anybody could become president; 
I'm beginning to believe it. - Clar- 
ence Darrow 


Barbie, Frog, Ice 

If it doesn't kill you 
It'll make you stronger 


Keep your face always tumed to- 
wards the sunshine and the shad- 
ows will always fall t>ehind you. ■ 



Steph, Hugga, V, Dollface 

When you've found what you've 
been looking for, hold onto it tight 
because the moment you let go 
you'll lose it forever. 

- SLS- 


Tex, Dork, C.J. 

Whoever said they can't have ev- 
erything in life.. .never tried. 


Yanew, Tammy, Wenderler 

There is no gate, no lock, no 
bolt that you can set upon the 
freedom of my mind - Virginia 

And crown this blessed time with 
peace and love - Les Miz 




All of life's pleasure consists of get- 
ting a little closer to perfection - of 
better expressing life's mysterious 

- Maurice Ravel 


Look out world here I come 

Wealth is the parent of luxury and 
indolence, and poverty of mean- 
ness, viciousness, and discontent - 


The things that come to those 
who wait are what's left over by 
those who don'tl - unknown 

Don't panici - The Hitchhiker's 
Guide to the Galaxy 


We laughed until we had to cry 
We loved right down to our last 

We were the best I'll think we'll 

ever be. 

- St. Elmo s Fire 




Live life for the now, but also for 
the later. 

Do your best because that is all 
you can do. 

You'll never know unless you try. 



What are you looking for? 
- Sonja Wiedemann 

Donner, Renod, Jon 

I cannot guarantee to endure at all 
times the confinements of even an 
attractive cagel 

- Amelia Earhart 

There is a road, no simple 

Between the dawn and the dark 

of night. 

And if you go, no one may follow 

That path is for your steps alone. 

- Grateful Dead 



Mo, Lights, Moses 

Qot no time to spend and weep, 
the time has come to be gone. And 
though our health we drank a 
thousand times, it's time to ram- 
ble on. 

- Led Zeppelin 


Z-man, Zamp, Dave, Zeek 

Life ain't a dress rehearsi it's the 
real thing. 

He who dies with the most toys 





Though only a few of this 
year's Seniors received the 
superlatives, all of them 
have their own, uh... "spe- 
cial" future expectations 
and abilities. Here's a look 
at what our Seniors may 
someday accomplish... 

- Most likely to turn into M.C. 
Hammer and dance on your face: 
Steve Mead 

- Most likely to be escorted out of 
a debate for torching his oppo- 
nent with a burning flag: Brian 

- Most likely to recede: Jamie 

- Most likely to spread a rumor: 
Mark Watkins 

- Most likely never to see the new 
Purity: Michelle Boisvert and 
Marni Shea 

- Most likely to hit a fire hydrant: 
Kelly O'Malley 

- Most likely to be hit by a bus 
and live: Kevin Duris 

- Most likely to contract a rare, 
highly contagious African dis- 
ease and have to be quarantined 
for a year, without leaving Bed- 
ford: Amy Andrade 

- Most likely to stop at a green 
light: Christine Hamel 

- Most likely to marry a Bruin: 
Lynnette Blanchard 

- Most likely to be found carrying 
a briefcase: Matthew Stein 

- Most likely to lock her keys in 
her car: Megan Dworshak 

- Most likely to cry over a broken 
nail: Liz Welch 

- Most likely to wipe out an entire 
city with a sneeze: Chris 

- Most likely to cheat at Trivial 
Pursuit: Rob Donaldson 

- Most likely to drown in spaghetti 
sauce: Rebecca Rosenberg - 
Most likely to spontaniously com- 
bust: Scott Granowitz 

- Most likely to wear a striped 
mock turtleneck at his Gradua- 
tion, Innaguration, Funeral, etc.: 
Kevin Geary 

- Most likely to forget her pass- 
port: Amy Storer 


Top Notch Seniors 

Jon Koop Liz Welch 

Most Athletic 

Keith Farmer Holly Grey 

They've Got the Look 

Suzanne Spencer Mark Gray 

Luscious Legs 

Jen Cohen Mark Gray 

Getting Ahead in the World 

Matthew Stein Christine Hamel 

Chatter Boxes 

Mark Watkins Kathy Schowalter 

Sassy Singers 

Erin Fehlau Matthew Stein 

Pearly Whites 

Mike Dmochowski Julie Merrill 

Dial 275-LOVE 

Kerry Pignatiello John Lydon 


- Most likely to raise alligators: 
Stephanie Stygar 

- Most likely to cause the death o1 
a car battery: Maureen Worth 

- Most likely to be regurgitated by 
a Venus Fly Trap: Chris Henry 

- Most likely to be executed in a 
foreign country for cow tipping: 
Shari Eriich and Jen 

- Most likely to outrun a cheetah: 
Jodie Russo 

- Most likely to fall into a black 
hole: Rachel Meyers 

- Most likely to strike oil: Paul 

- Most likely to tell a dirty joke: 
Judy Galani 

- Most likely to laugh at the joke 
for 24 hours: Liz Welch 

- Most likely to get the joke 24 
hours later: Jen Cohen 

- Most likely to become a profes- 
sional wrestler: Tim McNeany 

- Most likely to fall off a sidewalk: 
Monica Hunsader 

- Most likely to eat chili: Jim 

- Most likely to get hit by a lawn 
dart: Alex Freeman 

- Most likely to tell a stranger her 
life story: Kathy Hurd 

- Most likely to make earrings out 
of flashcubes: Alicia DeLuca 

- Most likely to fall in love with a 
Chemistry teacher: Susanne 

- Most likely to know he's right: 
Brian Kern 

- Most likely to have voted him- 
self for Best All Around: Dave 

- Most likely to star in or watch an 
NC-17 movie: Jamie Asbedian 

- Most likely to forget she went 
through High School: Jen 

- Best pick up line - "So, I hear 
you like me...": Kevin Geary 

- Best tongues: Dave Boschetto 
and Rachel Pollock 

- Most Gullible: Kim Cardile 

- Class Couples: Brian Kern and 
Amy Stores, 

Jon Hamby and Jon Hamby - 

Wedding Bells? Best Bouffants 

Cindy Lenz Eric Pearson Dave Boschetto Amy Borshay 

Thoroughly Thespians Incredible Instrumentalisti 

Erin Fehlau Matthew Stein John Tanzer Judy Galani 

Party All the Time 

Kelly O'Malley Phil Blaisdell 


Excellent Esprit 

Kevin Geary Monica Hunsader 

Awesome Apparel 

Bryan Aiexander Alicia DeLuca 

Hee Hawl Hee Haw! He Hawl 

Kim Cardile Jack Geilfuss(not pictured) 

Double Trouble 

Kelly O'Malley Pete Shammon 

Most Wanted to be on a 
Deserted Island With 

Jen Cohen Mr. Tom Duggan 

Not pictured: 
Super Scribblers 

Mark Gallant Jen Callahan 



Alba. Lisette 
Alessi, Christopher 

Amaya, Edwin 
Anderson, Dawn 

Ansorge, Peter 
Belliveau, Daren 

Blake, Martin 
Blasioli, Lynna 

Brennan, Barbara 
Brooks, Christy 
Brooks, Michael 
Brown, Patricia 
Browne, Sage 
Buckley, Joshua 
Bumann, Anita 

Burton, Darlene 
Byam, Scott 
Cadotte, Lisa 
Callahan, Kelly 
Callahan, Timothy 
Carroll, Joyce 
Carson, Jennifer 

Chan, Kim-Lung 
Chang, Ellen 
Chen, Yung-Hsin 
Chisholm, Jason 
Clancy, Karen 
Clayton, George 
Clements, David 

Bobrinitz, Nicola 
Bowen, Charles 


Juniors Anita Bumann and Karen 
Clancy paint the town at Bedford Day. 


Cohen, Jodi 
Colliton, Maureen 
Concannon, Theresa 
Correia, Marcy 
Craig, Stephen 
Dallman, Michael 

Davis, Tina 
Denaro, Krista 
Desantis, David 
Devlin, Maureen 
Dinisco, Michelle 
Doherty, Tina 
Droznin, Elina 

Ela, Gretchen 
Feldman, Darren 
Flores, David 
Friedman, Debbi 
Gottlieb, Craig 
Grof, Brian 
Hagon, James 

Hall, Andrew 
Harley, Amy 
Harrington, Christine 
Hart, Lorena 
Heimple, Valerie 
Holden, Jonathan 
Holden, Katherine 

Hunt, Daniel 
Hunter, Heather 
Ingraham, Peter 
Johnson, Nana-Kyi 
Kennedy, Hope 
Kenon, Reggie 
Keroes, Joshua 

Kiessling, Rachel 
Knell, Matthew 
Kyvelos, Stephanie 
Lanier, Andrea 
Larsen, Kristen 
Lee, Tara 
Lehmann, Karie 

Lorusso, John 
Macarthur, Kristina 
Mace, Charles 
Macquilken, Bethanne 
Mcculloch, Anne 
Mcdonald, Scott 
McGrath, Keri 

Messineo, Randy 
Mills, Karyn 
Mofield, Elizabeth 
Newberry, Sabrina 
Nickerson. Jennifer 
Parmer, April 
Pellegrini, Mary 


What is a "mole"? 

"One of those things I didn't like in Chemistry." 
(Lynna Blasioli) 

"Something that caused me to get a 42 on every 
Chemistry test I ever took." (Karen Clancy) 
"A mole is a black or brown thing on your skin 
somewhere." (Jen Davies) 

"A small burrowing animal resembling Dave Col- 
lins." (David Tobey 

What book did you hate reading most for 
English class? 

"Red Badge of Courage, hands down." (Gretchen 

"Old Man in the Sea because it was pointless." (Mi- 
chelle Schofield) 

"The Scarlet Letter" (Ivan Wood) 
"Tale of Two Cities" (Theresa Concannon) 
"All of them." (Rob Stanley) 
"The Odessey" (Jen Wingfield) 

What is your favorite sentence from a text 

"Last night I dreamed of a little lizard wearing a 
space suit." - EWLS (Jen Carson) 
"Experimentally speaking, with a great enough un- 
certainty you can prove anything." - Mr. Ullman 
(Dave Tobey) 

"Evaluate." - various Math texts (Craig Gottleib) 

"The End." (Charlie Bowen) 

"The chipmunk looked fat and sassy." - ELWS (Tara 


Perino, Stephanie 
Peterson, Jeniffer 
Pietchel, Laurie 
Pomponi, Andria 
Pullen, Lester 
Reed, Christopher 
Rivera, Rafael 

Rivinius, Elizabeth 

What was your worst driving experience? 

"Taggarts with Mel." (Jen Carson) 
"I'd only had my permit for a few weeks, and my 
mom was telling me what to do - she told me to pu 
out in front of this broken-down car driven by a truly 
scary person. I just missed getting hit by the guy, and 
then he tailgated us for the next ten minutes. After 
that, I fell apart completely, and didn't drive again 
for weeks." (Maureen Devlin) 

What was the best prank you played on a 


"We inverted Mr. Kelly's desk." (George Clayton) 
"Running into class a half hour late and telling the 
teacher she had an emergency phone call down at the 
office." (Daymion Smith) 

"We pulled a tree through Mrs. Shaly's window." 
(Ivan Wood) 

"I pretended I fainted to get out of class." (Jen 

What one food that they don't serve in the 
cafeteria should they serve? 

"Real pizzas." (Ivan Wood) 
"Frog legs." (Daymion Smith) 
"Sushi." (Gretchen Ela) 
"Bubbaghanhough." (Jacqueline Shwimer) 


Romanik, Tracy 
Schofield, Michelle 
Shannon, Nicovanna 

Shao, Anny 
Shwimer, Jacqueline 
Smith, Daymion 

Sparrow, Brian 
Stafford, Jennifer 
Stanley, Robert 

Swenson, Eric 
Swietek, Paul 
Tobey, David 

Urquhart, Barry 
VanDerLee, Aniko 
Volicer, Zuzka 

Wallin, Christopher 
Weinfurt, Patricia 
Welch, Francis 
Whiteaker, Stacey 
Wingfield, Jennifer 
Wood, Ivan 
Young, Eric 

Juniors Michelle DiNisco and Beth 
Rivinius laugh up a storm. 



Albonesi, Bryan 
Almodovar, Josephine 

Anderson, Michael 
Anderson , Stephanie 

Anderson, Todd 
Atkinson, Jane 

Atkinson, Richard 
Baker, Terri 

Berkowitz, Rachaei 
Blackstone, Jennifer 

Boffa, David 
Boland, John 
Boschetto, Margaret 
Boutin, Michael 
Bowlby, Andrea 
Brill, Alexander 
Busch, Caroline 

Campoli, Jason 
Cann, Stephanie 
Carlson, Jared 
Carlton, Betsy 
Carpenter, Krystin 
Chan, May 
Charoensap, Benjawan 

Chase, Geoffrey 
Chester, Stephen 
Christie, Sean 
Chui, Jane 
Ciccone, Teri 
Coates, Christopher 
Cohen, Joshua 


Sophomores John Ginn and Brian Feb 
lau gaze thoughtfully at the camera a 
they ponder their English. 

Colliton, Kristen 
Coviello, Cynthia 
Craig, Ann 
Crane, Ashley 
Dallas, Jonathan 
Davies, Jennifer 
Davis, James 

Debenedictis, Bernie 
Degregory, Rachelle 
Demby, Cameron 
Desjean, Ryan 
Dockham, Michael 
Dodge, Michael 
Doherty, Katherine 

Drohan, Brian 
Dubitsky, Stephanie 
Duggan, Amy 
Duris, Shay 
Ellis, Renea 
Esposito, Michael 
Fehlau, Brian 

Feierabend, Amy 
Franks, Terri 
Freeman, Jill 
Garneau, Angela 
Gersh, David 
Ginn, John 
Green, Carrie 

Hansen, Jennifer 
Hanson, Jennifer 
Harris, Bradley 
Henkel, Melissa 
Hildreth, Angie 
Hurley, Caitlin 
Hursh, David 

Jannis, Amanda 
Jeannotte, Jeffrey 
Johnson, Antonio 
Kaisorn, Somsri 
Katz, William 
Kelleher, Linda 
Kleckamp, Scott 

Kyvelos, Matthew 
Leeman, Patricia 
Lewis, Patrick 
Lewis, Tamara 
Lord, David 
MacLeod, Alexis 
Maddox, James 

Mara, John 
Mcculloch, Kristin 
Mcelhinney. Andy 
McGarry, Matthew 
McGarry, Michael 
Mclnnis, Mark 
Mcintosh, Leslie 


What is a mole? 

"A furry animal that makes the brown dots all over 
your body." (Dave Gersh) 

"I don't know but I know Mrs. Tsefrekas has a lot." 
(Alex Brill) 

"I have two possibilities: a cute furry burrowing ani- 
mal or what I have on my left cheek." (Mike 

What one food that they don't serve in the 
cafeteria should they serve? 

"Filet mignon." (Dave Gersh) 

""Hot" tuna casserole." (David Wigness) 

"Real food." (Alex Brill) 

"Teddy Grahams - the chocolate filling with vanilla 
cookie kind." (Brian Fehlau) 
"Cupcakes - strawberry and blueberry with oat bran 
served with chocolate sauce." (Mark Mclnnis) 

What was the thing that gave you the most 
'rouble in math? 

"Not having a pencil for one of Mr. Sabourin's ex- 
ams. Of course, the exams were a problem in their 
own respect." (Dave Gersh) 
"Attending class." (John Woolard) 
"Numbers." (Alex Brill) 
"Nothing, I'm perfect." (Brian Fehlau) 
"What was that little thing that I saw throughout the 
book? X?" (Dave Hursh) 

What was the stupidest reason you were 
sent to detention? 

"Throwing a pretzel on the fioor in Home Econom- 
ics." (Matt Ross) 

"Being late for school." (Alex Brill) 

"I blew my trumpet in Mr. Barbas's car and he got a 

little mad." (Laurie Sheflin) 

"I kicked a football through the cafeteria window - 
from the fifty yard line." (Scott Kleekamp) 

What is your favorite sentence from a text 

"The difference between a short story and a novel is 
something like the difference between a rifle and a 
cannon." - Great Short Stories (Dave Gersh) 
"Notice that in the preceding examples, each inter- 
rogative pronoun stands for an unnamed person, 
place, or thing." (Mike Esposito) 
"Solve each system; solve for y; solve for x - solving 
anything." (Betsy Carlton) 

What was your most wild excuse for skip- 
ping school? 

"1 didn't feel like going." (Alex Brill) 

"Erin wasn't going, so why should I?" (Brian Fehlau) 

"Going to Scotland. What can I say, it got me out of 

two years of Bedford High School, right?" (Mike 


"My knee felt so good that I had to take advantage of 
it, why waste it going to school?" (Jill Freeman) 

Mersinger, Elizabeth 
Miller, Christopher 
Mix, Mary 
Mofield, Robert 
Parnell, Richard 
Patenaude, Timothy 
Pavlas, Michelle 

Pedersen, Alan 
Pietrantoni, Laura 



Carpenter, Chris 
Carvey, Sarah 
Castellana, Wendy 
Chen, Caren 
Chen, George 
Chhabra, Alankar 
Ciaccia, Carrie 

Ciluffo. Amanda 
Clemons, Kevin 
Coibath, Keith 
Connolly, Kristie 
Cordes, Benjamin 
Corrigan, Betty 
DeMoss Mary 


Freshmen Charlene Whiting, Joanne 
Mackie and Shawn Zeigler type their 
way towards the future. 

\ i 

DeGregory, Christopher 
DePierre, Angela 
Dern, Ryan 
Dick, Benjamin 
Dinitto, Tracy 
Downs, Deborah 
Enjy, Chris 

Fagan, Brian 
Faneili, Carolyn 
Farmer, Kyle 
Freeman, Karen 
French-Fuller, Megan 
Gallant, Matthew 
Graham, Tiffany 

Gude, Audrey 
Hagon, Jeannette 
Hannon, Robert 
Hanson, Siri 
Harris, Shaneen 
Hart, Bobby 
Hector, Stephen 

Higley, Jessica 
Hirsch, Heather 
Hunter, Cynthia 
Ingraham, Jason 
Jackson, Michelle 
Janian, Gregory 
Jardine, Brian 

Jensen, Sean 
Johnsen, Sandra 
Johnson, Christopher 
Jones, David 
Jones, Linda 
Kane, Nicholas 
Kelleher, Tamatha 

Kelly, Kathleen 
Kiessling, Ryan 
Kohout, Lindsay 
Koop, Michelle 
Levangie, Jeremy 
Liss, Nicole 
MacArthur, Shanna 

MacDonald, Kristen 
Mackie, Joanne 
Malymeik, Loretta 
Mara, Elizabeth 
Marston, Andrea 
Martens, Katherine 
Marlines, William 

McCant, Kieshia 
McCune, Eric 
McGrath, Brendan 
Mead, Kerri 
Mee, Sean 
Merrill, Christopher 
Millan, Tina 


What one food that they don't serve in the 
cafeteria should they serve? 

"Squid." (Sarah Carvey) 
"Papa Geno's pizza." (Katie Brown) 
"Mountain Dew." (Adam Moody) 
"Cat food." (Billy Bolland) 
"Twinkles." (Aparna Rao) 

"Stuffed shrimp with a delicate clam sauce over a 
bed of lettuce." (Heather Young) 

What is a mole? 

"A fun loving animal who has a cute little nose." 
(Stephen Hector) 

"A black hairy bump on an old lady's chin." (Angela 

"A fun loving mammal." (Michelle Koop) 
"A "mole" is the annoying brown spot on John Boy's 
face, from the Waltons." (Jeannette Hagon) 

What was the stupidest reason you were 
sent to detention? 

"Burping in class." (Andrea Marston) 
"I raised my hand to ask a question." (Caren Chen) 
"I asked the teacher if she was chewing gum." 
(Adam Smith) 

"I barked in class and the teacher gave me a deten- 
tion." (Jeremy Levangie) 

Montgomery, Jennifer 
Moody, Adam 
Moore, Albert 
Morehead, Claire 
Nerney, Cindy 
O'Brien, Elizabeth 
OSweiler, Jennifer 

Patel, Henrik 
Peaks, Tara 
Peebles, Heather 
Piantedosi, Julie 
Piantedosi, Lisa 
Pullen, Andrew 
Raffa, Kimberly 

Rao, Aparna 
Rashba, Aaron 
Reed, Jesse 
Richards, Emma 
Rosenberg, Sara 
Rossi, Michael 
Sadowski, Shawn 

What book did you hate reading most for 
English class? 

"Curious George" (Nickie Liss) 

"The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs in Ham" (Sarah 


"A book of nursery rhymes and fairy talcs, talk about 
unrealistic." (Debby Downs) 

"I always hated having to read the science fiction 
books for those pointless book reports." (Sarah 

What is your favorite sentence from a text 

"Puffy sleeves will catch on fire." (Nickie Liss) 
"Why?" (Billy Bolland) 

"The concept of simplest form of a rational expres- 
sion can be extended to cases in which there are more 
than two factors in the numberator, or in the denomi- 
nator, or in both the numberator and denominator, as 
shown in Example 1." (Mary DeMoss) 

What was your worst "first 

"I went roller-skating with my father and my boy- 
friend. It was awful!" (Lauren Stewart) 
"I had asked someone out who was already going out 
with someone else." (Shawn Brister) 
"I threw up on my boyfriend because he ordered the 
wrong dinner" (Beth O'Brien) 






Sandell, Amy 
Schowalter, David 
Shamel, Sarah 

Shewakramani, Anita 
Smith, Adam 
Smith, Erin 

Smith-Bridgeland, Jess 
Smulski, Michael 
Stewart, Lauren 

Sullivan, James 
Sullivan, Wayne 
Swietek, Jacquie 

Tarbell, Kimberly 
Taylor, John 
Thomas, Lisa 

Thoms, Joanna 
Turner, Jessica 
Vincent, Chad 
Visinsky, Jessica 
Volicer, Marika 
Watkins, Jamaal 
Weinfurt, Jeffrey 

White, Robert 
Whiting, Charlene 
Wilder, Calvin 
Willie, Erica 
Wilson, Angela 
Wolfe, Neil 
Woodall, Ben 

Young, Heather 
Young, Jennifer 
Zeigler, Shawn 

A Freshman math class stares at 
the camera with various angles. 



Raymond Bohm 

Director of Pupil Personnel 


Ms. Dowling points out the virtue The kitchen staff takes a break 

of reading to a student. from their schedule for a picture. 


Mr. Hunt measures the enthu- 
siasm of his students. 

Mr. Low conducts in sign lan- 
guage to Kerri O'Keefe. 


William Keup 


Catherine Krueger 


Virginia Kyvelos 

Transcript Cleric 
Nancy Lehan 
Marilyn Light 
Special Education 

Allison Lohrum 


Dorothy LoVecchio 

Secretary in Counseling 
Barry Low 
Director of Music 
Sandra Maczko 

Early Childhood Education, Home 


Benjamin Maxwell 


John McCarthy 

Program Administrator, English 
Jean Miele 
Eugene Milliken 


Dorothy O'Malley 


Barbara O'Neil 


Pat O'Shaughnessy 
Leonard Palmer 


Floriano Pavao 

Program Director, Foreign Language 
Patricia Pelligrini 
Social Studies 
Robert Petrillo 

Physical Education 

Anthony Pilla 


Walter Powers 

Denise Rainis 
Foreign Language 
John Reynolds 
Social Studies 
Michael Rinaldi 
Industrial Arts 


Paula Rochefort 

Marjorie Rull 
Foreigh Language 
Armand Sabourin 
Deborah Sakelakos 
Deborah Savarino 
Special Education 

Sandy Shay 

Huberta Sorgi 
Pat Spinosa 
Program Administrator, Soc. St. 

Loretta Stead 
Richard Stephenson 
Program Administrator, Mathematics 

John Sullivan 

Social Studies 
Calvin Tingley 
Program Administrator, Science 
Iphegenia Tsefrekas 
Home Economics 
Lawrence Ullmann 
William Vetrano 
Teaching Assistant 

Caroll Walcott 

Myra Wrye 


Mr. Pilla broadly expresses himself 
with his hands. 

Mr. Sabourin prepares to ruin a 
class's day as he hands back tests. 


Teachers and Friends 

The Truth Behind the Faculty 

It is rare that someone mention a teach- 
er's name in this school without generating 
a good feeling. In addition to coaching 
sports teams, heading committees, advising 
academic clubs, conducting performing 
groups, and supporting BHS Athletics in 
their spare time, the teachers of BHS are 
always there for the students - be it as a 
coach, advisor, or friend. Not only are the 
students of BHS honored enough to have 
such a knowledgable and learned faculty, 
but we students have found understanding 
playmates as well. Never is Mr. Stephenson 
too busy or tired to tell a bad joke or Mrs. 

Hanley to busy to discuss someone's sex life. 
Mr. Reynolds always makes himself avail- 
able to talk about the world or to shoot the 
breeze and Mr. Spinosa always has some- 
thing brilliant to say. 

The students of BHS are lucky to have 
such an open, appreciative, approachable, 
decent faculty. Thank you all! 

Teachers: look back and remember this arti- 
cle as a token of every student's respect, 
especially while you're figuring out our final 

"What are you gonna do?" asks Mr. Pilla about 
the world today. 

Mr. Rinaldi patiently guides Todd Melvin 
through his work. 



Cliff's Notes 

The Taboo of the Classroom 

It's A period, Monday morning, you 
stumble down the dark and dreary hallway 
to Mr. Maxwell's English class. You slump 
into your seat and drop your head onto the 
desk hoping to catch a little sleep before the 
daily lesson. Suddenly. ..AAAAAH! It's the 
literature monster! 

As a huge flash of light fills the room you 
jump out of your seat. The room begins to 
tremble and so do you. You thought you 
were going to die. But, no.'s worse! The 
literature monster thrashes at you with it's 
sharp claws and backs you into a corner. 
With a loud screeching voice he yells, "You 
must read The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, 
Julius Caesar, The Illiad, and Huckleberry Thursday. 

Sweat pours from your brow as you 
search your brain for a solution. That's 

when Super Cliff comes to the rescue. 

I'd like to take a moment to thank Mr. 
Cliff, or perhaps Mrs. Cliff. We've all met 
him or her at one time or another. He and 
his experts who have had many years of 
experience have written critical evaluations. 
These evaluations are intended as a supple- 
mentary aid to serios students. These are ... 
Cliffs Notes! 

Thanks, Cliff. You've saved the student 
population at BHS. 

One last thing: These notes are not a sub- 
stitute for the text itself or for the classroom 
discussion of the text, and students who at- 
tempt to use them in this way are denying 
themselves the very education that they are 
presumably giving their most vital years to 


Breaking the Rules 

What Really Goes on Behind Closed Doors 

When was the last time any girl walked 
into the Upper A-wing bathroom and 
wasn't completely engulfed by smoke? Or 
when was the last time NO ONE left the 
school to go uptown for lunch? And what 
class has ever not completely lied to the 
substitute about that days assignments? 
However, each of these infactions helps 
make BHS the fine learning institution 
that it is. These blemishes on the BHS 
reputation are infamous to the school 
name, yet even though they are "against 
the rules", nothing is being done. 

Though they wouldn't admit it, I'm sure 
quite a few kids have cheated in their day. 
How can this be allowed? Would testing 
kids in seperate rooms work? Would strip- 

searching!!!??? Maybe the Administration 
should put smoke detectors in all of the 
bathrooms. Maybe there should be armed 
guards at every entrance or window of the 
school or patroling the parking lots con- 
stantly. These things may sound a bit se- 
vere, but so far putting trust in the stu- 
dents doesn't seem to be working. The 
honor system is a great thing - for those 
breaking the rules! 

Why are the rules there, for show? Why 
aren't there alarms in the bathrooms or 
guards at the doors? Who is going to take 
the action? Well, BHS you made your own 
rules, and you're playing by them. And if 
you don't like the way it is - do something 
about it! 


Matthew Stein causes a disruption in Mr. 
Stephenson's normally tame Calculus 5 
class. He will be severly punished. 


Sometimes You Just Have To Say... 

As the full moon rose over D Wing, Mr. Pilla 
began a rampage that would end only when 
his bloodthirst had been satiated. 

Rachel, I'm telling you that the answer is 
Mozart's second concerto for three strings. 
No way Taylor, it his third concerto for two 
strings, you can tell by the third ritornello 
contrasted with the basso continue on the 

The class. Calculus Level Five. The time, Pe- 
riod C. Come on Mr. Stephenson, You can't 
be that cool! Who do you think you are, any- 
ways? Mr. Pavao? 



Coming Out on Top 

Charging Ahead 

It's a happy time. It's an excit- 
ing time. It's "Hamby- 
time." It's football time. 

Autumn has a special feeling 
here at Bedford High School. 
We all look forward to those 
Friday nights under the lights. 
This year's outstanding foot- 
ball team made the fall season 
go by quickly for the Bedford 

Football games are packed 
with emotion. Those of us in 
the stands feel the fresh air on 
our faces, hear the energetic 
music of the band, and taste 
the delicious hot food as we lis- 
ten to the voice of Mike Rosen- 
berg announcing the fabulous 
plays of our friends on the 
field. We feel a certain sense of 
belonging, community spirit, 
and tremendous excitement. 
The whole town gathers 'round 
the football field to cheer on 

Varsity Football - bottom, left; Steve 
Mead, Pete Shammon, Keith Farmer, 
Co-Captains Marcus Kennedy and 
Tim McNeany, Jonathan Hamby, 
Miice Blasi, and Sean Linehan. Second 
row, left: Paul Doherty, Mike Huff- 
man, Dicky Higham, Chris Hirsch, 
Josh Clarke, Ryan Janson, Mark Min- 
assian, and Namaya Reynolds. Third 
row, left: Ernie Thomas, Jason Chis- 
holm, Reggie Kenon, Pat Lewis, Brian 
Grof, John Ginn, Colin Ross, Scott 
Kleekamp, Charlie Bowen, Chip Mo- 
field, Terry Zircone, and Rich 

Freshman Football - bottom, left: Jim 
Sullivan, Eric McCune, John Taylor, 
Brendan McGrath, Chad Vincent. 
Chris Farmer, and Keith Colbath. Top, 
left: Matt Gallant, Brian Jardine, 
Wayne Sullivan, Mike Smulski, War- 
del Brown, and Coach Belcher. 

their home team and each 
week's game is an event in it- 
self. Everyone looks forward to 
those Friday nights underneath 
the lights were we can call dis- 
play our true team spirit. 

Well, for those of us safely 
on the sidelines, bundled up in 
our coats and mittens, it's a 
whole different ball game for 
the men on that field. They put 
every ounce of themselves into 
a match. Their effort shows 
that they don't just want to win 
for themselves or even the 
team - They want to win it for 
Bedford. Their incredible drive 
and spirit is apparent in their 
playing, and though the Bed- 
ford team has seen many prob- 
lems over the past few years, 
we still have managed to make 
and keep a name for ourselves, 
expecially this year. 

Our team had an excellent 

1990 season. Playing under 
enormous pressure they dem- 
onstrated those characteristics 
needed to "do it right." — de- 
termination, strength, coopera- 
tion, responsibility, leadership 
and spirit. 

Captains Tim McNeany and 
Marcus Kennedy helped bring 
the team to an awesome finish 
when we won at the annual 
Thanksgiving game against 
Concord Carlisle High School. 
We all thank the B.H.S. foot- 
ball team for giving the rest of 
us a great time to look forward 
to and now something wonder- 
ful to remember, those seniors 
leaving us can look back on a 
super year with some unbeliev- 
able wins. Those returning can 
plan on an even better year in 
1991. GOOD LUCK! 


Keith Farmer breaks away from an op- 
posing player to make a touchdown. 

Bedford's "manly" offensive line han- 
dles the ball with skill. 

The victorious Bedford team 
celebrates after yet another vic- 
tory this season. 





Boston Latin 


- 2 








- 6 







12 - 





- 6 



8 - 



Archbishop Williams 





6 - 




Swing Those Sticks! 

A violent sport? Noh . . . 

Does the thought of high 
school girls running around 
with big wooden sticks scare 
you? Does the idea of all them 
being after one small ball 
frighten you? Then field hock- 
ey is not the sport for you. Go 
watch football, or something 
else peaceful. These girls want 
to win, and within the complex 
rules, will do anything to reach 
their goal. 

The field hockey team start- 
ed started the season with high 
hopes of success. This opti- 
mism was partly the result of a 
week spent in Field Hockey 
camp, where more members of 
the team were present than 
ever. The added advantages of 
this extra pre-season training 
wasn't necessarily evident in 
the team's record at the end of 
the season, but it certainly 
showed in individual games. 

1990 Girls' Field Hockey Team - bot- 
tom, left: Rachel Meyers, tri-captains 
Christine Hamell, Megan Dworshak, 
and Jen Cohen, and Lynnette Blan- 
chard. Middle, left: Sonja hiesitiisi- 
tiieeis, Maureen Colliton, Eilleen 
Shaughnessy, Sue Spencer, Shari Er- 
lich, and Michelle DeNisco. Top, left: 
Zuzka Volicer, Karen Clancy, Terri 
Franks, Gretchen Ela, Stephanie Ky- 
velos. Heather Young, Marcie Korea, 
Tina Doherty, and Becca Mix. 

1990 Girls' JV Field Hockey Team - 

bottom, left: Jessamyn Smith, Mi- 
chelle Pavalas, Kristin Colliton, Katie 
Brown, and Nickie Liss. Middle, left: 
Claire Morehead, Sara Borshay, Amy 
Sandell, Stephanie Dubitsky, and 
Emma Richards. Top, left: Amita 
Shewkaramani, Mandy Jannis, Erin 
Smith, Andrea Marston, Beth Mo- 
field, Joanna Thorns, Jessica Higley, 
Sarah Rosenberg, Amy Akillian, and 
Elina Drozian 

The misleading record, 
which showed only one victory, 
fails to show that Bedford kept 
the winning margins down to 
one point in over one-half of 
their games. Many times the 
Bucs led for the first half, but 
were unable to hold on to that 

Coach Helen Gfoerer (Ms. 
G) states that if it weren't for 
the small size, and therefore 
smaller endurance, of the 
team, they could have con- 
quered many strong teams in 
the DCL. As well as size, most 
of the other DCL teams have 
years of experience on Bed- 
ford, some starting hockey as 
early as first grade. However, 
Bedford always proved to give 
a challenge to the opposing, 

Bedford had three DCL all- 
stars this year: sophmore goalie 

Becca Mix, half-back Lynnette 
Blanchard, and full-back Ra- 
chel Meyers who made it quite 
difficult for the other team to 
score. The honourable men- 
tions this year were Jen Cohen 
and junior forward Zuzka Vo- 
licer. The departing seniors 
will still remember their last 
season fondly, although they 
naturally would've liked to ex- 
perience victory a little more. 

Next year's team, although 
it will miss the many departing 
seniors, and captains Hamel, 
Dworshak, and Cohen, should 
be off to a good start. With 
goalie Becca Mix, and other 
talented juniors and under- 
classmen, especially the abun- 
dance of freshmen, the future 
.looks bright. 


Senior Rachel "Myles" Meyers 

needs a drink to get through the Marcy Coreia contemplates the 
second half of the game. true meaning of field hockey. 

Jen "The Beast" Cohen and Sue "The 
Animal" Spencer demolish their oppo- 
nent and turn towards the ball. 




Acton- Boxborough 












Greater Lowell 



Lexington Christian 





















Greater Lowell 



Lexington Christian 







Josh Berman effectively prevents 
the ball from returning to the Bed- 
ford end anytime in the near future. 

The amazing Boy's Team cele- John Mara, Adam Udell, and Sean 
brates after one of its colorful vie- Deardorff are worried about the 
lories. game. 













Don Bosco 



Boston Latin 





















Don Bosco 






Boston Latin 













Showing incredible grace and skill, John Mara pre- 
pares to kick the ball. 



'It's that simple!" -coach Dave Wilson 

The '90 season ushered out 
Dan Frost as Coach, and ush- 
ered in Dave Wilson. Coach 
Wilson brought a lot of new 
ideas, and the team was made 
up of a talented offense, expe- 
rienced defence, and rookie 
goaltender, Chris Theophile. 
The team was led by captains 
Mark Gray, Josh Herman, 
Dave Boschetto, Jamie Asbe- 
dian, and Mike Dmochowski. 

This year's team was just 
that, a team. The brightness of 
the team was far more than 
that of its individual players. 
The "Dream Bucs" weren't ex- 
pected to go anywhere in post- 
season play, and certainly not 
to top every BHS team from 
the past four years. 

The Bucs won the first game 
of the season, with Dave Zam- 
pese breaking the ice with the 
first goal, and Chris Theophile 

chalking up his first shut-out. 
Over the season, Theophile had 
XX shut-outs. The lead scorer 
for the Bucs was Dave Bos- 
chetto with 7 goals and 7 

On October 29, the team 
had their last game of the regu- 
lar season against Xaverian, 
whom they tied to advance to 
post-season play, to advance to 
post-season play. The Bucs 
knew it was all on the line and 
pulled off a 0-0 tie, brought 
about by the excellent play of 
John Mara and Jon Koop. 

After winning the first state 
game vs. LCA, the Bucs trav- 
eled to first-seeded George- 
town. The team battled 
through five overtimes with 
Georgetown and emerged in a 
dead-locked tie. With 25 sec- 
onds left in the sixth and final 
sudden death overtime Oliver 

Haas scored. Jubilant die-hard 
Bedford fans and players piled 
into a huge screaming mound 
in celebration of the unexpect- 
ed but well-deserved victory. 

The final game of the season 
was vs. North Reading. Mike 
Dmo and Pete Ansorge scored 
to put the Bucs into overtime. 
The final score was 3-2, 
N.Reading. Even though the 
team didn't win it all, they ad- 
vanced further than any BHS 
guys' soccer team in the past 4 
years. Next year's team will be 
losing thirteen seniors, and all 
but two of their starters, but 
this year's team has showed 
that it is impossible to tell how 
a team will do. This was one of 
the most thrilling seasons in 
years, and won't be soon for- 

lamie, is this the start of a slide 
;ackle or is it part of your new 
'Earth, Wind and Fire" routine? 

1990 Boy's Soccer Team - bottom, 
left: Quint-Captains Jamie Asbedian, 
Mike Dmochowski, Mark Gray, Dave 
Boschetto, and Josh Berman. Middle, 
left: Dave Zampese, Garry Reed, Dave 
Hunt, Eric Pearson, Christ Theophile, 
Juan Koop, and Sean Deardorff. Back, 
left: Josh Cohen, John Mara, Craig 
Gottleib, Scott McDonald, Peter An- 
sorge, Adam Udell, and Calvin Wild- 

Dave, be careful with that ball, you 
don't want to put a hole in the field! 


Girls Varsity ecstatically pose for a 
victory picture. 

Coach Lois gives girls pep-talk at Barb Brennan sets up for one of her 
half-time. perfect throw-ins. 


Newton South 



Lincoln Sudbury 






Acton Boxborough 



Boston Latin 











Newton South 






Lincoln Sudbury 






North Reading 



Acton Boxborough 



Boston Latin 












1990 Girls Varsity Soccer Team bottom, left: Captains, Liz Welch. Julie Merril 
and Marni Shea. Second: Laurie Sheflin, Tricia McGovern, Katie Holden. Mon 
ca Hunsader, Barbara Brennan. Third: Cindy Lenz, Holly Gray. Linda Jonc 
Kim Sands. Meg Boschetto. Top row: Coach Farrell. Michelle Boisvert. Joyc 
Carroll, Kim Cardile, Darrell Russell, Andrea Griffin. 



Rocks on Roids 

"Rocks on roids spirit will live on forever!" - Tricio McGovern 

The Girls Varsity Soccer 
started out the season with a 
new coach, Lois Farrell. As an 
experienced player she was 
able to inspire her players to be 
enthusiastic and more skillful 
as the season progressed. In 
fact, the Varsity team finished 
with a better record in the 
DCL than the year before. As 
an example, this was the first in 
seven seasons that BHS led the 
Concord Carlisle Patriots for 
over half the game. 

Their overall record was 
eight wins, nine losses and one 
tie. Tricia McGovern stated, 
"We had a lot of Rocks on 
Roids spirit." 

We will miss the seniors: Mi- 
chelle Boisvert, Kim Cardile, 
Holly Gray, Cindy Lenz, An- 
drea Griffin, Tricia McGov- 
ern, Monica Hunsader, Julie 

Merrill, Marni Shay and Liz 
Welch. They all played their 
best. Michelle Boisvert kept up 
a strong defensive line, with the 
help of Kim Sands and Meg 
Boschetto. Marni Shay, Barb 
Brennen, Holly Grey, Monica 
Hunsader, Cait Hurley and Liz 
Welch had great offensive ex- 
pertise. Linda Jones, the only 
freshman on the team this 
year, did a great job. Darrell 
Russell and Joyce Carroll 
hardly let any goals pass by 
them. Tricia McGovern, Lau- 
rie Sheflin and Andrea Griffin 
were awsome scorers. The 
whole team got into the idea of 
passing, and it worked very 
well. The defensive line's pow- 
erful kicks to the front line 
were very succesful. The prac- 
tice on trapping and faking the 
ball added to the greatness of 

the plays. The girls agreed that 
this season went by fast. Also 
that the team worked well to- 
gether. One problem was that 
captains Liz Welch, Julie Mer- 
rill and Marni Shea were in- 
jured for a lot of the games. 
Holly Grey always seemed to 
enjoy falling. The injuries just 
goes to show how hard every- 
one tried. 

Girls Varsity had a total of 
forty four goals for the season. 
The controversy game over 
Weston was won. One game 
against Lincoln Sudbury was 
won, but the second game was 
a hard loss. Both games were 
lost against Acton Boxbor- 
ough. Both those teams have 
always been a trouble spot with 
the girls soccer. We can suc- 
cessfully say that Girl's Varsity 
Soccer had a lot of fun. 


larni Shea dribbles the ball aggres- 

1990 Girls JV Soccer Team - bottom, 
left: Karen Chen, Sara Brown, Katie 
Doherty, Cristie Connoly, Tiffany 
Grahm, Kim Raffa, and Beth Mara. 
Middle, left: Kristen McDonald, Jessi- 
ca Turner, Jen Young, Siri Hanson, 
Mary DeMoss. Top row: Carolyn Fan- 
elli, Mika Volicer, Cindy Hunt, Jen 
Hanson, Stephanie Cann, Ann Craig. 

Liz, Marni, and Julie shake hands with 
the opposing team hoping to cream 


The cross-country team shows spirit while demon 
strating a new routine for the cheerleaders. 

Acton- Boxborough 30 - 28 Bedford 
Wayland 45-17 Bedford 
Bedford 32 - 25 Newton South 
Lincoln-Sudbury 34 - 22 Bedford 
Concord-Carlisle 30 - 26 Bedford 
Weston 50 - 1 5 Bedford 
Bedford 37 - 22 Boston Latin 

Josh Buckley directs the team 
through a grueling set of toe-touch- 
es, while Mike Esposito interrupts 
with a question about the demand- 
ing exercise. 

"Hell no, I won't go!", 
Daymion Smith when told 
practice is already over for 
other day. 




"We ran for miles and miles and miles..." 

On any given gorgeous fall 
day, one can expect to see a 
pack of Buccaneers running at 
top speed along the roads and 
trails of Bedford. You might 
ask, "Who are they and what 
are they doing?". But it should 
obvious through the dedication 
and high spirits they posess 
that this is NOT a new form of 
detention or a strenuous weight 
loss program. This is the 

The Cross Country team's 
1990 season was a lot of fun for 
everyone on the team. The 
team did not win very many 
meets, but everyone gave their 
best and there was much im- 
provement. The Bucs were 
handicapped their lack of 
depth, and the loss of almost 
half last year's team. 

The two captains were re- 
turning seniors Jack Geilfuss 
and Scott "Lenny" Granowitz. 
There were three other return- 

ing Buc Seniors. Joe Poulin 
and John Paschkewitz both 
made large time drops; John 
dropping more than forty sec- 
onds and Joe moving up to sec- 
ond seed on the team. Amy 
Wojnar, the soul female runner 
on the team, returned from an 
injury last season. Amy 
dropped more than a minute 
off her time, making the Bucs 
even more glad to have her 

Other returning runners in- 
clude Vin Welch, who im- 
proved in the team standings 
from fifth last year to second 
place this year. Vin also placed 
fourth in the boys Sophmore 
catagory in Division 2 . This 
was a dramatic and encourag- 
ing developement for the fu- 
ture of next year's team. Day- 
mion Smith was another 
returning athlete. Daymion 
beat his personal record by 
more than thirty seconds. 

New runners were junior 
Josh Buckley, freshman Ben 
Dick, sophomore Mike Espo- 
sito, and junior Scott Byam. 
All four worked hard and got 
better all through the season. 
Scott Byam was the most im- 
proved runner on the team, 
starting from a beginning of 
never having run before to be- 
coming a valuable part of the 
team. Freshman Ben Dick 
placed 22nd out of Div. 3, 9th 
grade, which bodes well for the 
future of this hard-working, 
hard-playing team. 

The cross-country team 
wants to thank Coach Dyment 
for the work he put in this sea- 
son. Not only, through encour- 
agement and tough training 
schedules did help improve the 
individuals on the team, his 
well-liked, fun-loving personal- 
ity helped make the individuals 
into a true team. 


first row- Joe Poulin, Jack Geilfuss, 
Scott Granowitz, Josh Buckley, and 
John Paschkewitz. Second row- Amy 
Wojnar, Daymion Smith, Ben Dick, 
Scott Byam, and Mike Esposito. Not 
pictured: Vin Welch. 

Im, Jack, we know cross-country 
squires dedication and many sac- 
fices for success, but couldn't 
ley at least let you wear shoes? 

The Bucs take off for the start of a 
race. But where's Mike Esposito go- 


One small step for Brian Sparrow; one giant leap 
for golfkind. 

f 1 

Acton-Boxborough 11-1 (L) 

Wayland 3 - 9 (W) 

Lincoln-Sudbury 4 1/2-71/2 (W) 

Concord-Carlisle 6 1/2-51/2 (L) 

Boston Latin 2 1/2-9 1/2 (W) 

Acton Boxborough 6 - 6 (T) 

Wayland 0-12 (W) 

Lincoln-Sudbury 5 - 7 (W) 

Concord-Carlisle 10 1/2 - 1 1/2 (L) 

Boston Latin 1 1/2 - 10 1/2 (W) 

108 GOLF 

Give it a Ride, Clyde 

"The Pin was h, you're bagged" -O'Maiiey 

The Bedford Golfers began 
their year with a "gut feeling" 
that they could make it to the 
state tournament for the first 
time in eight years. The Bucs 
were led this year by a group of 
veteran Seniors, Matt O'Mai- 
iey, Kevin Duris, Kevin Geary, 
and Joe Somerset, who all gen- 
uinely believed that the under- 
dog Bucs could win the neces- 
sary 60% of their matches to 
make post-season play. 

The first match of the year 
dampened the spirits of the 
team as Acton-Boxborough 
devastated the Bucs. Soph- 
more Dave Boffa was the sole 
winner in the loss. The Bucs 
knew they'd have to play bet- 
ter. Under the great leadership 
of Mr. Reynolds, the Bucs 
stuck together and were un- 
beaten in six out of their next 
seven matches. 

With three matches to play, 
the Bucs were 4-2-1. The Bucs 

had two tough matches out of 
the three remaining. The first 
match was againsst Lincoln- 
Sudbury at their home coursse, 
Nashawtuc Country Club, 
which was postponed due to 
rain. The Bucs then traveled to 
the treacherous Concord 
Country Club where a power- 
ful Concord team beat the 
Bucs. The first of the two re- 
maining matches was a diffi- 
cult one at L-S. Thanks to 
Matt O'Maiiey, who called a 
penalty on a player from L-S, 
and Kevin Geary who correctly 
realized that the penalty called 
for loss of the hole, and not just 
a two-stroke penalty. The golf- 
ers beat L-S twice in the same 
season, thanks to strategical 
advice from Reynolds. The 
besst parts of the victory were 
the penalty that Matt O'Mai- 
iey called and the Chinese Fire 
Drill in Concord Center. These 
fine men just had to win one 

more match, against Boston 
Latin to advance to States. The 
Bucs pounded Boston Latin in 
the final match to earn their 
spot in the tournament. 

The Bucs didn't have a good 
day the day of the State Tour- 
nament. None of the players 
had ever seen the course be- 
fore, which contributed to Bed- 
ford's loss. Matt McGarry 
fired an 86 to lead Bedford for 
the day. 

The whole school remains 
100 percent behing its state-go- 
ing Bucs. The Golf team is an 
inspiration to us all. Its spirit 
and willingness is something to 
be proud of. Next year's team 
will feel the loss of four out- 
standing Seniors, but the re- 
turning underclassmen show 
enough talent that the future 
looks remarkably bright. Con- 
gratulations to all who partici- 
pated, and good luck to Bed- 
ford Golf in the future. 

1990 GOLF TEAM: bottom row- Alex 
Brill, Joe Somerset, Brian Sparrow, 
Dave Tobey, and Kevin Duris. Second 
row- Matt O'Maiiey, Brian Albanese, 
Matt McGarry, Brian Drohan, Samir 
Kapuria, and Matt Kyvelos. Top row- 
Mark Mclnnis, Mike McGarry, and 
Kevin Geary. 

Mark Mclnnis surveys the course, pre- 
pratory to playing a winning match. 

GOLF 109 

"You only think you're going to get 
the ball," taunts Jeff Jones. 

Bedford, in the form of Cameron Denby 
once again rises above the crowd. 

1990 Basketball Scores 


44 - 



Lexington Christian 

48 - 



Boston Latin 

56 - 




60 - 



Westford Christmas Tournament: 


73 - 



North Middlesex 

71 - 




65 - 




75 - 



Newton South 

75 - 




89 - 




73 - 




55 - 



Boston Latin 

60 - 




50 - 




40 - 



Newton South 

65 - 




55 - 



Coach Greenway gives brillant 
winning advice to the team. 




Bedford Basketball looks to the future. 

The most magnificent sky- 
scrapers begin with building 
blocks. And when the Bedford 
High School men's basketball 
program achieves the goal of 
deep, versatile, dominant 
teams year in and year out, 
coaches and players will point 
to the 1990-1991 contingent as 
part of the foundation. For this 
team, despite a losing record, 
made its mark. The Bucca- 
neers played every Dual Coun- 
ty League team tough at least 
once, despite an almost com- 
plete dearth of experience. Se- 
nior Co-Captain Jeff Jones, 
playing as point guard all sea- 

son, was one of the league's top 
scorers. His fellow captain, 
backcourt partner and return- 
ee from 1989-1990, Dave Bos- 
chetto, personified leadership 
by example all season. Seniors 
contributing off the bench 
were Jim Cestrone, Jamie As- 
bedian and Christ Theophile. 
The starting forwards all sea- 
son were junior Chris Alessi, 
whose court sense is comple- 
mented by his intense play, and 
sophmore John Mara, heir ap- 
parent to Bedford High scoring 
tradition. Lanky sophomore 
Jared Carlson showed stead 
improvement all season at cen- 

ter. Sophomores in reserve who 
made regular contributions 
were Scott Kleekamp and 
Cameron Demby, with junior 
Dave Wentworth and soph- 
mores David Lord and Colin 
Ross swinging up to varsity 
from jayvee. Coach Jim 
Greenwood is looking forward 
to basketball pre-eminence 
with his nucleus of returnees 
plus this year's strong JV team. 
And when that success story is 
written, it will include a special 
place for the 90-91 seniors who 
helped build for the future. 

TEAM: front row- Jim Cestrone, 
Dave Boschetto, Jeff Jones, and Ja- 
mie Asbedian. Back row- Cameron 
Demby, Chris Alessi, Scott Klee- 
kamp, Jared Carlson, Dave Lord, 
John Mara, and Coach Green- 
wood. Not pictured: Chris Theo- 

Dave Boschetto outruns, outdrib- 
bles, and outplays the opposing 
team's man. 

hn Mara defies gravity while an Ac 
1-Boxboro player looks on in awe. 


Lady Bucs Score High 

Their Best Season Yet... 

On the first day of winter, 
the 1990-1991 Bedford High 
School women's basketball 
team turned up the heat. An 
overtime win at Boston Latin — 
the first for any Bedford bas- 
ketball girls against Latin - 
sent a message: this team is 
something special. ANd the 
Lady Bucs proceeded to warm 
the cold months with an out- 
standing 12-5 season and a trip 
to the dMIAA Divisiion III 
State Tournament. The Lady 
Bucs were not a deep team - 
only ten varsity athletes, in- 
cluding two who swung over 
from the jayvee. They were not 
an experienced team — two se- 
niors, just one junior, plus two 
sophomores with varsity expe- 
rience. But they were a team of 
enormous character, as evi- 
denced by the American flags 
and yellow ribbons they were 

TEAM: Front row- Tammy Lewis, 
Kim Mello, Tricia McGovern, 
Anita Bumann. Second row- Dar- 
ryl Russell, Cindy Hunt, Lisa 
Thomas, Jen Hanson, Donna 
Quinn, and Coach Maureen Sulli- 

Cindy Hunt handles the ball with 

to honor the troops in Opera- 
tion Desert Storm. And they 
were a team of great talent and 
never-ending effort. Seniior 
Kim Mello led the Dual Coun- 
ty League in scoring and virtu- 
ally was unstoppable at the low 
post all season. Tricia McGov- 
ern '91 seemed to be every- 
where at both ends of the 
court, scoring from inside and 
outside and playing aggressive 
defense. The underclasswomen 
all played key roles: sophomore 
Jen Hanson's ball-handling, 
sophomore Darrel Russell's re- 
bounding, junior Anita Bu- 
mann's outside shot, the strong 
two-way play of sophomores 
Tammy Lewis and Donna 
Quinn and freshman Lisa 
Thomas, and the reserve 
strength of the ninth-grade 
swingwomen, Cindy Hunt and 
Linda Jones. Coach Maureen 

Sullivan put it all together for 
her first tournament team. 
Judging by the enthusiastic re- 
sponse of the junior varsity, it 
won't be the last. 

This year's Seniors - the 
heart and soul behind the Lady 
Buc Team - will be missed 
greatly by their fellow team- 
mates in the years to come, but 
the future will be bright. With 
the excellent coaching and the 
promising athletes Bedford has 
going for it right now, we 
should have no problem keep- 
ing up the good work. It was an 
excellent season ladies - you 
made Bedford extremely 
proud! The games were a de- 
light to watch and your hard 
practicing has been admired 
and appreciated. Keep on 
bouncing those balls! 

A Bedford player dodges her oc 
nent with ease. 



Jen Hanson expertly keeps control of 
the ball. 

Tricia McGovern and Anita Bumann Bedford fights Boston Latin for the 
prepare for a pass. ball. 



- 44 


Boston Latin 


■ 49 


Arlington Christmas Tournament 

61 ■ 

■ 46 



64 ■ 

■ 45 



23 ■ 

• 57 


Newton South 

23 ■ 

■ 51 



47 ■ 




37 ■ 




35 ■ 



Boston Latin 

45 ■ 




74 ■ 

■ 51 



52 - 



Coach Sullivan gives the Lady Hues some quick last- 
minute tips. 


Scott O'Brien checks a meinber of the 
opposing team into the boards. 

Ivan Wood, Rob Ahern, and Pete Sha- Pete Shamon shows the incredible skill 
men demonstrate male bonding on the inherent in all BHS players while fore- 
ice after a goal. checking his opponent. 

A lone Bedford player makes a break 
with the puck. 



Bugs have winningest season in years. 

The pre-season scouting re- 
port looked promising for the 
Ice Hockey team this season. 
With three prospective skating 
lines and a strong defensive 
core anchored by seniors Steve 
Mead and Scott O'Brien, the 
Bucs were looking forward to a 
strong season. Senior rookie 
goaltender Paul Doherty led 
the Bucs to their most success- 
ful campaugn in the past three 
years. Helped out by some 
much needed scoring, the Bucs 
quadrupled their previous 
year's win total. For the first 
time in years the Bucs were 
graced with three goaltenders, 
with Matt Stein doing much of 
the back-up work, and fresh- 
man Matt Gallant showing 
great promise for the next 

three years. 

The goaltenders were helped 
out by the defense. In addi- 
tion to Mead and O'Brien, 
Sean Mee and Jim Maddox 
were key contributors. Wheth- 
er it was a booming slap shot 
from the point, or a thunderous 
bodycheck in the corner, the 
Buc's defense dept the team in 
every game, even when the 
Bucs were seemingly 

The increased number of 
wins can be attributed to a 
number of different things, but 
the offense proved early that it 
was more than capable of in- 
flicting damage. Led by a core 
of seniors, rookie Wayne Sulli- 
van and Ivan Wood were also 
important. The Bucs also bene- 

fitted from the play of a num- 
ber of players off the bench. 
The scoring highlight of the se- 
sason was when senior Todd 
Nelson netted his first high 
school goal during an early 
Buc win. Senior/rookie Joe 
Somerset was a crowd favorite 
with his stong shots. 

The Bucs showed heart this 
season, and even though they 
often lacked the depth to keep 
up with some teams in the 
league, they were never out- 
classed. They showed their 
spirit three periods a night, ev- 
ery night. With any team, some 
chances will slip by, but the 
Bucs scrapped for every puck 
and kept their opponents think- 
ing throughout this successful 

1990-91 BHS Hockey Team: first 
row- Rob Ahearn, Scott O'Brien, 
Steve Mead, Pete Shamon, and 
Wayne Sullivan. Second row- Dan 
Hunt, Ivan Wood, Mike Anders- 
son, Jim Maddox, Joe Somerset, 
Dave Clements, Sean Mee, Paul 
Doherty, Matt Gallant, and Matt 

Matt O'Malley makes a beautiful 
shot on goal. 


Jen Cohen exhibits great agility as she 
defies gravity over the hurdle. 

Holly Grey waxes her skiis in prepar- 
Bedford racers speed past an opponent. tion for running over the competition. 

Rachel Campbell and Andrea Griffin 
stretch out before their race. 

116 Track/Ski 



Once again, the BHS ski 
team perservered through a 
season with little natural 
snow. The season was saved 
by the snowmaking at Na- 
shoba Valley and the Wes- 
ton Ski Track. The team 
placed consistently well in a 
league of laarger schools, 
revived by the addition of 
many freshman and other 
new skiers to the team. 

The girls' team was led by 
seniore co-captains Holly 
Grey and Eileen Shaugh- 
nessy. The trio of freshman 
skiers- Sarah Shamel, Car- 
rie Ciaccia, and Jessica 
Turner - was a great benefit 
to the team. Sarah Shamel 
was the top racer on the 
team with her top finish of 
seventh place. Captains 
Josh Berman and Zach 
Keeting led the boys' team 
through a strong season. 
While battling for top 
places in the league. Josh 

and junior Tim Callahan 
tore through every race 
course in their way. 

The cross-country ski sea- 
son was greatly affected by 
the lack of snow, forcing the 
league to hold all four races 
at the Weston Ski Track. 
Holly Grey, Sarah Shamel, 
Eileen Shaughnessy, and 
Josh Berman led the cross- 
country racers. Sarah Sha- 
mel, racing for the first 
time, was a strong contender 
for the league skimeisterein 

The Track team had a 
good season this year. They 
had a large turnout for both 
the girls and guys teams. 
For the girls, Cait Hurley in 
the mile, Andrea Griffin in 
the 300, and Barb Brennan 
and Stephanie Cann in the 
high jump were strong. Jack 
Geilfuss, Brendan 
McGrath, Keith Farmer, 
Lenny Granowitz, Mark 

Gallant, and Kevin Colman 
were also strong for the 
guys. Rich Higham and Tim 
McNeany were strong in 
the shotput. The team made 
the State Relays, in which 
several Bedford competitors 
are racing. 

The team looks to a 
strong team with many 
strong returning competi- 
tors. The underclassmen 
have proved to be strong 
racers this year, and if the 
trend continues Bedford 
Track has extremely fruitful 
days ahead. The Seniors, 
however, will be sorely 
missed. The sixteen Senior 
members of the Winter 
Track Team have contribut- 
ed much effort and speed 
into making Bedford the 
best it could be. Best of luck 
to both the track and ski 
teams in the future. 

1990-91 BHS Winter Track: Tirst 
row- Andrea Griffin, Scott 
Granowitz, Mark Gray, Mark Gal- 
lant, Rachel Campbell, and Steph- 
anie Cann. Second row- Jack Geil- 
fuss, Joe Poulin, Gretchen Ela, 
Kim Sands, Monica Hunsader, and 
Anne Craig. Third row- Amy Woj- 
nar, Jen Cohen, Mike Dmo- 
chowski. Josh Cohen, and Adam 
Udell. Fourth row- Oli Haas, Rich- 
ard Higham, Tim McNeany, and 
Keith Farmer. 

1990-91 BHS Ski Team: first row- 
Cynthia Primmerman, Katie Hold- 
en, Eileen Shaughnessy, Cindy 
Lenz, Jason Ingraham, Stephen 
Aftomis, and Terry Ciccone. Sec- 
ond row- Coach Steve, Karen 
Clancy, Sarah Shamel, Mary Pelle- 
grini, Jessica Turner, Carrie Ciac- 
cia, John Goodarz, Mike Huffman, 
John Tyler, and Holly Grey. Third 
row- Tim Callahan, Josh Berman, 
Josh Kcroes, and George Clayton. 

Track/Ski 117 


BHS Rifle Team shoots post opponents. 

BHS Rifle Team? They've 
let BHS students loose with 
GUNS?? What's going on 
here? Don't worry- it's perfect- 
ly safe. But for those of you out 
there who are still just a tad bit 
worried, we have compiled a 
little (admittedly a very little) 
information about what goes 
on behind the closed doors of 
the BHS rifle range. 

The rifle range? "BHS has a 
rifle range?", you may ask. To 
find it, just follow the muffled 
sounds of firing to the base- 
ment of the school. A half-hid- 
den door leading out of the old 
weight room brings you into 
another world. The team uses 
.22 caliber rifles in matches 
against three other schools. 
The competitors shoots in two 
different positions. One is the 
offhand position. In this posi- 

tion, one stands and shoots. 
The other position that is used 
is the prone position. In the 
prone position it is necessary 
that the rifle be held very 
steady, so the gun is strapped 
to the body of the competitor. 
From both positions, the com- 
petitors fire at "bulls", cali- 
brated circular targets. Only 
the top five scores count for the 

For the past three years, the 
rifle team has won the state 
championship, and they have 
hopes of achieving that goal 
again this season. However, 
this year they face tough com- 
petition from Gloucester High. 
The team is coached by BHS 
science teacher Mr. Keup for 
the eighth year. The members 
of the team, Eric Young, Eric 
Pearson, Jill Freeman, Dave 

Gersh, Brian Drohan, Mike 
Rossi, Sasha Korik, Samir Ka- 
puria, Brian Jardine are led by 
captain Kevin Duris. 

The team has had a good 
season. Duris was the high 
scorer of the team, but all 
members contributed. The se- 
niors, Duris, Kapuria, and 
Korik will be sorely missed as 
the heart and soul of the team. 
However- don't despair! The 
underclassmen are strong 
enough that the future of the 
team should be as bright as the 
past. Hopefully pioneer Jill 
Freeman's efforts will encour- 
age more girls to go out for this 
sport, and add even more depth 
and versitility to the team. We 
wish the rifle team best of luck 
on their quest for the state title, 
and in the future. 

1990-1 RIFLE TEAM: front- Eric 
Pearson, Kevin Duris, and Samir 
Kapuria. Back row: Brian Drohan, 
Jill Freeman, Eric Young, and 
Dave Gersh. 

Jill Freeman shows that rifle team 
is not a solely male sport. 

Brian Drohan prepares himself me 
tally for the coming match. 

118 RIFLE 


BHS Swimming shows strength and spirit. 

Bedford High School 
doesn't have a pool, and some 
people, freshman especially, 
are always surprised to learn 
that BHS supports a swim 
team. The team practices at 
Shawsheen Tech. four times 
a week, and competes with 
teams in the DCL. However, 
BHS's team has one major 
difference from that of many 
other league teams. It is co- 
ed. This means that although 
Bedford has both boys and 
girls on its team, it must com- 
pete against many teams that 
are solely male. This puts 
Bedford at a strong disadvan- 
tage since the girls must com- 
pete directly, in the same 
heats as the guys, and stand 
less of a chance of scoring 

Another disadvantage 
faced by the Aqua-Bucs is 
that of depth. Few people 
possess the dedication, spirit. 

and willingness to try (and to 
get wet) of the team, and 
against huge teams of fifty 
swimmers, Bedford is simply 
swamped. But don't think 
that the team is not success- 
ful. Success in competitive 
swimming is marked by per- 
sonal gains, not points, and 
the win/loss record is inci- 
dental. This year's team was 
blessed with a lot of talent. 
Freshman speed demons Beth 
Mara and Heather Young 
cruised by competitors in 
breaststroke and backstroke 
(and all other events) and 
show great promise for even 
more improvement. Other 
newcomers, Brian Mahoney, 
David Jones, Wendy Castel- 
lana, Jessica Higley, and ju- 
nior Rachel Kiessling also 
added to the team. Juniors 
Lynna Blasioli, Lester Pullen, 
Frank Welch and speedster 
Scott Byam showed good 

Rachel Kiessling can't believe Mrs. Mara 
IS giving her the right time. 

form and much improvement. 
Captains Megan Dworshak 
and Liz Welch led the team 
in swimming and diving. 
Kathy Schowalter, returning 
after three years and knee 
surgery, and Alex Freeman 
also helped the team. The size 
of the team flucutated at ev- 
ery meet due to illness and 
injury, but they kept on nev- 

The divers had a great sea- 
son. Liz Welch scored over 
200 for the first time ever, 
and qualified for the champi- 
onships. Also qualifying were 
sophomore Krystin Carpen- 
ter and junior Valerie Heim- 
ple. Freshman Wendy Castel- 
lana improved incredibly 
during the short season as the 
only swimmer/diver on the 
team. The future looks bright 
for the team, and we wish 
them luck. 

1990-91 BHS SWIM TEAM: 
front row- Jessica Higley, Alex 
Freeman, Liz Welch, Megan 
Dworshak, Kathy Schowalter, and 
Frank Welch. Second row: Beth 
Mara, Heather Young, Brian Ma- 
honey, Lynna Blasioli, Dave Jones, 
Scott Byam, and Coach Maczko. 
Third row: Diving Coach Brian 
Maczko, Krystin Carpenter, Wen- 
dy Castellana, Valerie Heimple, 
and Rachel Kiessling. 

Kathy Schowalter gasps for air in 
the 500 free. Only 15 lengths to go! 


Co-captain Stephanie Miller demonstrates the 
fine art of hand-clapping. 

The cheerleaders gather in a circle to go over 
their routines. 

Jen Hanson, Beth Rivinius, Alicia DeLuca. and 
Caroline Busch work up Bedford spirit. 

The cheerleaders display a fine show of balance 
and skill. 

The cheerleaders create a fine form on the Bed- Amy Feierabend awaits the out- 
ford sidelines. come of the game with 



Keeping Spirit Alive 

Shaking Their Thaiiing!! 

Every town needs spirit. 
Well, Bedford High School 
certainly has it. Thirteen girls 
dedicated their tinne and ener- 
gy to a crowd of sport's play- 
er's fannilies and friends 
throughout the fall and winter 
seasons. Their exciting and 
creative cheers not only enter- 
tained the spectators, but they 
also encouraged audience 
participation and basically 
boosted everyone's spirit. 

These girls work together to 
produce outstanding routines. 
Senior co-captains, Alicia De- 
Luca and Stephanie Miller, 
lead the group of four Juniors, 

three Sophomores, and four 
Freshnnan. All of their trennen- 
dous efforts paid off. The team 
got "psyched" and so did all 
the viewers on the edge of 
their seats. 

Their happy faces and sup- 
porting cheers helped the 
teams to many thrilling vic- 
tories. The football games 
would not be complete with- 
out them. They are a very im- 
portant contribution to Bed- 
ford athletic fans. Thanks for 
helping our teams along and 
for making the games fun with 
your positive outlooks and 

1990-91 Cheerleaders, bottom: Co-captains Alicia DeLuca and Stephanie Miller. Middle: Kelly Callatian. Jen Staftord, 
Stephanie Perino, and Beth Rivinius. Top: Kathy Martin, Betty Corcoran, Caroline Busch. Jen Hansen, Amy Feierabend, 
Sandra Johnson, and Liz Cardile. 


Jodie Russo displays her powerful pitching arm 
which helped lead the team to victory. 


Swinging Their Stuff 

Bedford's baseball and softball teams 
his year were outstanding. Their many 
uccessful accomplishments are definitely 
lot times to be forgotten. Each player was 
letermined to make this time the best. 
"iot only did they have individual pride, 
)Ut their fine team effort brought the 
vhole thing together. 

The teams both had plenty of enthusi- 
ism, that's forsure. Everyone was ready to 
;o out and beat their opponents. Well, 
heir motivation paid off and we celebrate 
heir fantastic season. 

Jodi Russo's amazing pitching for the 
irl's stunned other teams and Mike Bla- 

Aimed and Dangerous 

si's fastball surely got some attention for 
the boy's team as well. Every player was 
unique in style, but these styles were com- 
bined to produce two unbelievable teams. 

The girl's, fresh from their state-win- 
ning year last year, continued to shine. The 
lady bucs proved again how unbeatable 
they are with star playing from Holly 
Grey, Jodie Russo, and Monica Hunsader 

The boy's were coming back from an 
interesting season as well, though many of 
the players had suffered from lack of play- 
ing time. Kyle Gelormini states, "As third 
base coach, it looked like the rest of the 

team was having a great time." Paul Do- 
herty supports Kyle's feelings. "Baseball's 
fun", Paul replies, "but it's better when 
you get to play." They, along with every- 
one else was very anxious to get out on the 
field, and they did. The entire season was 
filled with many exceptional plays, and 
Paul and Kyle finally got some action. (On 
the baseball field, that is!!) 

With several talented underclassmen re- 
turning, Bedford has exciting times ahead 
in the years to come. So, good luck, BHS 
baseball and softball! Thanks for all the 

Boy's Baseball Team, bottom row: Sean Linehan, 
Dicky Higham, Paul Doherty, Scott O'Brien, and 
John Lydon. Top row: Kyle Gelormini, Mark Gal- 
lant, Keith Farmer, Dave Zampese, and Mike Blasi. 

Girl's Softball Team, from left: Coach Wilson, Jen 
Hanson, Marcy Corea, Marni Shea, Jodie Russo, 
Heather Jehle, Monica Hunsader, and Holly Grey. 



Sean Deardorff goes in low for a tricky underhanded 

Joe Somerset "catches air" during his swing, and 
seems to be quite amazed at his abihties. How do you 
do that, Joe? 

Even during her tough match Rachel Pollock manages to look really cool in her 
"cool-babe" dark shades. 

Seniors Mary Atkinson, Rachel Meyers, Tricia McGovern, Rachel Pollock, and 
Amy Borshay form an intimidating gang of tennis players. 


They Know How To Hit Balls 

Heads Up!!!!! 

Tennis - what a concept! A game that 
urns a bunch of preppy athletes, normally 
tame people, into mad-people with oddly 
shaped sticks and a vengeful swing. Who 
;lse but crazed idiots would stand on a 
>mall court and allow their opponents to 
continuously aim balls directly at them, 
with the protection of a few measly strings 
tied to some metal? Well, that's our tennis 
team and we're very proud of them! 

The boy' team displayed some fine play- 
ing this year, in particular from seniors 
Sean Deardorff, Dave Boschetto, and Joey 
Somerset. Other up-and-coming players 
included Craig Gottleib, Frankie Welch, 

and several new Freshmen. When asked to 
divulge to the world what exactly his 
amazing secret to his amazing skill is, 
Sean Deardorff tells us, "Well, what I try 
to do is hit the ball with my racket after it 
comes over the net at me. That's what I try 
to tell, you know, the lesser players to do. 
It really makes for a good game!" No won- 
der our team is so good. They have an 
absolutely amazing strategy. Coach Dear- 
dorff is very proud, I'm sure! 

The girls, led by seniors Amy Borshay 
and Rachel Pollock, faired decently as 
well. Sage Browne and Kristen Larsen are 
two younger players who also made names 

for themselves. The girls team stuck to- 
gether great and spirits were always kept 
high. As Rachel Pollock comments, "The 
most important thing is to have fun. We go 
out there and do our bests, and even if we 
don't win we know that we're better than 
all of those fat and ugly tennis monsters 
who beat us!!" What a super attitude! 
Once again, the girls were coached by 
Mrs. Aldorisio. 

Both teams showed great spunk and 
should be congratulated on a job well 
done. Good luck next year! 

Boy's Tennis - bottom, left: Dave Boschetto, Rob 
Donaldson, Joe Somerset, Sean Deardorff, Chris 
Hirsch, Sascha Korik, and Brian Kern. Top left: 
Brian Drohan, Craig Gottleib, Viet Le, Kevin Geary, 
Dave Tobey, and Ivan Wood. 

Girl's Tennis - bottom, left: Amy Borshay, Tricia 
McGovern(in spirit) / the team mascot, Rachel Pol- 
lock. Top, left: Laurie Sheflin, Jill Freeman, Steph- 
anie Dubitsky, Sage Browne, and Kristen Larson. 


Lacrosse: A Gentleman's Game 

"I only go to Lacrosse gomes to watch Jon Homby" - Kevin Geary (Lacrosse Fan) 

Once again the Lacrosse team came 
irough as one of the hardest working 
ams that Bedford has. Returning seniors 
on Hamby, Tim McNeany, Pete Sham- 
ion, Steve Mead, Jon Koop and others 
ally showed their stuff along with the 
jlp of talented newcomers. Mr. Flannery 
turned on as coach and lead his team to 
successful season. 

Other up and coming players include 
teve Craig, Tim Callahan, John Ginn, 
3sh Cohen, and more. These guys are 
arning the tricks of the trade in order to 
ke over once Bedford has retired its Se- 
ior stars. All team members got into the 
•oove together and worked that way all 
ason to becoming one good looking and 

quick-moving bunch. The practices paid 
off and some of the games were successful. 
All in all the season was a good one. 

Home games were played at the Junior 
High, yet the team still managed to re- 
ceive a very large crowd of fans, always 
there to cheer the Bucs on. The team made 
a very impressive sight (and they didn't 
look too bad in their little shorts either!). 
They worked hard, but had a good time, 
and it showed. As Tim McNeany puts it, 
"As long as Hamby doesn't pass, we 
should do all right." And following the 
advice that the Lacrosse team has long 
followed doesn't hurt, "Everytime you get 
the ball you should shoot." 

The Lacrosse team is and will always 

remain the most violent team Bedford has. 
Pete Shammon leaves us with this thought, 
"It's cool to see how many layers of Josh 
Cohen's underwear you can rip!" That it a 
fascinating thing! Anyway, the Lacrosse 
Team deserves a big round of applause. 
Great job, and keep bending over in those 
little shorts, to use my stick in interesting 
ways." Anyway, the Lacrosse team de- 
serves a big round of applause. Great job, 
and keep on wearing those little shorts. If 
your playing won't grab the spectators' at- 
tention, your legs might! As one anony- 
mous fan says, "I'd rather be watching 
Lacrosse than Tennis." 

The Lacrosse team attempts to look cool. I 
guess they've succeeded. 

Several discontented players look on in 
disbelief as the team experiences some bad 


Leaving the Rest in the Dust 

"Bummer"- Jack Geilfluss 

The Bedford boy's and girl's spring 
ack teams shined last year. Despite a 
ick of depth, strong individuals were able 
make up for the small number of 

The girl's track team, in particular, lost 
uite a few members. Some of the mem- 
ers were participating in the Foreign Ex- 
hange Program and others suffered inju- 
ies. Amy Andrade was unable to finish 
he season as a result of knee injuries and 
.ynette Blanchard missed several meets 
•ecause of injuries as well. 

Cait Hurley was virtually unbeatable in 
he 400, and also powerful at long distance 

races. Rachel Campbell continued to dom- 
inate in the 200 and 100. Campbell tried 
hurdles for the first time and faired quite 
well. Jen Cohen was also a driving force in 
the hurdles and the long jump. Cohen also 
broke the BHS triple jump record, and she 
now holds two girl s track records - one in 
the triple jump, and one in the 300 hurdles. 
Andrea Griffin showed her speed in the 
200 and Darrell Russell won the league for 
the Javelin. Barb Brennan was met with 
continued success in the high jump. 

On the boy's team, Chris Blondin was a 
key competitor in the long distance events. 
He was especially dominant in the mile. 

Mark Gray continued his excellence in the 
sprints and was joined by Mike Dmo- 
chowski, a new member, who also per- 
formed very well. Mike Huffman provided 
a strong Bedford 4 x 100 team with their 
fourth member. Chris Theophile, also a 
new member, threw the javelin and provid- 
ed the team with much needed depth. 
Long distance runners Scott Granowitz, 
Jack Geilfuss, Joe Poulin, and John 
Paschkewitz all were extremely dedicated 
and leading contributors to this fine team. 

Congratulations to both teams for two 
fine seasons and excellent athletes. Thanks 
for all the hard work! 

Girl's Track Team - bottom, left: Cait 
Hurley, Lisette Alba, Jen Wingfield, and 
Stephanie Cann. Middle, left: Darrell 
Russell, Andrea Griffin, Kim Sands, Kar- 
rie Mills, and Katie Holden. Top, left: Jen 
Cohen, Lynette Blanchard, Barb Brennan, 
Rachel Campbell, Beth Mofield, and Amy 

Boy's Track Team - bottom, left: Scott 
Granowitz, Mark Gray, Jack Geilfuss, 
Chris Blondin, and Joe Poulin. Top, left: 
Mike Huffman, Mike Dmochowski, Chris 
Theophile, and John Paschkewitz. 

TRACK 131 



"March Naked" -Judy Galani 

This year's Bedford Highschool Marching J Band show 
opened up with "Shinedown," then continued through the 
entertaining "Under the Sea." The band front feature, 
"Summertime," follows during which the majorettres and 
the flag squ;ad perform a complicated dance routine. The 
show then concludes with the dramatic "Carolina in the 

This year's performance was outstanding. Under the di- 
rection of Mr. Steven Barbas, an exciting and innovative 
field show was produced. 

The band did very waell in competition this year. They 
captured the bronze medal at the MICA band competition 
in October. The audience was facinated as they watched the 
band's creative and original movements from Boston Uni- 
versity bleachers. 

It has been a very succesful season with Mr. Barbas and 
drum majors, Erin Fehlau and Donna wilson. The band 
looks foward to another great fall next year. 

The Bedford High School Marching Band banner makes its 
way down Great Road. 

There is nothing a Marching- 
bander likes more than a 

Dave Gersh and Chris Coa 
look dream of band camp 
summer long. 



Marching Band - bottom, left: Nancy Saunders, Amy Harley, Jodi Cohen, Mary 
Pellegrini, Tricia Weinfurt, Theresa Concannon, Michelle Dee, Jen Dinitto, Tara Lee, 
Stephanie Steiger, and Darlene Burton. Second row, left: Michelle Koop, Kevin Duris, 
Jack Geilfuss, John Tanzer, Jon Koop, Amy Wojnar, Erin Fehlau, Judy Galani, Rebec- 
ca Rosenburg, Alex Freeman, David Gersh, and Alex Brill. Third row, left: Laurie 
Sheflin, Kathy Kelly, Karen Chen, Karie Mills, Gretchen Ela, Jacqui Shwimmer, 
Andria Pomponi, George Clayton, Kristin Carpenter, Bryan Fehlau, and Jen Peterson. 
Top row, left: Mr. Barbas, Carrie Ciaccia, Mark Mclnnis, Julie St.Saveur, Jill Freeman, 
Debbie Downs, Jennifer Blackstone, Meg Boschetto, Mary DeMoss, Jennifer Osweiller, 
Krista DiNeiro, and Sage Browne. 


Color Guard 

Showin' Some Leg 

"Hey, Color Guard - show us how you get down!", the 
cheerleaders cheered at games and on bus rides. This cheer 
stuck with the flag squad and majorettes throughout the 
season, as well as other cheers and chants marking the girls 
with true spirit. 

The squads performed to the field show music "Shine- 
down"; "Under the Sea" which featured flag twirlers Lisa 
Cadotte, Jodi Cohen, Tara Lee, and Rachaei Berkowitz; 
"Summertime", where both squads combined in a dance 
choreographed by Lisa Sheridan, and Jenne DiNitto per- 
formed a rifle solo; and "Carolina in the Morning". 

Although the Majorette Squad was smaller than in the 
past, it was no less dazzling. Lead by Captain Nancy 
Saunders the squad included three juniors: Sage "Cinam- 
mon" Browne, Krista "Sista" DiNearo, and Jennifer 
"Clammy" Peterson. Coach Judy Jones helped the girls 
write their routines, but sadly retired at season's end after 
four years with BHS Majorettes. 

The Flag Squad, led by Captain Michelle Dee, assistant 
Captain Theresa Concannon, and Coach Paula Gulllage, 
marched proudly on to the field with creative routines. 
Long, enduring practices made their performance 

Bus rides to competitions and away games highlighted 
the season for both squads. With cheers, chants, and loud 
music the spirit and talent of the Color Guard got them a 
five-star rating at the Abbington Band Jamboree. We are 
very proud of this year's Color Guard, and say a fond 
goodbye to the Seniors who will be leaving. To the rest of 
you: Congrats and good luck next year! 

The Color Guard practices diligently for their upcoming season. 

Lisa Cadotte excecutes her routine 
with skill and talent during the Pep 

Flag-squaders Tara Lee and Amy 
Harley prance down the street in 
their stunning polyester uniforms. 

138 CLUBS 


1990-1991 BHS Flag Squad - 

bottom, left: Darlene Burton, 
Stephanie Stygar, Captain Mi- 
chelle Dee, Assistant Captain 
Theresa Concannon, Jen DiN- 
itto, and Rachel Berkowitz. 
Top, left: Tara Lee, Amy Har- 
ley, Lisa Cadotte, Tricia Wein- 
furt, and Mary Pellegrini 

1990-1991 BHS Majorette 
Squad - bottom, left: Captain 
Nancy Saunders and Krista 
DiNearo. Top, left: Jen Peter- 
son and Sage Browne. 

Majorette Jen Peterson marches with 
the rest of the Band in the Bedford Day 

CLUBS 139 

Playing Their All 

"I live soley for Wind Ensennble" - Kevin 

Wow! The BHS music department has outdone itself 
once again, but who are we kidding? With the talented 
students and enthusiastic faculty at Bedford, its a wonder 
that we're not nationally renowned for our success. Back to 
the real world (that opening sentence is something to show 
your grandkids), the instrumental faction of the BHS music 
world is doing OK - more than OK, in fact. Under the 
direction of Steve Barbas, the Wind Ensemble and Concert 
Band are playing challanging, fun, and exciting pieces, 
one's well worth the Level 5 credit the kids in Wind are 
receiving. The Wind Ensemble, acceptance by audition 
only, shares its students with the Marching Band (a manda- 
tory requirement) and is only getting better. Many Concert- 
banders opt for the Marching Band route as well, but it is 
only an option. Both bands performed in February and May 
at the concerts, seperately and in the combined Symphonic 
Band, and Wind Ensemble members participated in several 
recitals throughout the year. 

Orchestra and Chamber Music were directed by every- 
one's favorite String Conductor, Jennifer Anderson, and 
both groups are as impressive as ever. Chamber Music, 
which meets every even day before school, performed in 
several concerts throughout the year, including the Christ- 
mas, February, and Spring concerts, and the Madrigal din- 
ner. For the little sleep they end up receiving, they sound 
pretty good. Orchestra performs at each concert as well, 
displaying their immense talent. Also, members are a part 
of the Full Orchestra, with some Wind Ensemblists. 

Mr. Barbas appears enthralled while directing his Wind-Ensemblists. 


The talented trumpet section shows its stuff during . 
complicated piece. 

Donna Wilson, Meg Boschetto, Carrie Ciaccia. and 
Matt Ross toot their stuff. 



Chamber Music: Yung-sin Chen, Judy Ga- 
lani, Andria Pomponi, Eileen Shaughnessy, 
Samir Kapuria, and Kristin Carpenter. Top: 
Karen Freeman, Michael Espisito, Mrs. An- 
derson, Stephanie Dubitsky, and Jennifer 

Wind Ensemble: Amy Wojnar, Erin Fehiau, 
Rebecca Rosenburg, Judy Galani, Jonathon 
Koop, Kevin Duris, John Tanzer, Carrie Ciac- 
cia, and Mark Mclnnis. Middle: Alex Free- 
man, George Clayton, Jacqui Shwimer, An- 
dria Pomponi, Kristin Carpenter, Gretchen 
Ela, Jennifer Blackstone, and Meg Boschetto. 
Top: Mr. Barbas, Scott Kleekamp, Dave 
Gersh, Brian Fehiau, Alex Brill, Karrie Mills, 
Jill Freeman, and Laurie Sheflin. 


Concert Band: Carolyn Fanelli, Michelle Koop, Mary De- 
Moss, Jen Wingfield, Lisette Alba, Theresa Concannon, 
John Tanzer, Scott Byam, and Stephen Hector. Top: Mr. 
Barbas, Lisa Piantidosi, Sarah Shamel, Debbie Downs, 
Aparna Rao, Kerri Mead, Lauren Stewart, Jen Montgom- 
ery, Kim Raffa, Jennifer Osweiller. 

Orchestra: Carrie Ciaccia, Yung-Sin Chen, George Clayton, 
Andria Pomponi, Eileen Shaughnessy, Samir Kapuria, and 
Stephanie Kyvelos. Middle: Rachelle DeGregory, Sarah 
Carvey, Jane Chui, Michael Esposito, Kristin Carpenter, 
Stephanie Dubitsky, Jennifer Blackstone, and Viet Le. Top: 
Mrs. Anderson, Jessica Turner, Anita Shakoromani, Karen 
Freeman, Michelle Jackson, Jane Atkinson, Henrik Patel. 

Kathy Hurd docs some interesting things with her 


Out of the... Mouth 

"Madrigal has prepared me for Yeal 
life'" - Matthew Stein 

I think that goes for everybody. The Vocal section of this 
year's music department is super! Mr. Low, resident vocal- 
Buddha is the inspiration that did it. All of his practices and 
demands paid off at events such as the Madrigal Dinner, 
the Christmas and Spring concerts, and various other gigs 
the vocalists performed at through the year. 

The Madrigal is a select group of students, selected for 
their incredible talent and spunk, in in some cases for brib- 
ing the director. Their repertoire included tunes A cappella 
from the funky to folk. They were a much enjoyed and 
appreciated group. Some other hot chicks in school are the 
members of the Double Sextette. These babes entertained 
everyone with singing and dancing numbers, such as their 
Christmas medley and other favorites. Performances oc- 
cured at the usual concerts in December and May. 

Choir members have it good. Who else can subjected to 
Mr. Low's captivating company and get school credits for 
it? This happy family sounds great, too. Their neat little 
numbers brighten the hearts of all who hear them. Keep up 
the good work! Believe me, we all are counting on you! 
Barbershop Octette is a new thing here at BHS, and these 
foxy babes keep all the women cheering. Basically - they 
sing, and they sing well. I'm sure BHS will keep this crew as 
a tradition long realized. Show Choir is another of the many 
talented groups. This sixteen member organization is peppy 
and fun, and they wear cute hats. This is the second show 
choir year for BHS, and again, this group is entertainment. 

Mr. Low, we're all pretty pleased with your work, and the 
work of your kids. Keep it up, and keep on singing! 

Rachel "Myles" Meyers appears to be in awe after asking if 
she'd drop out of Madrigal for a million dollars. "No way", she 
answered later. "Madrigal is the only sick pleasure I get in my 
pathetic life!" 

Jason Ingrahm causes a minor disturbance 
during choir. 

Betsy Carleton belts out a tune during Double Sextette. 

Mark "McP" Mclnnis, Craig Gottleib, and Matt Knell 
try to look as cool as the THINK they are during Madri- 
gal. Guess what guys - you succeeded!! 


>ir, an organization of far many people to all name, poses for a group picture. 

drigal - Bottom, left; Jen Rosenbaum, Jacqui Shwimmer, Rachelle DeGregory, Gretchen ' 
, Brian Fehlau, Betsy Carlton, Shari Erlich, Alex Brill, Maureen Devlin, and Matt Stein. 
I, left: Alex Flores, Jodi Cohen, Matt Knell, Mark Mclnnis, Laurie Sheflin, Craig Gottleib, 
istine Hamel, and Erin Fehlau. 

ible Sextette - Bottom, left: Jodi Cohen, Gretchen Ela, Betsy Carelton, Shari Erlich, and Jen 
enbaum. Top, left; Maureen Devlin, Karen Clancy, Alex Flores, Erin Fehlau, and Christine 

w Choir - Bottom, left; Rachelle DeGregory, Laurie Sheflin, Michelle Schofield. and Jen ^OP- 'ef'^ Sarah Carvey, Christine Hamel Shari Erlich. Jacqui 

enbaum. Shwimmer, Erin Fehlau, and Maureen Devlin. 

Idle, left; Brian Fehlau, Alex Freeman, Dwayne Risley. and Heath Dill. Barbershop Octette : Alex Brill. Mark Mclnnis. Brian Fehlau. 

Craig Gottleib. Steve Craig. Matt Stein, and Chris Hirsch. 


Culture Clubs 

"I really am in Latin Club" - Kevin Geary 

The Foreign Language department at Bedford High 
School has developed over the years into a highly respected 
area of education. The faculty is truely dedicated and the 
program is interesting. Not only are the classes stimulating, 
but there are also clubs for each of the three languages : 
Latin, French, and Spanish. 

Most of the language students participate in the club 
activities. They are a great way to meet people who "par- 
lez" the same language, and always to a have a fabulous 
time. The year starts with the traditional Halloween party 
at school. Students wear crazy costumes and do crazy 
things involving donuts, being tied up, and an abundance of 
water. There is friendly competition amongst the three 
groups. However, each club deep down knows who the best 

The purpose of the Foreign Language clubs is to give the 
Foreign Language student a chance to enjoy himself! Activ- 
ities include: holiday caroling, theme parties, lollypop tele- 
grams, flower sales, immersion weekends, and the French 
Club Dating Game. What other club promises to find the 
mate of your dreams?!? All of these activities over the year 
culminate with Foreign Language week, and especially the 
international cafe and dinner. Language "room decorating" 
has become the new fad, and each language has a great time 
with all of the preparations. 

Each Foreign Language Club has had a very successful 
and enjoyable year! 

There is nothing more exciting than a French Club meeting, agree Andria 
Pomponi, Jacqui Shwimmer, Gretchen Ela, and Tara Lee. 

Spanish Club President Shari Erlich is extremely 
pleased with the Spanish Club booth at Bedford 

Chris Theophiie is embarassed by his association 
with all of the people in the Latin Club. 




" that something to eat?" 

AFS stands for American Field Service and is an interna- 
tional organization to connect young people from all over 
the world. The first time when I heard of AFS I wasn't very 
psyched up, because everything seemed so unreal and why 
should I spend one year in a foreign country? But after I 
went to the first AFS meeting, I was completely lost. I 
wanted an application as fast as possible and to go 
to.. ..America. 

The huge and wide America where all the big stars are 
living. That was my first thought, but during the year 1 
changed mind, because America is more than that. 

After you signed up you won't get bored, because of all 
the paper work you must fill out. But time goes faster than 
you notice and soon you will be sitting in the airplane with 
all the others who want to have that life experience. You 
will make friends with people from countries you never 
heard of ( that something to eat?) You will hear 
stories, songs, or problems that will make your mouth stay 
wide open. After all I only can say that I'm lucky to live in 
Bedford, because all the guys in or outside school are so 
kind and help me to make this year to such a great experi- 
ence. 1 will never forget the fun and also the sadness I had 
during this year. 

So, if you are still not psyched, go to an AFS meeting and 
get lost like I did. 

Oliver Haas 

Oliver was the school's AFS student this year. He 
comes from Germany, and we all really enjoyed his stay. 


Shari Erlich shows off the flag 
from her Argentinian AFS 

AFS student, Oliver Haas talks to his newly- 
made friends at Bedford Day. 

Tricia McGovem stops at her locker on the way 
to a SADD meeting. 


AFS President Rebecca Rosenburg can't sit still 
or stop giggling, thinking about the upcoming 
AFS meeting. 



In The Spotlight 

Not every high school has been as lucky as Bedford High 
School in the talent department. Our young actors and 
actresses shine on stage while the students in Telemedia 
strut the stuff behind the scenes. 

The Drama Club puts on a variety of productions. The 
Tournament of Plays, held in November, begins the year 
with a competition between the classes. In 1990, the seniors 
emerged victorious with a comedy entitled "Roomers" by 
Jerome McDonough. Seniors also received awards for Best 
Supporting Actress (Rebecca Rosenberg), Best Supporting 
Actor (Matt Stein) and Best Actress (Erin Fehlau). Other 
awards given were: Best Actor-Brian Fehlau, sophomore; 
Best Male Newcomer-Brian Sparrow, junior; and Best Fe- 
male Newcomer-Erica Willie, freshman. The juniors did a 
commendable job with their play, "Dirge", also by Jerome 
McDonough. The plot revolved around the execution of an 
eighteen year old boy for murder. The sophomore entry, 
"Balcony Scene", by Donald Elser, took place at the funer- 
al of a young man . The freshmen showed good effort with 
the other comedy of the night. "Just a Joke" by Michael 
Scantan. We look forward to seeing them more in the years 
to come. 

Telemedia gives students a chance to explore the techni- 
cal and on-screen aspects of television production on the 
morning show. This year the name of the show was decided 
by a school-wide vote and the winning name was "Yo! 
Homeroom!" At 7:40 AM every weekday morning, stu- 
dents were greeted by the smiling faces of Telemedia's 
"talent" people ready to share the day's announcements. 
Telemedia participation flourished this year due to the 
guidance of its advisors. Dr. Morse and Mr. Dooley. 

Drama members Mandy Jannis and Betsy Carlton stand around consider- 
ing how to play their parts. 

148 CLUBS 

:achel Pollock 

expresses herself 

Jodi Cohen looks around with a guf- 
fawed expression on her face. 

Drama Club: Emma Richards, Sarah 
Shamel, Aparna Rao, Erica Wiley, 
Kerri Mead, Kristen MacDonald, 
Carolyn Fanelli, Sarah Carvey, and 
Carrie Ciaccia. Second Row: Patricia 
McGovern, Rebecca Rosenberg, Da- 
vid Gersh, Shari Eriich, Jacqui 
Shwimer, Matt Stein, Judy Galani, 
Maureen Devlin, Rachel Pollock, Erin 
Fehlau, Brian Fehlau, Christine Ha- 
mel, Kevin Geary, Nancy Saunders, 
and Mark Mclnnis. Third Row: Me- 
gan French-Fuller, Michael Esposito, 
Andy Taylor, Alex Bril, Gretchen Ela, 
Daymion Smith, Steve Craig, Craig 
Gottleib, Jodi Cohen, Tara Lee, Patri- 
cia Weinfurt, Cynthia Primmerman, 
and Katie Brown. Fourth Row: Laurie 
Sheflin, Ryan Keisling, Ann Craig, 
Karen Freeman, Tammy Kelleher, 
Claire Morehead, Josh Buckley, The- 
resa Concannon, Lisette Alba, Steph- 
anie Perino, Mandy Jannis, Betsy 
Carlton, Rachelle DeGregory, and 
Lauren Stewart. 

Telemedia: Vincent Welch, Kevin 
Geary, Jon Koop, Chris Hirsch, Sasha 
Korik, Brian Sparrow, Mark Prior, 
and Andy Taylor. Middle: Jodi Cohen, 
Theresa Concannon, Patricia McGov- 
ern, Rachel Pollock, Lynnetle Blan- 
chard, Gretchen Ela, Jon Holden, Erin 
Fehlau, and Ben Cordes. Top: Frances 
Mitchell, Scott Cann, Michelle Scho- 
field, David Gersh, Joshua Keroes, 
Chris Johnson, Christine Hamel, and 
Mr. Dooley. 

CLUBS 149 


k 1 

Leaders of Tomorrow 

Bedford High School's finest young minds gather as one 
in National Honor Society. To be inducted in National 
Honor Society, a student must possess the qualitites of 
Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service, not to 
mention an 88 average in all of your classes. In 1990, the co- 
presidents were Matthew Stein and Elizabeth Welch, the 
vice-president was Judy Galani, the secretary was Megan 
Dworshak and the treasurer was David Boschetto. David 
Boschetto says about being in National Honor Society, 
"What can I say? Nothing looks better on a college applica- 
tion than being a National Honor Society officer. Just 
kidding! I'm really in it for the community work." Christine 
Hamel says, "We have potential to do great things. We'll 
have fun wrapping presents - I'm sure." Members run a 
tutoring service available to any student in the high school, 
organize fund raisers, and participate in Back-To-School 
Nights, eigth-grade orientation, and the annual phonathon 
for the American Heart Association (It looks great on a 
college application, too!) 

ROTC is made up of a very well disciplined group of 
students. The ROTC Drill Team competes in four yearly 
competitions against approximately fifteen other schools. 
You can also see them at every home football game to help 
the audience and the Marching Band salute the American 
fiag. The Drill Team practices for many long hours to 
provide us with top quality maneuvers and entertainment. 
They have also managed to keep the entire school body well 
fed by their sales of candy. Just remember that you can 
always pick up a candy bar in room ElO. Keep up the good 

National Honor Society member Judy Galani helps her friend. Erin Feh- 
lau with some homework. 

NHS members Joe Somerset, Jack 
Geilfuss and Joe Poulin discuss aca- 
demic things in their spare time. 

150 CLUBS 

ROTC Drill Team: Jim Hagon, Eric 
Pearson, Cynthia Lenz, Scott Malo, 
and Rafael Rivera. Top: Trishia 
Woodward, Jason Eldridge, Richard 
White, Shawn Brister, Chris Johnson, 
Beth O'Brien, Donna Coughlan, Jac- 
quie Swietek, and Angela DePierre. 

Liz Welch and Megan Dworshak look 
smart with whip cream on their faces. 

Is this how Amy Andrade got into Na- 
tional Honor Society? 

CLUBS 151 


Pursue Academic Excellence 

Over the course of the school year, some students get the 
urge to tax their brains outside of the classroom. They flock 
to the Science League, Math League, the Debate Team and 

Under the able direction of Mr. Ullmann and Mrs. Krue- 
ger, the Science League rose to new heights while ponder- 
ing Newton's Law and divining the molality of different 
substances. Captains, John Paschkewitz, Chris Hirsh, and 
Jack Geilfuss have managed to bring the team success with 
their able leadership and instruction - not to mention doing 
last minute projects before competitions! 

The Math League gave a good show under the fearless 
leadership of Mr. Richard "The Lionhearted" Stephenson. 
The members of the Math League attend six competitions 
per year. We have managed to do fairly well at these 
competitions - even though our record stinks, the Math 
Leaguers try to make a good time of whatever they do. It is 
understood that they usually succeed there. 

The Debate Team learns how to argue effectively under 
the guidance of Mr. Milliken. Long hours were spent re- 
searching, writing, and rehearsing their arguments. The five 
members of the Debate Team continuously show their 
strength and how much they care by the amount of time 
that they put in to the team. Considering how few members 
there are - they exhibit a terrific effort! 

After many obstacles in the way. Forum finally material- 
ized again at Bedford High School. It's new, improved 
format provided hours of enjoyable reading. Special thanks 
go to the faculty advisor, Mr. McCarthy. Andy Taylor and 
Kevin Geary had a lot of trouble getting Forum off the 
ground at the beginning of the year, but they somehow 
managed to pull it off. The entire student body thoroughly 
enjoyed reading the many issues that were published. 

Mark Mclnnis smiles as he comes up with a terrific idea for a story for the 
Forum newpaper. 

152 CLUBS 

Kevin Geary looks befuddled as he 
tries to sort out ideas in his mind. 

ihn Paschkewitz works out to make 
re the Science League does well. 

Monica Hunsader glances up to re- 
spond to a question concerning science. 

Debate Team: Chris Hirsch, Chris 
Theophile and Henrik Patel. Top: 
Jeannette Hagan and Kathy 

Co-Captain Jack Geilfuss, Joe Poulin, 
and Co-Captain John Paschkewitz 
smile nicely for the camera. The Sci- 
ence League picture was not available. 
The members of the league were too 
busy trying to add acids to bases, de- 
termining velocities, and studying ge- 
netics to take time out for a picture. 

Math League: Ben Cordes, Chris 
Hirsch, Joseph Somerset, Mr. Ste- 
phenson, Judy Galani, Eileen Shaugh- 
nessy, and Gretchen Ela. Top: Michael 
Esposito, Brian Kern, John Ebersole, 
Graham Morehead, Calvin Wilder, 
David Hursch, and Heath Dill. 

Forum: Kim Cardile, Josh Keroes, 
Graham Morehead, Andy Taylor, and 
Michelle Alexander. Second: Rob 
Donaldson, Dave Boschetto, Chris 
Theophile, Kevin Geary, and Jeff 
Jones. Third: Christine Hamel, Tom 
Chester, Stephanie Dubitsky, Gretch- 
en Ela, Chris Hirsch, Jen Carson, Ja- 
mie Asbedian, and Maureen Devlin. 
Fourth: Joe Somerset, Sean Lineham, 
and Mark Mclnnis. 

CLUBS 153 


Caring Committees 

Students at Bedford High School who wish to get in- 
volved with the student body and the community can do so 
by joining the Legislative Committee, the Citizenship Com- 
mittee, and the Student Advisory Committee. 

The Legislative Committee meets to make decisions on 
important issues concerning Bedford High School and its 
students. This group is very impressive because they do not 
have a faculty advisor, but meet on their own, although Mr. 
Duggan sometimes meets with them. The Co-chairpeople 
are Judy Galani and Kathy Schowalter. They vote on 
whether or not new clubs can be admitted. This year, the 
two new clubs they admitted were Young Americans for 
Freedom and Amnesty International. 

The Citizenship Committee contributes to charities, es- 
pecially those to help the needy. Every year Bedford High 
School does its part for the Globe Santa program. Citizen- 
ship Committee also has a large part in the new recycling 
program that was established at Bedford High School this 
year. Many thanks to Mr. Spinosa, the faculty advisor. 

The Student Advisory Committee is elected by the entire 
student body at the beginning of the year. They meet with 
Mr. Duggan and the school board to present concerns of the 
student body. 

Every year the American Legion Auxiliary invites stu- 
dents from Bedford High School to participate in Girls' and 
Boys' State. For one week, students learn about the running 
of government by forming their own. The week isn't entirely 
work and the Girls' and Boys' Staters have plenty of time 
for fun and relaxation. For 1990, the Bedford High School 
representatives were Christine Hamel, Erin Fehlau, Mike 
Huffman, and Mark Gallant. They all had a terrific time 
and thought it was a wonderful experience. 

Jen Cohen looks prepared to speak out on political and social issues on 
behalf of Student Advisory. 

Amy Andrade smiles thinking about 
the upcoming Legislative meeting. 

154 CLUBS 

Girls' and Boys' State 1990: Christine 
Hamel, Michael Huffman, Mark Gal- 
lant, Erin Fehlau. 

Citizenship Committee: Rachel Pol- 
lock, Judy Galani, Patricia McGovern, 
Mary Pelligrini, and Shari Erlich. Sec- 
ond Row: Amy Andrade, David Gersh, 
Chris Theophile, Mr. Spinosa, Jamie 
Asbedian, Kathleen Schowalter, and 
Christine Hamel. 

Student Advisory Committee: Eliza- 
beth Welch, Jamie Asbedian, and Jen- 
nifer Cohen. Top Row: Kevin Geary 
and David Boschetto. 

Legislative Committee: Patricia Mc- 
Govern, Judy Galani, Kathleen 
Schowalter, Amy Andrade, and Shari 
Erlich. Second Row: Sarah Rosenberg, 
Jamie Asbedian, Chris Theophile, and 
Christine Hamel. 

Jamie Asbedian tries to express the 
views of all the committess he is on. 

CLUBS 155 

Mr. Rinaldi ponders the true meaning of Yea 



Layouts, deadlines, computers, disks, pictures, MORE 
deadlines, problems, stories, MORE pictures, EVEN 
MORE deadlines, and an overabundance of stress - that is 
what yearbook was this year. The staff was almost entirely 
new, including Mr. Rinaldi the new advisor. The debt was 
almost higher than the national debt. The program was old 
and outdated. The number of problems was incredible. But 
on top of all of the fuss and fighting and problems and 
STRESS, the Yearbook "experience" not only paid off. but 
was kind of fun, too. Who else will the psychotic fools who 
volunteer for this deathly work get along with if not all of 
the other psychotic fools who did the same? It's kind of like 
one big, happy, insanely crazy family. 

The staff, hardworking though very small, locked itself in 
room Bl 3 everyday after school with only the sounds of the 
blaring radio and their blaring co-members surrounding 
them. With the 10 Yearbook commandments posted on the 
wall (each one broken countless amounts of time by each 
staff member), the staff members proceeded to produce this 
fine piece of work for the rest of the school, for better or for 
worse, for richer or for poorer, until death relieved them of 
their harsh responsibilities! Each staff member is still ask- 
ing him or herself the question, "What ever could have 
possessed me to have wanted to do this!?!". The rest of the 
time is spent having nervous breakdowns or anxiety attacks! 

The year was not without confiict. The staff saw every- 
thing from erased disks, power failures, lost pictures, and 
missed deadlines to screaming matches, chair-hurling, hate- 
mail and several disasterous Yearbook faux-pas. The com- 
puter room, smelling faintly of Bedford Farms or Dunkin 
Donuts and filled with the sounds of WZLX - Classic Rock, 
was the battleground for many a fight, the scene of many a 
crisis, and the target for many a bombing by the staff 
members. If only dreams could come true! Anyway, the 
staff was not lucky enough for an explosion of any kind, so 
the Yearbook continued to live and grow. 

And here it is! The staff tried its hardest and suffered 
some permanent emotional damage in the process, but it 
was worth it. It's done, and no severe harm was infiicted 
upon anyone. ..yet. We hope the product is worth the work 
and we want to thank everyone who made it possible: Mr. 
Rinaldi, John Neister, Karen, Burlington Studios, Jostens, 
Bedford Farms, and especially everyone at Bedford High. 
We couldn't have done it without you! 

Kathy Schowalter thinks of her Year- 
book duties with a smile. Yeah, sure 
she does! 


-91 Yearbook Staff - bottom, left: Julie Merrill, 
tephanie Miller, Kim Cardile, Alicia DeLuca, Kelly 
'Malley, and Underclassman Editor Jacqui Shwim- 
cr. Second row, left: Karen Chen, Sports Editor 
athy Schowalter, Chris Theophile, Editor-in-Chief 
atthew Stein, Editor-in-Chief Judy Galani, Jamie 
sbedian, and Jeff Jones. Third row, left: Photogra- 
er Eileen Shaughnessy, Nancy Saunders, Caro- 
nn Martin, Copy Editor Rebecca Rosenberg, Ke- 
n Geary, Andria Pomponi, and Jen Carson. Top 
w, left: Lisa Cadotte, Stephanie Cann, Josh Ker- 
s, George Clayton, Michelle Alexander, Joe Som- 
et, Brian Mahoney, and Ben Cordez. 

Wow! Could it finally be over? I can't believe it. It's been 
one helluva year, and I hope all of our hard work paid off. 
Considering we had no advisor, staff, or money when we 
started, I guess we didn't do soooo bad!!! To my beautiful 
staff: Jacqui, Kathy, Becky, Eileen, George, and especially 
Rachel Meyers without whom I would have died - THANK 
YOU guys for everything. Mr. Rinaldi - thanks for putting 
up with my outbursts and tantrums. Best of luck for next 
year, and may you win Megabucks to finance it!!! Thanks 
John and friends at Jostens, Gordon and co. from Burling- 
ton, Mr. S. for the key, Mrs. Byron for getting me involved 
in the wonderful world of Yearbook (mistake!), the entire 
staff and the staffs of years past, and especially Matthew. 
Rainman - you made it possible. Thanks for the extra spend- 
ing cash when I needed it and for "making it with me" and 
all that. You're my babe and I love you. Thanks BHS for 
being so darn photogenic and please don't throw anything at 
me if you're unhappy! Good luck to the Class of '91 and 
anyone else who needs it. GOODBYE!!!!!! 

Thanks to everyone and everything that made this year's 
yearbook possible! Mr. Rinaldi - you've been a great help in 
everything. Sorry for getting you into this mess and good 
luck next year! To the staff: Jacqui, Kathy, Becky, Eileen, 
George, and all of those others who did nothing yet managed 
to make it into the picture - THANK YOU! John Neister 
for everything, Karen Stariha, Burlington Studios, O'Con- 
nor Studios, any business or parent that took out an add, 
God, Mr. Duggan for our allowance, and especially to Judy 
for "making it with me". Hon, I couldn't have done it 
without you. Actually without you the yearbook would have 
been a total of 14 pages long! Also, to all of the students and 
faculty at BHS - thank you for all of your cooperation and 
consideration and for being so involved. It's been a tough job 
- but we did it, somehow. Many people worked many long 
hours to get this done and we tried our hardest. We hope you 
like it, but if you don't, none of us really want to hear about 
it! So thanks for your support and thanks for (please) not 
complaining. Good luck to the Class of '91 and anyone else 
who needs it! 

Rebecca Rosenberg waves off 
Yearbook worshipers as they form 
a crowd around her. 


Well, wc know that Milli Vanilli's voices aren't r 
but is their hair? 


The war in the Persian Gulf made Saddam Hussein 
become a household name this year after his invading 
Kuwait. The U.S. retaliated to his stubborn actions 
by launching Desert Storm January 15, 1991. The 
whole world now lives surrounded by war and with 
prayers of peace. 

Bart Simpson became the radical dude in 1990 by 
telling all of his teachers to "Eat my shorts, man." 
The Simpsons were a new fad this year, with people 
turning in every week to watch them on TV. 

Julia Robens and Richard Gere of "Pretty Woman 
stole America's heart in one of the year's higS; 
grossing films. It was a new outlook for Cinderella i 
America's eyes. 


Sammy Davis Jr. passed away on May 16, 1990. 
During his life, he entertained millions of people with 
his dancing, singing, acting, and comedy. He was also 
famous for his routines with Frank Sinatra and Dean 

All throughout the U.S., feelings of hope and safety 
for our soldiers in the Persian Gulf are expressed. 
Their service has been greatly appreciated and re- 
spected and the country waves a yellow ribbon for 

On July 25, 1990, Roseanne Barr sang 
her way through the National Anthem 
at an infamous baseball game. The pic- 
ture shows how she felt about the 
crowd's reaction to her rendition. 

Margaret Thatcher, the former iron 
lady of Britain, had her armor pierced 
in a major intraparty dispute over in- 
ternal affairs. 

May 16, 1990 Jim Henson died. Over the years. In 1990, Delta Burke created a storm in the press as 
and his puppets created many inspiring memories. her weight rose and fell with the tides. 


Malcolm Forbes passed away on Feb 24, 1990 
very rich man, complete with Fabcrge eggs. 


" rhcM'c's no cxc use 
tor what liai)i)cncxi in 
the loct^cr room; ^ 

Victor Kiam discovered the power of the press with 
the help of friendly Lisa Olson. 

John Kennedy Jr. passed the New York bar exam on 
Nov. 3, 1990 - finally, after many, many tries. 

Johnny Depp brought Edward Scissorhands into the 
lives and hearts of millions of Americans in 1990. 


The famous director. Leonard Berstein, died on Oct. "Ghost," the highest grossing movie in 1990. star 
14, 1990. Yet, his music will live forever. ring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, made u 



Following in the footsteps of Marlon Brando, Al 
Pacino made "Godfather III" one of the most popu- 
lar movies in 1991. 

Laura Palmer died, but does anyone know who killed 
her? Agent Cooper, aka Kyle MacLaughlin, certain- 
ly does. David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" was one of the 
most talked about TV shows while it was solving 
Laura's murder in 1990. 

Mikey, aka Bruce Willis, chattered away to John 
Travolta and Kirstie Alley in "Look Who's Talking." 
Roseanne Barr joined in for the sequel at the end of 

\va Gardner died on Jan. 25, 1990, leaving America 
vith many of her movies and songs. 

Ex-foreign minister of the USSR, Eduard Shevard- 
nadze, resigned in a policy dispute over the "dictator- 
ship" of Gorbachev. 


Robert Aharn 

Page Rd 

AelivitiM: Hockey 1.2,3.4. Thank* To: Tracks crew. 
Bench Gang. Victor Carlson, Mom and Dad. and Judy lor 
getting this into the Yearbook. Firtura Qoals: To party and 
follow the Grateful Dead. 

Bryan Alexander 

54 Alabama St., Mattapan, MA, 02126 

AclivlliM: Drawing. Poetry, Writing. Listening to Music. 
Running, and Girl watching Thank* To: Most of all I want to 
make a special dedication to my grandmother who passed 
away Why did God have to take you away from me? I'll miss 
you always Grandpa - you're always in my thoughts Mom 
and Dad - I've learned so much from you both, I wouldn't be 
here it not lor you guys You both have always looked out for 
me, I love you both very much Natalie (Chubs) - I love the 
way you are growing up, sis, and I love you Julia - the lirst 
girl I have ever truly cared about, you taught me how to love, 
you're my heart - 1 love you Kenny - my partner in crime - 1 
miss you Mrs Parker - thank you METCO has been a 
wonderful experience Raymond and Gordon. Charlene. Ni- 
cole - how's college? Byron S - what's up. B7 Toni J.. 
Bubtja. Keith. Franklin. Debbie and Jennifer - what's up. 
homegirls (Julia's posse)! Aparna - 4ever. babe Jo. Hope. 
Lauren. Lisa T.. Sandra and Susan J Angelila ■ I won't lorget 
you Cameron (Cam). John J . Brian M . Jason. Manwin. 
Marcus. Nana-kyi. Nickii, Nicki, Cornelius, Amy A . David B . 
Mark G . Mike B.. Lester. Michelle B . Zach K . Heather C . 
Arsenic H . Eddie M . Spike Lee. Martin L K . Makiolm X. 
Prince - keep |ammin' my brother, they'll get the messagel 
Peace everyone Thanks. I'll miss you all And most ol all. 
God Futuro Ooal*: Hopefully, one day I will become a 
successful fashion designer or a writer I also want to one 
day settle down and have a beautiful wife and kids. 1 t>oy 
and 1 girl I do not want to be rich like (3onald Trump, 
because money does not bring happiness! But It brings sexy 

Amy Elizabeth Andrade 

8 Williain St. 

Acllvlllo*: Field Hockey 1.2.3: Manager 4. Winter Track 
2.3: Spring Track 1.2.3; Basketball Manager 1. French Club; Latin Club 2; Hall Decorating 2.3.4; Prom Decorat- 
ing 3; SADD; NHS 3.4. Legislative Committee 4, 
Appalling Lack of Anything to do on Weekends 1.2.3,4. 
Rachel's Kitchen; PAUSE 3.4 Thank* To: My par- 
ents who let me spread my wings and all the people who 
loved and understood me through it all ■ "my twin " Jen lor 
finding a purple elephant, Rachel for |ust being "Myles " and 
nobody else, Liz (Beaches) lor never letting me down,and, ol 
course, Chris for all the hugs (& the iced-tea burgers) 
Thanks Dave B lor always knowing me too well, Dave Z lor 
all the quarters, Rob for your cologne, Kyle for Hall Decorat 
ing. Dmo. Jamie. Tom. Kev. Jeff, and the rest of the crew 
Thanks Judy lor all the scheming and gossiping. Holly lor our 
talks, Lynnette for our call & response, Erin for your smile. 
Amy S for your scary, hairy legs, Tricia, Kerry. Christine. 
Kathy S . Eileen, and Megan for all the time we spent togeth- 
er. Thanks Matt "for all your support " & coffee traps Finally 
thanks to Mike G tor memories that I II always cherish 
Futuro Ooal*: To leave this world a little bit of a better 
place To never forget that I can make a difference To love 
not just those people who are easy to love, but those who 
aren't! To give more than I receive To somehow pay lor 
college And to never lorget old friends! 

Jamie Asbedian 

16 Lido Lane 

AetlvHIo*: Class Officer 1.2; President 3.4. Legislative 
Committee 3.4; Citizenship Committee 3.4; GBSAC 3; Hoby 
2; Spanish Club; Marcus Kennedy Fan Club 3; Presi- 
dent 4; Latin Club 3; J V Soccer 2; Varsity Soccer 3; Cap- 
tain 4; Student Advisory Council 3.4; Hoops; Tele- 
media 4; New Kids Fan Club; Earth. Wind, and Pre 
Fan Club; BWA Pro Wrestling 4 "Thank* To: All 
my way cool boys who have been my triends for what seems 
an entire lifetime To Chris lor having a bigger ego than me 
and for being ethnic, to Dave lor Eddie Murphy and t>eing 
ethnic, to Geary for always saying something stupid enough 
to pick on and for being ethnic, to Demo for the behind the 
back acts on countless victims (on the way back from Don 
Bosco). to Rob for being such a safe and capable driver, to 
Tom lor Suzuki rides and Baudanza Electric stories, to Dear- 
dorlf for having the pertect last name to tool on. to Zampese 
lor being a good listerter and friend and a cheap player in 

Soccer, to Kyle lor coming to all our home games, to Jones 
for rides to Hudson at slow speeds and to the rest of the cool 
boys wUo hung with me on weekends and over summer 
vacation Thanks to ttie cool chicks Amy A , Amy B.. Kerry. 
Lynrtette. Megan, Holly, Tricia. MonKa. Jen D . and espe- 
cially Liz who has tseen my friend my whole life and to Myles 
for always listening and helping and never asking for any- 
thing in return Also thanks to the University of Nebraska lor 
having the t)esl football program in the history ol the 
world, to the University ol Nevada at Las Vegas lor being 
smart enough to hire an Armenian for head coach, and for 
having the best hoops program in ttie country To Dick Vitale 
lor tieing a PTP'er in his own right To Coach Dan Frost for 
leaving BHS so we could gel a real Soccer coach To Dave 
Wilson lor being that real Soccer coach who cared about us 
not only as a team, txjt also as irxlividuals I appreciate all 
you've done for me Thanks to Earth. Wind, and Fire for 
twing the t>est pop group since tirrw began, to all the guys 
on the Football team lor the feud with the Soccer team and 
to Mark Gray for being on the Soccer team and betfig such 
ttie man Also thanks to my lavorite teactwrs Mr Spirxjsa 
and Mr Maxwell not only for tieIng great teachers bul cahng 
individuals who respected me as an ir>dividual and treated 
me like an adult Maybe we can go out and party togetlier 
now that I've graduated And last but certainly not least 
thanks to the family Mom and Oad for helping me through 
the tiard times, especially in High School and for encourag- 
ing me to do my best Despite all our ditferarices we made 11 
together To Sue. you are my best friend and I hope we can 
always relate to each other and understand each oilier I'l 
miss you most when I go away. I k>ve you guys Firtiiro 
Ooata: To become President of the United States and in my 
spare time to either bacorrw a pro Soccer player or agent lor 
Earth. Wind, and Fke wttan they come back In 1999 for their 
reunion tour 

Jamie Bailey 

9b Appletree Lane 

AcHvttloa: JV Soccer 1. Spring Track 1. French Club 1.2; 
LalinCkjb 3. Prom Chairparaon 3.4: HaH decorating 
Thanka lo: Edward lor stiarlf>g the bad two years of my Ufa 

and helping me grow up a k>l Thank you lor New Year's Eve 
1990 - 1 will always k}va you. Amy tor Ashburnham - 1 always 
how it this way. the path. Page Place. Roger Waters - Pmk 

Ftoyd, Rockin Robin the lasoo - CAKF Ounktn Doughnuts 

9th grade, the trips to Harvard Square. I'll never forget you 
thanx lor being my bestfner>d hope to see you on stage. 
Gook luck Ediel JuHe for 8th grade - what have you done lor 
me lately? The lake, letting me be spoiled. Mr Maximum's 
class. Ms Volleyball USA. all our ir>depth talks about He and 
k>ve. thanx lor making Carleton WWard |ust that much better 
and may you never end up Ike Mrs Stem. Have a W-O-N-O 
E-R-F-U-L Day! Susanna tor the dgar smoking hicks. Wash- 
ington D C . always covering for me. Mr Hunts class - don't 
lorget those toganthms. and wtx) could forget the lemon 
pepper chkAen or that entire night? You guys are the best 
trierxJs ever We have shared many good times Thank you 
for everthing you've given me f4ever forget ttw "89 trip to the 
Claredon Motel and please keep in tcxx:h I tove you al! Also 
Thanks To: (JAKS). Carta - wet wares. Alicia -f Sleph - 
ycxj re the tiest. Kelly Mr PetrWo s class. Nikkl. Kim. Tim. 
Marcus. Ftyan. Senky Class olfteers. Jodi - my little sister. 
I'm always here lor you. and Mr and Mrs Baker Especialy 

thanks to Mom arxl Dad. you're the best Thanks lor helping 
me through the last 18 years of my IHe All your support and 
trust has brought nte pretty tar and I just want to say tharu 
and I Love Youl Firtaro Ooala: Watch Amy ski from the lop 

01 Ml Cranmore to the bottom mrlthout the ski patrol sled - 
sorry Amy! 

Mictielle Baker 

2 Cedar Ridge Terrace 

AcUviMoo: Swimming 1. Winter Track 1; Spanish Club 1.2 
Thanks To: A special ttianks to Mom and Dad I couldn't 
have made it through school without you You are great 
parents Thanks Sandy. Bob, Sue, HkxM. Amy. aivl Shaiy 
A very special thanks to Kristie - who was always there when 

1 needed her To my bestlrierx) MoliDan - thanks tor balng 
there through all my crazy problems Don't forget WatarvMe. 
P-Town, New York, and Canada I'll think about dropping 
the "Donakl Duck" thirtg You are a great Mend Jeff - tor ai 
ttie good and not so good times «re had together and by ttw 
way. do you know wtiere your keys are? Kyona - you have 
been a good Inend. alttxxigh a little Strang (the dresser arx) 
other inanimate obfects. ak>ng with Kleenex tioxes) I don't 
know mrhat I wouk) have done without you Thanks to Ra- 
chel. Chrissy. Enc. Ondy. Tom. Tma. Ian. Km. Debbie. 
Diane. Mike K . Jamie, arid Mom and Oad Hartwel Future 
Qaata" To graduate from cot e ge and Hgure out wtiat I »ran^ 
to do With the rest of my Me. And to b* rtch and suooasstui ai 
wtiatever I do 

Joah Barman 

5 Reeves Road 

Aethrttiaa: Soccer Ski Team Track 1.2. 
Indoor Track 2; French Club 1.2: Lain Club 3. Drama Club 
3. AFS 2.3.4. Toumamom ol Plays 4 Thanka To: Mom. 
Dad. Ejtc. The '90 Soccer Team Max. Jay. Mark. Vtn. and 
everyone wlx) I have avor kfwwn m my Me. You al have 
made an impression on ma. 

Futwro Ooata: I want to show the world trial I make a 
difference Be the bast I can be And make tots ol money 

PItil Blaisdell 

72 Elnn Street 

AdMMaa: Footba* 1.2.3; Hockey 3.4 Thanka To: Todd 
N . Todd M . Dave H . Scott. Ctxjck. Mark. Jeff. Rob A.. Kev. 
PaU. Luke. John. Steve. Craig (court cut). Katy. Alda. Kim. 
Stephanie. JtAe. Mi c ha**. Laurie. Pam. Amy. aiK) Jamie. 
Mr Carlson Special tfianks to - my Qrartdfathar and Grarxt- 
mottwr wtd to my Mom I tove you FaMra Ooala: Go to 
Ktvxi. go in ttw Marmae. arx) maytM go lo war 

Lynnette Ann Blanchard 

2 Hamilton Road 

Acttrtttaa: FieM Hockey JV 1 . Varsity 2.3.4; Ski Team Varsi- 
ty 2.3.4. Spnng Track Varsity; NHS 3.4. Latin Ctob 
2.3. SADO 2.3.4; Cla** Treasurer 2: Prom Decorating. Ha* 
Decorating 2.3.4; RachaTs Kitchen Oadtoatad Bn>- 
ns Lover Thanka To: Mom and Dad tor ai the 
support and eix»uragamant Daniele tor bemg a good, 
obedtoni Htle aisler Jackie. Jkn. arMj Grandma lor the let- 
ters and the lake for ttw paal 13 years Jan C lor bevig 
cluslsai and gMng u* "the Jan" - ntoa gray bum spots! Amy 
A and Judy lor the goaaip and provocative taks. Racfial M 
lor the Hooplas. Crud. and BLAAAH! Liz lor being tost in 
Math with me Amy S tor toving Physics as much as I do 
Mke D for si43portng tlie kist-cauae Flyers and Kyla. tfie 
Pengutos Sua S tor bamg a babe lolth e n s on iha FlaM 
Hockey Md Jamla A tor |usi betog a great guy aiKl friend 
Chns. Dave, and Tom. Oeve. Rob. Christina, and the FlaM 
Hockey Team - Moe. Heather S . and Marcy Mrs. Kniager 
Jkn ThaophUe and YM And Gord Kkizak tor the Inapkatkyi 
to never give up Special tfianks to Megan and Erin for 
ahMiy* being there with tove. advlca. friendship, and a shoul- 
der Ouacfiee was great - ri miss you greatly And llnaiy lo 
Nick tor U the good times. F ahwa Qoali . To sea the 
Boston Bnjins win the Stanley Cup wliti a Ray Bourqua goal 
ov«r the Ftyers. Saa Gord Kkizak on skates again. Have a 
mte gkl who wB ba a goale in the pros. FmMh colage 
without bekig m debt for 10 years. Have a lamiy and a 
successful career To be able to njn wKtiout a knee brace 
And to not be known lor 'Tv* Man and I can't gel up " on 
the YM Ski Trip 

Michael Blaai 

34 Fayette Road 

Acttvttiaa: Freshman Footbal 1; Varsity Foolbal 2.3.4; >i- 



nior Varsity Baseball 1: Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Hall Decorat- 
ing 4; Paul Doherty Rag-On Club 4; Tantrum Fan Club 4; 
Nash Bash Crew 3 1/2. Thank* To: - Josh Clarke for 
"lippersi" and lor causing me pain and anguish due to my 
injury - Tim, Jon, Steve, Pete, Mark, Ryan, Rich. Keith. 
Marcus, Paul. Sean. Nemo, Josh, Johnny Love, Coach Sa- 
bourin. Coach Petrillo. Coach Campbell, and the rest of the 
Football Team - Mr. Maxwell for being a great teacher and a 
really great guy - Mark Gallant tor being one of my best- 
friends and tag-team partner - Kerry for being a really close 
friend for the past two years - Mark Minassian for the Pre- 
Dance Get-Togethers - Keri McGrath for the late night 
snacks - Paul Doherty lor being a big. ugly dog and also for 
the "Word Game" - Julie Merrill for pleading her way onto 
this list and for being a good friend - Ryan Jansen for being 
as lost as I was in Physics and making the sun rise again! - 
Keri, Aniko, Karen. Daymion. Rob, Dan, and the whole Ju- 
nior Crew - Maureen for caring and always being there to 
"talk" to - Johnny L. for all the great times we had, "I think 
I'm gonna be sick!" - Special thanks to Zuzka for making 
this the greatest year of my life. You are very special to me 
and I'll never forget the great moments that we shared - Vin 
for t>eing a bestfriend and a big brother - Laurie. Duke, and 
Richie lor many laughs - And last , but not least, a very 
special thanks to Sandy and Big Jim lor all of their love and 
suppon and for putting up with me for the past four years. 
Fulur* Goals: Open a very lucrative business, BLAZERS, 
with Ryan Jansen; watch Bedford win the Div. II Super Bowl; 
own a red Porsche 928 S4 Turbo; make lots and lots of 
money; and live life to the fullest. 

Michelle Boisvert 

8 Anthony Rd 

Activitlaa: Basketball 1; JV Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 2.3,4; 
Ski Team 2,3; Sprig Track 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Prom 
Decorating 3; Hall Decorating; Homeroom Rep. 
1,2.3; Powder Puff 3.4.Thank* To: Marni for all the fun 
times we had, thanks lor being a great tjest Iriend and 
everything else. You're the tiest. Kelly (Beezly, those darn 
kids, Maryskeds TV nights) I'll never forget the weekend in 
New Hampshire. Steph - how's the hamburger? Steph M. for 
all the advice and all those talks on the phone. Alicia D. for 
being you. Kim C.(l'm mad I mean it). Joyce C.(soapy. no 
matter what we will always be soapys. Remember all the 
C.C. jokes and points we racked up over the years). Jen 
Callahan - thanks tor everything never forget B period study 
The An Room. Julie F. Julie M - Soccer was the best. Jodie 
Russo. Nikki Maddox. Liz Cardile. Lynnette - thanks for 
everything you have done for me in the past. Anita B. and 
the rest of the Juniors. Mark W. (masses) Mrs. R's class was 
the tjest. Thanks lor everything. Mike Blasi (Blazer). Paul 
Doherty (you will always be a Debbies kid). Keith Farmer. 
Mark Gray. Dave H., Marcus K., Phil B., John L., Tim M.. 
Todd N.. Todd M.. PeteS.. Bryan Alexander. Tom C . and all 
the rest of the guys. Girl's Varsity Soccer Team Liz W.. 
Linda J.. Darrell, Holly G., Tricia. and everyone else (Rocks 
on Roids Rule) good luck next year. '89 Youth Ministry 
group. Good luck to all the class of ' 9 1 . Spacial Thank*: To 
my Mom and Dad for always being there for me all these 
years. I love you. My brother lor everything. Keith M. for 
always listening and caring. I'll always love you no matter 
what. Fulur* Goal*: To graduate from college, to become a 
socialworker. Always be happy and never have a dull mo- 
ment. And if I'm lucky, finally get my own car!!! 

Amy Borshay 

305 Springs Rd 

Actlvlli**: Soccer JV 1; Varsity 2,3; Tennis Varsity; 
Powder Puff 3,4; AFS 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; SADD 2,3.4; 
Latin Club Secretary 4; Walk For Hunger 3.4; Eddie 3; Hall 
Decorating 1.2,3,4; Prom Committee 3.4; Concert Band 1.2; 
Dollars For Scholars 1.2,3,4. Thank* To: This is so hard I 
don't know where to begin. I guess I'll begin here and I'd like 
to thank those teachers who I really will never forget, thanks 
Mr. Petrillo, Monica and I always loved doing your "errands" 
and Mr. Palmer thanks for those munchkins in AM lab. Next 
I'd like to thank all my friends. Dave B. thanks lor having the 
greatest hair, Sean D. for letting me pick you up everyday, 
Chris T for taking us to the prom, Dave Z. for letting us 
follow him to Acton. Samir thanks lor lorgetting that girl's 
name at Kaplan. Keith F. lor bing such a great guy. John L 
lor 10-27 and Pat C I'll never forget that day. "Isn't that 
weird?" Thanks Isabel y Jaime para nuestro espanol pro- 
jecto. Thanks to Derek T. for the fun times. Brian T lor all the 
memories, to Dennis lor putting Monica and I in your Ihanx- 
to next year, thanks to TrIcia lor always making us laugh, to 
Niki, we are all thinking ot you. Thanks to all the people at Au 

Bon Pain you guys are the greatest, Mike O. you'll never 
know how much you meant to me, Rachel P. we've had the 
best memories together and I'll miss us being together. 
Thanks especially to Monica for being the best Iriend any- 
one could have. We will always be inseperable Thanks to 
Kallie. Brooke and Lindsay. I miss you all. Finally thanks to 
Mom for always understanding, to Dad for always being 
there, and to Sara lor being such a brat, but I'll always love 
you anyway, and thanks to the Class of 1991. These years 
have been the best. Futur* Goal*: To fall in love and always 
be happily married, to have three kids, to live in the burbs 
and be a successful accountant, and most importantly to 
never lose touch with my close friends in High School. 

Dave Boschetto 

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Acliviti**: Soccer 1.2.3,4; Basketball 1,2,3.4; Tennis;French Club 2,3,4; Class President 2; Student Advi- 
sory Council 4;Hall Decorating 2,3.4; Pasquale's Lackeys 4; 
SADD 2.3.4; Secret Suicide Society of the Summer Session 
4; Triumph Fan Club; Mom Jokes 2.3,4. Thank* To: 
Dmo for being the man, Zeke for way cool neighbor stuff, 
Tex, Rob, Amy A., Jen. Lez, Judy, The Armenian Organ, 
Amy S., Holly, Rachel, Rachel. Erin, Megan, Kyle, Marge, K, 
Lynnette, Goodaz, Le Q for pickup lines "so, I heard you like 
me" Stonehands. Stonechick, Ollie. Koop. Mark G., Tom, 
Tricia, Brian, Matt, Josh B., "Give it to" Jones, Minoose, 
Amy B., Monica. Deardork. Dan Frost for leaving. Dave 
Wilson, the Boys Soccer Team, my teachers, the Class of 
1991 and the rest ol BHS and my family - Mom, Dad, Meg 
and Jon. Fulur* Goal*: To obtain the Holy Grail and other 
such impossibilities, to see Tom drive his own car, to see 
Chris show up on time for anything, to see Jones pass up a 
jump shot, to bike to Trinidad with Deardork. to see Jamie 
become the fifth member ol Earth, Wind, and Fire, to see 
Dave on the cover ol Sports Illustrated, Mike on the cover ol 
Rolling Stone, Kyle on the cover ol Architectural Digest, 
Mark on the cover of Soccer Digest, Geary on the cover of 
Golf Digest, Rob on the cover of Car and Driver, and Frank 
Welch on the cover of World Wrestling Federation Magazine. 

Diane Burke 

75A Loomis St. 

Aclivitiaa: Field Hockey 1,2. Thank* To: I would like to 
thank Mom, Dad, Michael, and Michelle for supporting me 

and understanding me, I love you. Stacey Hanson and Shan- 
non O'Callahan - remenber A-huh A-huh Vermont. Jen Da- 
vies remember "Bryan's Dyin", Tim McCann and Shane 
Jardine my two main men, Beth Maclellan remember Sopho- 
more year, Robyn Randazzo remember 6lh row Poison con- 
cert - Backstage baby. Jen Gorgens for toeing a good listen- 
er. Lor Amaya and Sean Buckley my hubbys. Rachel Meyers 
and Tricia McGovern for being., you. Jenn Callahan for ju- 
nior year. Amy Feieraband remember Dave Galaxy, Tina 
Doherty lor always being there, Dan and Chris, Heather 
Hunter and Kelly O'Malley lor making me laugh, Kim Cardile 
remember the Bathroom Scare, the Purity Baggers - Adam, 
Jim M., Mark V.. Dwayne, Rob D., Bernie. Jamie A.. Greg, 
and Kerri O'Keele I would also like to thank Kathy Girard. 
Lindda Marino. Tom Chester, the Naughty Girls, and Dave, 
Darren, and Charlene lor making Arlex fun. To anyone I 
forgot to mention I thank you all. Fulur* Goal*: Go to 
college, become an accountant, to leave Purity Supreme 

Michelle Burke 

75A Loomis St 

AcllvitI**: My lamily. Mom and Dad, you've helped me 
through so many hard times and I'm grateful that I have the 
both ol you, I love you very much. Michael, t>elieve it or not, 
you're the best brother anyone could ask for and I'm glad 
you're mine. Diane, you're my best friend and I'd be totally 
lost without you. thanks for t>eing there lor me constantly 
Thanks to Beth Maclellan. we had a lot ol good times and 
there are just too many to rememtjer or to write down, but 
I'm glad we've stayed Iriends lor so long. You mean a lot to 
me. Thanks to Jen Gorgens. without you I wouldn't have 
made it through my Morgan crisis, my Chris crisis, my Mike 
crisis... basically what I'm trying to say is, thanks for tieing 
my psychiatrist, and for boosting my self-esteem with your 
pep talks, they helped me a lot! Thanks to Shannon O'Calla- 
han for spilling everything all the time, nah, just joking 
Thanks for being a Vermont hick for a week, a Naughty Girl, 
and a great Iriend. Thanks to Stacy Hanson lor never being 
able to say either yes or no. You're a riot, but you have to be 
able to make up your mind, girll! Thanks lor driving me 
around tjefore I invested in my own Cadillac, you're awe- 
some! Thanks to Shane Jardine and Tim McCann for being 
two of the best guys I've known. I'm glad you're my friends. 
A special thanks to Michael Baldwin. No matter where you 
are or who you're with I'm always going to love you. You 
gave me so much and taught me how to be truly happy and 
to believe in myself. I'm grateful for the year and a half I had 
with you. I miss you and wish you would come back. Diane 
and Robyn don't forget Poison 7th row, getting backstage 
and partying with the bands. Diane. Beth, and Robyn. don't 
forget Poison sixth row 9 months before that! Diane, don't 
forget Poison three other times before that and all the rest of 
the heavy metal concerts we partied at!! Diane, Beth, Jen, 
Stacy, and Shannon, don't forget those useless mall trips! 
Beth. rememt>er scooping everywhere, all the losers we end- 
ed up with. Guy at Burger King, rememt>er Apple Goodness, 
MMMM, and, NO! Not the whip! Thanks to Purity Supreme 
lor getting me money to go out on weekends with, thanks to 
Kathy Girard lor being one excellent boss and thanks to 
Michael Waite and anyone else I lorgot, you know who you 
are! Fulur* Goal*: To just be happy and content with who I 
am. Being rich and successful, with a gorgeous young guy 
wouldn't hurt either. 

Fred Busch 

43 Glenrldge Dr. 

Aclivili**: Freshman Baseball 1; JV Baseball 2; Varsity 
Baseball 4; Hall Decorating 1.2.3,4; Prom Decorating 3,4. 
Thank* To: My family. Mom, Dad. Bill, Jim, Caroline, for all 
the good advice I never took, for all the support, and for 
being there whenever I needed them. To Craig (egghead) for 
20 years worth ol mischiel in 8 years time with all the 
Glenrldge Brucings. and the classic yearly adventures to 
Maine with Craig. Tom. Eric. Captain Chaos at Hampton 
(outstanding), Washington D C Police, - having Kunschmois 
be an accepted tirst name - have my brother Jim become a 
Solid Gold Dancer. Thanks to the Gory Mangs lor the cre- 
ative outlet. Panza for just hangin out with me at the Lounge 
Jen Dickinson (Pssst. Pass the parrot) Scott and Delores 
Fettapaulie lor making me laugh harder than anyone else 
could (should've kept the Omelette). To the Putz Gang gor 
just being putzes. - head lor making me realize I had an afro 
Buckey for the intellectual talks on Marine Biology. Zach for 
insulting me all the time. Amy B.. Rachel P., and Tina R for 
staying friends with me lor so long (Rachel, you're still 
weird). Ricky, Uncle Packy and the Pit, and to Stephanie lor 
a memorable five months, thanks for everything. Thanks to 
all my teachers I had through my four years at BHS who 
helped me when I needed it - and to anyone I forgot and 
everyone else for all the good times. 

Jennifer Callahan 

92 Sweetwater Ave. 

Acllvlllaa: Soccer 1,2,3: Spanish Club 1.2.3; Blister In Sun 
2.3; Haydens 2,3; Prom Decorating 3; Jordan Marsh Fan 
Club 3,4; SADD 2,3,4; Hall Decorating 2,3,4 Thank* To: 
Mom lor being so perlect, Dad lor being himsell I seriously 
don't know what I would have done without two such perlect 
people to Inlluence my lile Although times may break us 
apart always remember: you came first, I LOVE YOU! Miti- 
shls: we've grown up together from popsicles to cologne 
Boy. I never expected you to be so perlect, you're every- 
thing I ever wanted in a brother I love you baby Thanks to 
Marty for doing whatever you do best. Kerry (Rita) so many 
times I have wondered what I would've done without you! 


You were always there when I needed you. with an open 
mind and heart We've been through the good (North Con- 
way. Cape Cod. late night escap)es to BK. unassigned, Maxi 
Priest. 2 Live Crew) and the bad times (cars, trees, tele- 
phone poles, groundation. the IROC. detention, and Jordan 
Marsh) and we musn't forget the men (first name BURGER 
second name KING last name MAN. Jerk Man. Dogman. 
fatman. etc.) You are beautiful, never change Brendan, for 
finally making my Rita happy, and tor always being in a 
mellow mood Judy, for the long talks analyzing my life, for 
the nights we d rather forget, flight lines, giving birth to pizza, 
the laughs, the smiles, forever I will love you! Tricia. Babble. 
Babble. Babble why can't you make up your mind? Hard 
Rock Cafe. Cape Elizabeth. Newport, call the Navy men Do 
me a favor, don't fight happiness, just let it happen! Thank 
you for always being unique, you are very special to me I will 
always hold you close to my heart Rachel (the sticky mon- 
ster pasta, and whip cream, hey It would have been a good 
night if they were different guys) Nat (Slush puppies. Great 
Meadows) Jen C for your smile and neverending enthusi- 
asm. Niki. I will love you always thanks for making me laugh 
Heath, for always partying, and stealing my navy man Mi- 
chelle - B perkxl study, and for hairspray Scrodum (for 
going on a diet with me. fof the buftont - some day you'll 
have to teach me) Loree (my preckjus flower, although 
miles seperate us, you will forever be in my heart) And most 
of all my underclassman Katie lor the unforgettable lipslid 
and the Mountains, you're ttie best!! Special thanks to 
Steve. Matt. Ami.Kelly. Keith. Jen H (btond). Dianefconvos 
about men in homeroom).Rachel M . Mrs Atearez. Michelle 
C . Steph(Art). Mr Pilla. Walter (for making my Ja Ja hap- 
py). Marni (you owe me five dollars). Burger King Man. Diet 
Pepsi. Jordan Marsh, and to all of my relatives unmentioned 
And most of all to Jimmy. I don't know what the future holds 
for us. but I want you to know yoo have changed my life 
immensely. So many things I never expected to feel you 
made me feel, you taught me to love. I don't know wfiat I'd 
do without you. I honestly love you. and I feel I always will, 
don't ever forget mel Thank you to everyone who I have 
overlooked Good luck. I love you alllll Futur* Qoate: To 
eventually find complete happiness, never grow old. live in 
Vermont with the man of my dreams, and to never lose 
contact with all of you 

Rachel Campbell 

267 Concord Rd 

ActlvillM: Swimming t; Winter Track 1,3,4: Spring Track 
1.3.4:X-Country 2 Thanks To: To Mum for being every- 
thing. Daddy Cdeen for always helping me see things in a 
different light, to Ece, anne ■»• baba for showing n>e their 
wrorld. and AFS Turkey (The 8lh Crusade) Fulur* Qoato: 
To go to Italy and return to Turkey, and to become a great 
writer and a doctor and join the Peace Corps in South 
America, and to learn to survive And to have everyone tell 
me they'd read my t)OOks air our 50th high school reunion 

Heather Lenore Campoli 

508 Springs Rd 

Actlvlll**: Band equipment manager 2: Hall decorating 4 
Thank* To: Mom. Dad. Jason, and Nathan for giving me 
tove and support all my life and especially for putting up with 
my strange ways. Thanks to Maureen and Andrea for being 
the very best friends anyone could ever ask for You make 
Me interesting. Just remember, when sorT>etime in your life 
the toilet overflows and spills everywhere, remember to think 
physically when you try to put the water back in Thanks to 
Michelle C . life is never boring wtien you're around Bryan 
A. - daddy long legs - gotcha last Stacey H ■¥ Kelly C ■»■ 
the rest of you in dancing, thanks for making it fun Thanks 
also to Scott Cann. Melllssa H . Sofie. Sonya. Michelle D . 
Rachel Campbell for always smiling. Ginny M -for ttie weird 
phone conversations we've had. Patty L. - you got me 
through gym class and you've been a really good friend And 
Mike - you're so special I love you so much Thanks for 
making this year the best I've ever had Fulur* Goal*: To 
go to college and become a nursery school teacher To get 
married and have kids and to live in a little house next to a 

Scott Cann 

20 Selfridge Rd 

Actlvlll**: Telemedia Thank* To: Mom. Dad. 
Stephanie. All the Greenes. Sandra B . All tfw Canns. The 
Carpenters, and to Michelle Schofield - Ttianks for coming 
into my life I love you Mark L . Keith. Neil. Simeon. Mike M . 
Tina - Thanks lor always being there. Rob C . Gary S . 

Heritage Mobil. Man B (both). Israel B . Paul D . Sean L . 
Bridget L . Dineen L . Amy J . Carl Jr . Simon S Dan K . 

Rocky I lustin H . Simple Pleasures. Tempest, and anyone 

and everyone I've ever jammed with. Victoria L . Kristin Y . 
Wendy P . Steve Vai. Joe Satriani. C J . Fred B . Steph S . 
Jen D . Jenn H . Jen C . Oil. Carrie G . Adam U . Johnny E . 
Steve Bober. The Lexington Poltoe. Heattier S . Nikki P . 
Dave 8 . Shiari E . Hanrey Wheeler's. Kelly W , Ttie Omelette 
(R I P ). Erik C . Kristin K . Kristi S . and to everyone I forgot 
to mention Futura Ooalc To play the Centrum, to jam with 
Kool & The Gang and Steve Vai To find the meaning of Oil 
To get married, have kids, and live a kxig. happy life 

Kim Cardile 

7 Andrews Circle 

ActhrlH**: Soccer JV 2 Varsity 1.4; Softball JV 2 Varsity 
4; Baseball Manager 1. Hockey Manager 4. Yearbook Staff 
4; SADD 4. Prom Decorating 3.4. Hall Decorating 4. Powder 
Putt 4 Thank* To: Kelly for always wanting to go out durir^ 
the week even wtien there was nothing to do Yoo are an 
awesome friend Steph for always ur)derstandlng and know- 
ing exactly how I feel Ttunx for always being there Alicia 
for all the fun Even though I )ust got to know you. thanks lor 
everything Julie M for being the true V-Club originator, we'll 
always be V's Joyce C and Marni S for ttie 3 Musketeers 
and the laundry max Don't forget Carol in Maynard or scrub- 
bir^ earty Saturday morning Jen Davies lor waiting up until 
one in ttie morning lor my phone calls Bryan P lor always 
being ttiere and understanding and canng so much Phil. 
Dave. Scott. Judd. REGULATORS Jamie, Sue S . Amy C, 
Julia F lor being a great Iriend The Junior Girls Good kJCfc 
next year Diane Burlte remember the bathroom You acarad 
me so t>ad Jonathon H . if it wasn't for you I would tiave met 
your txiddy Tharu Mk^helte B for always bemo a Smckars 
Karen Kuhn for being the best fnerx) anyone couM aak lor 
Carta lor always urxlerstanding everything You're the oraat- 
est I miss you Frank & Jen for Dunkn Ooriuls Claudia lor 
taking care of me when Mom & Dad were gone Liz. thanks 
for beir>g the best and putting up with me Good kxA in the 
next 3 years - I tove you Special thanks to Steven lor 
making my senior year the best it could be I'M nevw lorgat 
all ol the good times we had togethar Good luck m every- 
thing you do - 1 k>ve you Thanks to evaryone in the Class of 
'91 - Good Luck Vary spscial thanks to Mom & Dad tor 
always t>einq there and understanding Thrrxigh the ypar*; and 

tor your support and k>ve I love you Ftrtwa Ooala . To 
someday have a nornul laugh To stop believing everything I 
hear To go to a 4-year colege ar>d major m Accounting 
Graduate and get married And have a great Me 

Keith Chappel 

1 1 Patterson Rd 

AcUvlttaa: Bowling out ol school: Foolbal 1: Winter 
Track 2 Thanka To: Mom and Dad. lor your kwe arxl sup- 
port To my grandparents for all the memorable summers, 
and to all my relatives for everything they've done, as weH as 
my sister. Natalie I love you all My good Iriends liom day 
one - Robert. Chad. Marv. Donna. Bill, arvd Ouane Thariks 
lor being there To all my teachers - Mr Maxwei. Mr. PMa. 
ar>d so many more - thanks lor inlluencing me and pusMng 
me on To everyone that touched me at one time or ariother 
- I'll never lorget you Futura Ooala : To one day move back 
to ttw Bay Area and pursue a career m Ixjsiness mariage- 

ment or as a paralegal assistant. To stsy ckiae to rrry la 
to be able to help others. ar>d linaly. to reflect on rr , 
proud and hiappy 

Tom Chester 

85 Old Burlington Rd 

Ac tl vl U aa. Basketball 1. Football 2: Latin Club 3: Tantrum 
Fan Ckjb 4. SADO 3.4. HaH Decorating 2.3.4. Prom Decorat- 
ing 3; Stickball 3.4 Thanka To: Mom. Dad. Stepr^ 
Michael. The 2 Dork Posse Manny (my partriar in unerr i . 
ment). Tex (my adopted brother). Skene. Basfcettwl J<, ' 
Jamie A . Kevin (Hey Man) Geary. Robby (the drlvar) Don 
aMson. Daardork. Kyle G . DaveZ.. The FlygirlB: Rachel M , 
Jen C . Amy A . Judy G . Rachel P . Amy 8.. Monica H . 
Holly G . Tnsha. Liz W . More people I could never leave out 
Alicia. Stephanie. Kelly. Mark G Scotty O . Paul . Dave H 
Fred. Saamir. Jon K . Kerry (ttianks lor ttie ride in Dad's 
IROC). Jen C . Blazer. Dickie. Mark W . Mark G . Jim Banak 
(thanks lor the help on my '69 Camaro), Lightran' Jodie R,. 
Mike H . Tma R . JUto M . Meksni. Mk J iele B . Jen . The 
Urxlerclassman Crew: Uarcy, Uselte. Teresa. Steph. Reg- 
gie. Jason. Oaymion. Dan H . Karen, Aniko. Jan S . my 
dnvmg students (you know who you are). Latxie P . Mo, 
Dave L , the best teacher in the world Rita C I know I lorgoi 
some people, il i lorgot you W yixjr name In hare 
Firtwa Ooala. To be extremely rich and successlul so when 
I come back to Bedford I can laugh at avaryona urtio said 
ttiat I woukm t amount to anything 

Josh Clarke 

328 South Rd, 

AdMUoc Lacrosse 2.3,4. Wmtar Track 3.4, Foolbal 4 
ijpetue CM) 3.4. Chaaba Ckib 2.3.4. Ski '90 4 Tkanka To: 
Al my teachers, except Mr Bigglo. lor al thak help through 
the years Dk* H and John Love tor al the good time-- we 
had hackm' I'm not scared of eggs Chucky Chaase t - 
Tt> passes. Zuzka, Karen, ana Ksri tor |unlor yoar anc . 
being (he bals Blazer the Amazar tor tlw tranaportation the 
tat tpfMra. and bakig a great Mend (sorry about the cNn) 
Keith tor hokJing tf>e Tecmo Tournament and having the 
ime»eft cat akv*. PAA!! Nemo lor the ctoaast game ever 
played Ryan lor the company durlr^ the most bomg peri- 
od, and tor ttw ipaang help Pete. Scod. and John H • ' 
arwchkig our physics das*. Jsn Cohen tor your apt ' 
lion. I'd be there tor you anytime Sue S tor baktg the 
don't change Amy C lor the (umor prom, good lucfc 
your angna Jen Hansen. I don't know what to say be'. • 
you ilnsnr i more than thanks Mark Qalent, Marfcie t ■ ■ 
thanks tor kispkatton and al thoaa sarly years. Si- 
tharfcstolhalacrnasslaam. Mr Maxwei. Ms. Lohngr i 
Towns, Fred Hohn. Scott Cumar. Rtoh HIghani. John L , ' 
and my great parents. Ana thanks to avaryona alle " 
shared good timas with Fvtara Ooala: To saa John Ly :;." 
trti his way out ol s murder rsp. to see Fkch Higham puke 
wtile playkig in a pro-game, to hear that Steva Craig made 
up a na« drug, to see Juke Marrll wak right, to see Jodte 
Runo pkiy ki the WorU Sartes. to gal good al guitar, and to 
see Dave Hunt become P res i dent. 

Jennifer Sue Cohen 

242 Carlisle Road 

AcHvWaK FaM Hockay JV 1.2, Varsity 3.4. Captain 4. 
kidoor Track 2.3.4. Track & Fiskl. Varsity Captain 4 
Class Sacreiary 2.3.4. Student Advsory 3.4. Schod - 
prcMem«it 3: Sparwh Ckib 2.3.4. SADO 2.3.4 Spnng >.< 
cat 1. Hal Oacorating 2.3,4. Prom Decorstng 3, Ftacne, . 
Kitchan F>ause 4. Appaang Lack ol Anythkig to do 
on Weekends, Thills To: Mom. Oad. Jodi & Grag 
tor bamg the bast lamty anyone couW ask tor. Amy A (ttte 
wmd beneath my wkigs). Rachal M (Archie we never die'). 
Liz W (L G 7-1 was swaaomal). Keny P (M are Gnartyl). 
Susanne S (Physks IISMags Sisters Rule). Dave Z. (tor ai 
the haan-lo-haart taks). Dava B (so, what's up7). Christ T 
(tickle tortural). Mark G (don't touch my nackl). Mka D 
(momentous pauaa), Tom (yelow Suzuki). Tim M (have you 
ever dug to Chkia?). Josh C (tor bekig there). Marcus K. 
(Don't be a stranger). Kevin (le O lor presMent), Rob 0.(sale 
driver), Judy G (I ere your b-b-books). Amy S (advanced 
bio rules). Maggie D. Lynnette B. and Ehn F(Pump- 
kns.1990). Chnstkw H (Espanol ckico). Jenn C (B««gar 
Kmg). Holy G (Partyl), Paul 0, Dickie H. Kyle. Malts. Johnny 
L also special thanks to Thaadra and Sarah (wanna |wnp 
waves?), ttie Md hockey laam (Elsctfic SMa) arxl avaryona 
else in the dassol 1991 I Love you sH F ill O— la: To be 
h^ipy. healthy, wealthy and wlaa; to Ke sotMh ol hara with a 
bkKfc Jeep Wrangler and an eternal tan and to akmays have 
IrierKls who tone ma as much as I tove ttiam 


Amy Beth Connolly 

2 Cedar Ridge Terrace 

Thank* To: Mom and Phil lor everything. My Dad and Jane 
for their support. Jamie lor my closet, Ashburnham, Roger 
Waters, The Dead, Pink Floyd and many others. But espe- 
cially thank you Jamie lor always being there. Let's pull out 
the Lasso! Thanks to Julie for Pewter Pot and the cups of 
cotlee. Thanks lor the chalet, and the really dark secrets 
(You remember?) Next time I'll try not to put the comlorter 
over the lightbulbl Thanks Julie, for being a friend. Thanks to 
Susanne lor your back porch, and those pro-ski lessons. 
Watch out lor the rock! Thanks for the grapes, chili, and 
pillows! Chili-Con-CARNE. Well, I want to thank you guys for 
being my best friends. I love you but I just have one thing to 
say: Please don't make me ski down that mountain!!! 
Thanks to - Alicia, Steph, Kelly, Kim, Rob, Tim, Malt; and 
Rich for helping me pass Algebra among other things. Fu- 
ture Goal*: To tour in a travel-camper. To marry Bob Weir, 
and to never want more than what I have. 

Michelle Cunha 

26 Pine St. 

Aclivili**: Detention 2,3,4,5; FORUM 4,5; Yearbook 5; Mr. 
Keup's Homeroom 2,3.4.5; Mrs. Gullage's History Class 
3.4,5; Chad Fan Club 4,5; Hall Decorating 3.4. Thank* To: 
Mom for putting up with me. Mrs. Hogan for being my Mom. 
Scott, kevin for making one of my dreams of you come true. 
Michelle D. for having a great name, thanks for the laughs 
ans for lunch. Remember my B-Day-I'll get you for that! 
Getting flowers at school (I'm Jealous) + Nancy's B-Day. 
Cookie-C is for cookie and cookie is for me. Remember: 
"what?? I thought your name was cookie!" My B-Day I'll get 
you. Mike, Ed, Steph thanx lor lunch and lor being a friend. 
Follow Follow your dreams! I'de like to thanks : Heather C. 
Andrea G. Wichay, Jason E., Stephen P., Rick and Mike, 
and anyone else involved. Julia-you are a wicked excellent 
friend thanx for the tun times. Remember Penzoil your B-Day 
, my B-Day "I should have a car by the end of the week" 
"Don't drink it all in and night" shake-urns "I'm gonna kill 
Kevin" making it to my house in 9 min. Being their when my 
little brown bear died (chocolate chip) the semi and anything 
I forgot. Nancy your a wicked good friend = I wouldn't have 
made it without your support, thanx for the cries and jokes 
remember: challanges "atleast my boyfriend can grow a 
beard" my b-day your b-day "I'm gonna become a nun. you 
wanna come?" Rocky, Bret, Treb, and all of them. Kevin, 
New Years, Interior Biology. Robert Plant (Ron + Jeff) 
"Dazed and confused over you" NAAF. My little brown 
bear, the car I had by the end of the week, Anthrax, the 
semi, fluff-ey-poo "you just don't understand" "I wish I had 
a pencil-thin moustache. "The Walking Encyclopedia" 
Shopping, chad, watching CNN, "Oh no I'm maturing! etc. 
etc. etc. Maureen thanx for being a friend, you're alway 
there for me. Remember Robert Plant x2, "Dazed and con- 
fused over you" Ron -I- Jeft(are those wedding bells?" Jell J. 
Reliant woman, "lights", Michelle's school of driving. "I'm 
gonna become a nun" He's a scumbag! Ending up in Oak- 
ham, your B-day (ha. we bagged you) "Danielle it's been 15 
min. you can talk now" AGE'S on the end of everything 
(coolage. funage. etc.) my little keg. (The car I had by the 
end of the week.) I'd like to oiler a special thankyou to Ed 
Pittman. You're ultra-special and you can grow a beard. I 
hope everyhting works out lor us. Thankyou for the support 
with school. I love you. Futur* Goal*: To Decide what to do 
with this life. To buy a Ford F350 and make it to Pennsyla- 
vania -(• be in four-wheeler, off road mag. cuz ol my awe- 
some truck. To be a m m. to buy a screaming yellow Hariey- 
Davidson to cruze Europe on. to gel a good job to buy all 
thsi stull with to win my bet with Nancy. To find out why they 
call Karie Witchae. To get chad to admit I'm right + have 
something in common with him, to get married(maybe to Ed) 
to get my money from Kevin and the other things too... To 
be rich, successful, and have a meaningful! life (Generic 
lulure goal) To have a car by the end of the week. "And to 
never loose my friends, cuz their the best. (K.J. '87) 

Sean Deardorff 

12 Fitchdale Ave. 

AclWitics: JV Soccer 1,2; Golf 3; V Soccer 4; Skiing 2,3; 
Indoor Track 3.4; Track 3; Tennis 1,2, Captain 3,4; French 
Club 1 ,2,3; Latin Club 3,4; SADD 3,4; Hall Decorating 2.3.4; 
Prom Decorating 3 Thanks To: Mom. Dad. Dave. Mike, 
Chris, Jamie, Tom, Kevin, Dave, Buck, Rob, Kyle, Jack, 
Lisette, Jen, Amy, Rachel, Megan, Erin, Amy. Monica, Liz, 

Holly, Judy. Bri, Jane, Noelle, Lisa, Stacie (Porcupines), 
Rita Craig, Pete Cacciola. Dave Wilson. The boys varsity 
soccer team, and to everyone else I've gotten to know. Future 
Goals: To graduate from college. Get married and raise a 
wonderful family. Lead a healthy, active lifestyle and be able 
to smile and he happy. 

Michelle Dee 

44a Great Rd. 

Activities: Marching Band Manager 1 ; Flag squad 2,3, cap- 
tain 4; French Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2; SADD 2,3.4; AFS 
1.2,4; Prom Decorating 3; DMA 3.4 Intergration Society 2. 
President 3,4; Theresa Concannon Fan Club 4. Thanks To: 
Mom, Greg, Dad, and El for putting up with me and a special 
thanks for your love and support, I love you all! Ryan and 
Timmy for being the cutest and best little brothers in the 
world, I love you! The rest of my family (way too many to 
name!). Wendy for listening, and all of the advice. Maureen, 
Heather, and Andrea for all of the fun lunches. Jen for the 
summer of '88. It was the best, love ya! Paul for all the 
Monday night talks. Cookie for being cookie and being al- 
ways friendly. Witchay (Karie) for all of the fun, what would 
marching band busses be without you? Good luck next year! 
Michelle C. for being - you get the point! Matt, the sweetest 
guy I've ever met, thanks for all of the advice and especially 
for all of the much - needed hugs over the years. Jason - 
Oswac! Ginny for being a good friend. Heather S. for a fun 
Senior year and all of the talks-did you ever figure out the 
cane trick?! Julie M. for always making me laugh and being a 
great person. Kim for being so sweet and crazy. Everyone at 
Drum Major Academy for suffering with me and keeping me 
smiling anyway! Rachel, we've been through it ALL together. 
College better not change that - 1 love you. Bobby for always 
being a "happy camper" with me! Becky for listening to my 
meaningless babble and being forever happy. Kaan for mak- 
ing my Algebra class so fun and interesting. Jeff for prom '90 
and all the great memories! The C + D period early child- 
hood class for brown nosing with me. Erin and Donna for 
being incredible Drum Majors and terrific people. The 1990- 
1991 Flag Squad: Darlene, Jodi, Lisa, Tara, Tricia, Mary, 
Amy, Rachael, Stephanie, Kelly, Jenne, and especially The- 
resa - you're the greatest - Good luck next year! Mrs. Gullage 
for being the best coach. The majorettes for intergrating! 
Jenne - I want my sauce! Hit any trash cans lately! Oh no, a 

big bus! Thanks for being yourself - honest, and yes, even 
original! The Rocky gang of 1988-C9. Mike S. for being a 
great guy and making Nancy so happy. Mom and Dad 
Saunders for my second home and everything else. Extra 
Special thanks to Nancy and Stephanie for more love, sup- 
port and understanding than I could ever ask for. Nancy - it's 
been a long time, we've grown a lot, huh? Thanks for all the 
memories, personal jokes, and for making the past four years 
everything that they were. And of course all the rides to 
school! I love you more than words can say! Stephanie, we've 
been through a lot in the past year, what would 1 have done 
without you? 1 love you so much. HUGO A! Friends are 
Friends Forever!!! Future Goals: To be happy, healthy and 
successful in life; To be able to send my children to a school 
without chauvinistic Physical education teachers. To see 
Matt sit still for longer than three minutes. To do the Time 
Warp again. To finally visit Margaritaville. 

Alicia DeLuca 

4 Coachmen Lane 

Acluilies: Cheerleading 1.2,3 capt. 4; Softball 4; SADD 1,3; 
Spanish Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; Powder Puff 3.4; Hall Deco- 
rating 1,2,3,4; Prom Decorating 3; Yearbook 4. Thanks To: 
Steph and Kelly my best buddies in the world, you guys are 
the nuggets. Kim(ber) you are "the balls" don't ever lose that 
laugh-classic babe, Nikki the "queen of resh" and you said 
you'd never have a man! Michelle-Beezly! The Cheerleaders - 
no meatballs 4U! Do it up for '92. Kelly C. bagga? Jen H.. 
Caro, Little one. purndog, Beth - you arc my buds. Suzi, Lori 
you guys are my other buckies. Jenny. Jen A.. MaryJane, all 
those summer nights. Pam - Lori's car window to Revere 
Beach. Julia A. those talks. Jodie, Mami, Julie. Carla, Jamie, 
Amy Sue, Anita. Joyce Katie. Jen D., Rachel P., Jen C, and 
Julia. Paul - don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Mark - king 
resh. Steve, Tim, Marcus, Pete, Scott, Phil. Dickie, Josh, 
Johnny Love. Dmo, Jamie A., Todd N., Tom C. Ryan J.. 
SK2A. (JAK)2, Regulartors. The islands. Cloths. Ms. Loh- 
rum I love you, you're the best. Ms. Craig best coach award. 
Dave "D" I Love You. 5 years and going, thanx for all those 
ups and downs (good and bad times) I'm gonna miss you 
when you go away but you're still mint and mine!! The Hunts 
you guys are great. Grandma and Cramps I love you the 
mostest! Ma and Daddy DeLuca - everything that has hap- 
pened and spoiling me! Marissa and Nick my little lumps of 
clay. The North End. God. Oh Josh. Dave B.. Geoff, my 
secret loves. Future Goals: To become one of the best Fashion 
Designers, live in a huge contemporary house, have the per- 
fect husband, a hoy Patrick and two girls Aderia and Fendi. 
Pink Ferrari license plate RUNVUS? And everyone wanting 
to be just like me! Y Not? 

Michael Dmochowski 

23 Jeffrey Circle 

Activities: JV Soccer 1; Varsity Soccer 2,3; Captain 4; Track 
3,4;Ski Team 1; Spanish Club 2,3,4; SADD 3.4; Young 
Americans for Freedom 4; Mom Jokes 2,3,4; After School 
Hoops 2.3,4; Stickball 3,4; Triumph Fan Club 1,2,3.4; Tam- 
trum 4. Thanks To: My family-Mom, Dad. and Laura for 
helping me and always being there when I needed you guys. 
To Boschetto for being a great friend and liking the same 
music I do. Kevin (Le Q, half keg, I heard ya like me) Geary 
for struggling with me in every class we were in together. 
Blanking Theophile for the rides and for being such a dork. 
Eddy (Shouldn't have missed lunch) Deardork for having the 
name Deardorff. Chesta for always waiting to do something. 
Jones for the miles we jogged, Asbedian (I'd destroy you in a 
fight), the Boys Varsity Soccer Team and Coach Wilson. 
Zede, Kyle, Marge, Minnasian, Gallanty. Goodarz, Linehan. 
Janson, and Clapp for all the jams. To the "chicks": Amy A., 
Jen, Liz, Holly, Kerry P., Erin, Megan, Lynnette (Bruins 
Suck!) Myles (nice dinner jacket), Rachel P, Linda, Mrs. 
Lohrum, Amy B.. Monica: the cool chics in my Spic class. 
And anybody I hopefully didn't forget. Future Goals: To go 
on tour in '94 with Tantrum (with my new guitar). Go over 
and play with the team Sheffield Wednesday in the English 
Soccer League. To see the Flyers win the Stanley Cup and to 
sleep as much as I can. 

Jennifer S. Dickinson 

Activities: Hall Decorating 1.3; Varsity Cross Country 1; 
Latin Club 3; Debate Team 3; Athletic Trainer 3; Amnesty 
International 4. Thanks To: First thanks to my mother and 
father, and the rest of the family who have helped me through 
the years. To Shari (baba). you are a real pal! I can't wait to 
go to that cow tipping contest. HOOCH! No more parties 
please - "run away, run away!" To Wendy and Mike, you've 
been great pals through the years. I hope we maintain our 
friendship in the coming ones! Future success to both you and 
Mike. Stephanie, thanx for serving the worlds greatest repos- 
sessed ice cream! CO - OUNT! (COUNT)!! May you go on 
to future success also. Kevin Duris, hey. History and Algebra 
were great! Wanna go to Mexico?! CarolAnne! Good luck in 
your field of interest! Sulfur! Thanx for nor getting kicked out 
of Marine Biology. To Fred - psss. Pass the parrot! Kalhy ■ 
Thanx for teaching me those driving techniques. And to Brad, 
thank you for being my best friend. I love you a lot and 1 wish 
you a safe journey and return. Future Goals: To run a Baba- 
ganahue cow farm with Shari. To go to college and major in 
Social Sciences! And last but not least, to babysit Wendy's 
children and to spoil them, and make them crazy! 


Jenne Dinitto 

24 Eliot Rd 

Activities: Spanish Club I : Flags 3.4; Rifles 4: SADD 1 .2.3.4; 
Are 4; Marching Band 3,4; Dollars for Scholars 2.3.4; Inter- 
gralion Society 3.4; IMA 3.4; Prom Decorating 3; Hall Deco- 
rating 3.4; Theresa Concannon Fan Club 4; Amnesty Interna- 
tional 4. Thanlts To: To Mom. Dad, and Eddy. Thanks Tor all 
the love and friendship, I don't know what 1 would have done 
without you. HELLO! Grammy (Bubba) I love you, you're all 
the best "friend" I coule ever want. Thanks to the rest of my 
family - Jackie and Johnny for being the best brother and 
sister ever!! Amy M. I love you and miss you, you're the best! 
Niki N. - thanks for all of the memories. Michelle, Sauce, the 
big bus! Nancy. Pillsbury Boots, the guys on motorcycles, 
Rebecca (Becca) blow your acorn, Bedford Farms! Stcph, 
Pavea gum. Hugga Dukie you can keep the Koush. Sandy, 
thanks for all the talks. Alicia, you're crazy, thanks for all the 
memories! Kelly, thanks for history last year and for being 
Eddy's friend! Eddy, thanks for all the fights and never giving 
me one good compliment, but seriously, I love you! To the 
flags, never stop doing the Tricia. Wilchay bus rides, you're 
"cool" babysitter, hot chocolate at homecoming. Stcph, 
Mary, Darlene, too cold, Connie. Nikey. Paula, Kieth, Sean 
B. for all the Ulks. Jim Fred C. Sara, Emmy, Lisa, Mariah, 
the Pelligrini's, John, Paul, Pete. Steve, Shammon, Diane, 
Michelle, Amy, Tina. Cris, Rob. Mike and anyone else I 
missed I'm sorry and I love you, again to Mom - I love you so 
much I can't say, Dad Hello Dad, I love you thanks for all the 
support. Bye to everyone, I'll miss ya's! Fatvre Goals: To go 
to college, get a job, live a life without my brother! And most 
of all. to never forget anyone that I knew from High School. 

Jason Dishman 

4 Sheridan Rd 

Activities: ROTC 2.3.4; Spanish Club 1.2; Musical 3; SADD 
2,3,4. Tkaaks To: Mimi and Daddy Webb for putting up with 
my endless arguments. Cynthia for what is, and what hopeful- 
ly will be. Michelle Dee - OSWAC. Kate O'Neill • for being 
the best grandma Treitel. Roianne - for those great conversa- 
tions. Mrs. Dowling - for being the best librarian ever. Ron - 
what more can I say Heather - how do you do that? Rachel 
Tobin - for being cool. Dwayne R. - for being a cool kid, and a 
great friend Janet Runci - I couldn't live without a wicked 
cool dietician. For those I didn't mention, thanks for every- 
thing you've done or didn't do as the case may be Fatare 
Goab: To survive and to live and raise a decent family. 

Richard G. Dockham III 

13 Ent Rd 

Thaaks To: Jennifer Nickenon (I tove you). Zooming Chris 
Wallen, Brad H., Mike B., Edwin and Lou, Cornellius 
(Bappo). Robin D,. Sabrina. Ralf R. (Eliles), Michelle C . 
Rob A,. Sucy W.. Jeff J., Nicky and Patly. Tim P.. Shawn 
Sadowski. James Rus, big and little Bri.. Anne and Bulhunre. 
and to anyone I might have forgotten and of course Mike and 
my family. Faturc Goals: To become an artist and use my 
drawings to make a difference. See the country. Raise a 
family, play guitar. 

Paul Doherty 

54 Notre Dame Rd 

Activities: Football 3.4; Baseball 1.2 Varsity 3.4; Golf 2; 
Soccer 1; Latin Club 3; Spanish Club I; Paul Doherty Rag - 
On Club 2,3,4- Tbaaks To: Mom. Dad my family. Scott Cann 
for always making me laugh, Dickie (Duke), John H., Tim, 
Marcus, Steve and Johnny Love, For trying to teach me how 
to be perfect studs like them, Mike (Blazer), Ryan (Ribbed), 
Mark Gray. Keith. Mark M.. Sean Linehan (Hair). Scoll O . 
Pete, Mark W., Alicia (Cool). Kelly. Kerry. Stephanie. Carla. 
Jen Cohen, Liz, Kim, Chris Alessi, Karen, Aniko, Maureen, 
and the rest of the Junior Crew, Especially Kcri - We've had a 
lot of good times and your very special to me. Also thanks to 
coach Sab and Petrillo and the rest of the football team, 
thanks to Tom and Jane McGrath for being the coolest 
parents around. Thanks to cverone that has been an influence 
in my life. Fature Goab: To be happy in whatever I do and 
hopefully be successful and make some money doing it. To 
someday be as awesome as Tim and John H.. To live a fun 
filled life with lots of good times, to stay in touch with my old 
friends, also to settle down and get married to the girl of my 
dreams. " 

Rob Donaldson 

305 Concord Rd 

Activities: Mom jokes 2.3.4; After School Hoops 2.3.4: Stick 
Ball 3,4; Marching Band 1 ,2; Track 4; Secret Suicide Society 
of the Summer Session 4; Tournament of Plays 2,3,4; Hall 
Decorating 1,2,3.4; Zoo Crew 1.2,3,4. Thaaks To: To my 
family MonrTand Dad, Barbara, Susan. Kathy. Stephen, Lin- 
da. Michael, and Matthew. The whole dork posse, Chris for 
always being there to cruise with, Tom for letting mc drive 
the banana. Jeff for hanging with us this summer, Dave B. for 
Hnally causing trouble with us. Mike Dmo for being the man. 
Kevin for being Kevin. Dave Z., for coming to the High 
School, Jim Theo for entertaining us this summer and giving 
me a job. Chris and Terry for letting us use their house, Fr. 
Picardi and all of Youth Ministry for a great 2 years of 
Sunday nights. Amy A. for being the coolest female alive. 
Rachel P. for all that inspiration, Rachel M. for the "psycho" 
game. Kyle for giving in and jumping off the bridge. Jamie A. 
for working at Purity with me, Liz for always calling me 
Donald, Bedford Police Dept. for not giving mc any tickets, 
Jen for her sharp comments, Lynnette for always being there 
to cut down Geary. Megan for tallcing her Dad out of calling 
the police on us, Mike H. for 4 great years of Sox games, 
Mark M, for that mailbox, to Louraine for giving me a job, 
Mark Gray for being a Chemistry Wizard and helping me 
with that tire, to Monica for going to the Semi-Formal with 
mc, to Scan for being the cool cat, Judy for being such a flirt, 
all of my teachers especially Mr, Sabourin. Mr Maxwell. Mr. 
Stephenson, Mrs. Pellegrini, and Mr. Reynolds, and to all the 
extra-cool juniors especially Stephanie P Fatare Goab: To 
go half and half on a Ferrari with Chris Thcophile and run it 
till it dies or we do. whichever comes first; to finally get a date 
with Jackie P.; to get away with taking a day off from school; 
to conquer the Davis Road curve; to find a jeep that would fit 

Duane J. Doorakian 

4 Bandera Dr 

Activities: Ski Team Varsity 3,4 Thaaks To: Ken "Now 
there arc no limits" Freda. Candace "Let me see those pearly 
whites" Freda. Mrs F for not telling my parents everything. 
Mr. Freda 

for his nicknames You guys are great!* Uncle D. "Watch out 
for that tree' & Discipline! Leadership'" Simconc, Auni M 

for calling mc "D-y pie guy", to Nana "Ain't that elegant!" 
Shaughnessy. to Nana (Rose) Doorakian for the Ellio's and 
pastina. Rich "Niiicc! * Simeone, Brian "ROO, ROO. ROO. 
US AIR FORCE!" Simeone, Keith 'Chappa" Chappel - Oh 
Yeaaal. Rick W. for being a dork. Chris H for his amazing 
doo. Mrs. Rainis for making homeroom lively. Mr Palmer 
for his cut-downs, Mr Huff for calling me "Double D!", Ms. 
Dowling for her restaurant reviews. Mrs Hibbard for our 
conversations on skiing, Mr Sabourin for "Enthusiasm!", 
MC Hammer for helping mc touch thai. Bo - well you know!, 
Pillsbury D,B. for cinnamon rolls, Jiminy C. for self esteem, 
all of the other teachers and people who helped me through 
the years, and most of all to my parents for their advice and 
believing in mc - for without them, I would not be as well off 
as I am today Fatare Goab: To make "Donald Trump Ap- 
preciation Day" a national holiday, to meet Steve Hanawa. to 
become the CEO of S O. A. in California, to get Mr Palmer 
and Mr. Huff to agree on something, to prove that Bo knows 

Diddley. but seriously - my main goal is to be ambitious and 
successful in everthing that I endeavor, but not to be so 
successful that I lose track of the true values of life. 

Kevin Duris 

408 Davis Rd. 

Activities: Golf 1.2,3.4; Rifle 2,3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Wind 
Ensemble 1.2,3.4; Marching Band; Jazz Band 2.4 
TkaalLS To: My friends, family, teachers, and coaches. All the 
participants of the Gallant/Durts Hockey League. John 
Goodpaster in Minnesota. Anyone else who didn't make my 
life more complicated than it already is. Fatare Goab: Hap- 
piness and maybe a very fast American-made sportscar 

Megan Dworsbak 

I Jeffrey Circle 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3 Captain 4; Swimming 2,3.4; 
Track 1.2; Track 1.2; French Club 1,2 Vice-President 3.4, 
SADD I,2,3Chaiarman4; NHS 3 Secreury 4; Hall Decorat- 
ing 2.3.4; Choir 1,2; French Exchange Program 3.4; Peer 
Leadership 3,4. Tkaaks To: Alt of my friends who have made 
the last 4 years bearable. 1 couldn't have made it without you! 
To Rachel M. Tricia. Liz, Christine (for France), Rob. Jodie, 
Jamie, Kyle. Dave Z, Dave B. Kevin, Holly. Jen Cohen (my 
buddic since 6lh grade). Amy A (for the best time growing 
up). Chns T (for always being there and abusing my car!), 
Paul C (for believing in me), and to the rest of the crew for 
those exciting Friday and Saturday nights. I would also like to 
thank Sue S. and the field hockey team for the electric slide 
and all the great memories Special Thanks To: Mrs. Rainis 
and Mr Pavao. Mom. Dad, Todd. Amy S (for understanding 
me. for being such a dork - VROOM-VR(X>M, and a van'^*) 
Lynnette (for all those Diet Cokes, skiing adventures, for 
being a great fnend, and providing a second home), and Enn 
(for all the support, "men" talks, camoHagc pants, and for 
making mc what I am). I love you guys! You are the best, and 
I will miss you very much! Fatare Goab: To discover what 
will make mc truly happy, and do that for the rest of my life. I 
would like to have a successful business career, get married, 
and have four kids I would also like to travel the world, and 
spend more time in France. 

John Ebersole Jr. 

41 Mitchell Gram Way 

Activities: Golf; Math Lcagiie; Science League Tluaks To: 
Almost everyone, Alfred E. Newman Fatare Goab: College, 
and then to discover something important 

Sbari Eriich 

19 Fox Run Rd. 

Activities: Class Rep; Legislative Club; Citi- 
zenship Committee 1.2.3,4; Drama Club 1.2.3,4; Chess Club 
2; Spanish Club 1 ,2.3. Co-Pres 4; AFS 1.2,3.4; CSF 
SADD 1.2.3. Fund Chairman 4. Spanish Tutor 1.2,3.4. En- 
glish Tutor I, Choir 1,2; Madngal 3,4; Show choir 4; Double 
Sextet 2.3.4; Charity Singers four>der 4; Marching Band 1,2; 
Concert Band I; Hall Decorating I; Babagonahue 1. Cow 
Tipping 2.3.4; Field Hockey2.3 Thaaks To: Heath - Best 
Buddies + a little wickjc wickie, Jen (Gonahue) • Argh! We 
must do this again sometime FROTHY LATHER! Mickey 
- you surted it all . Cabbage! Clappa - How does your heater 
smell? Peachy • You still can't play chess. Altu • Que anda 
hija? CSB - Cassie. you hot tomalic you; Arg. '90 - Genial. 
Brent - Naughty girls need love too, Royce - I'll always love 
you, TK - You're my walk in sunshine, Abdulamoo - What is 
a Bobby'* Devin - Why does my B-day gift include a bed** Eli - 
Cayatechica! Lucre - Tengo uru preguntita. Tori - Sos Ge- 
nial. Vero Ballejos - "All I want to do is make love to you." 
Vero Bucci - Idolo Phil! Marcelo P - Mi diario. Gonchi - 
Vamos a bailar? Seba - Sabes lo que cs? Roffa • Union. Juan 
Fran y Emiro - Hermanos? Pichi • Homosexual. Maria; Jose - 
Angel. BSCJ Paroquia, Comercial 5.2 • Bloop, Bloop. Bloop; 
Caroline (CRMFMP). Pablito C , Limi - know anyone from 
Winthrop'* Jenn B - Wanna up some cows'* Cockroach 
Woman. JD - But she was a maid! Tracy - Fla '88, Markie- 
Stop spitting, you Hing-homite! Lisa - Roe, Mattie ! O yc 
no . The Mood. KTH - Attack me w/ a bannana! Wendiful - 
say E! Kebbie - Hoodsies, Matt C , Rons - Moo, Grant - Tu 
puu, Silvina Nani.Sweet Bros - KZ** Matt M , Jeff a , Wild 
Wench. "Blonde Bimbo, Mcli - Dalia, Chns Henry - Frozen 
Pond .. Mike F.. Craig A . Dan. Rachel M ,Dmo. Scott, 
Ricky. Lucious, D Biff Plaue. Theresa Hamel. Moniv 
Pithon. Phil Collins. + esp. Mom + Dad + Adam - I love 


you very much! Polo and Kiki too! Future Coals: Go back to 
live in Argentina again for a year or more, become a Spanish 
interpreter, Continue making a positive difference in lives less 
fortunate than mine and open a Babaganahue Cow farm, 
while teaching self defense against fresh fruit on the side. .. the 
left side. 

Julia Farmer 9 

5 Pope Terrace 

Activities: Hockey Manager 4; Prom Decorating 3,4; Glee 
Club 1.3.4; SADD 3.4; Math Club 2.3,4; Science League 
1 .3,4. Thanks To: todd for always being there, and for putting 
up with my attitude. I love you! Kelly and Mark W. - Prom 
decorating was the balls! Kelly - don't forget Renzo's. 45 
minutes and hitting my head! Alicia and Steph, you guys are 
awesome! Thanx for the things we did. few but fun! Alicia - 
remember vogueing around the foundation at Prom! And 
bleaching our feet! Kim - you're a dork, but you're an awe- 
some friend! The picnics me. you. Alicia, and Todd had in 
Marine Biology! That was exciting! Kim - hockey managers 
we are awesome! Steve - you're a dork - but you're a great 
friend! You and Kim are mint! Phil for the semi - formal last 
year! I had fun! And for the few times we went out together! 
You're an awesome friend! Mom, Dad, Rickie - for always 
being there for me and for putting up with me. Future Coals: 
To ggo to college and own my own management businesss! 
Also to be able to leave this town and go to a real place to live. 

Erin Fehlau 

25 Wildwood Dr, 

Activities: Ski Team 1,2.3,4; Field Hockey 1,2.3; French 
Club 1.2; Secretary 3.4; Drama Club 1.2; Vice President 3; 
President 4; Concert Band 1; Wind Ensemble 2,3.4; March- 
ing Band 1.2,3; Drum Major 4; Double Sextette 2.3; Director 
4; Show Choir 3,4; AFS 2.3.4; All State Choir 3.4; Spring 
Musical 1,2.3.4; STRESSED 1.2,3,4 !!!! Thanlts To: Mrs. 
Rainis. Mr. Barbas, Dools "the video god", Ms. Lohrum. Dr. 
M., and especially to Mr. Low for caring so much. Madrigal - 
"I'm very pleased with this group!". Marching Band Crew - 
Juan. Kev. Jack. Judy, Becky, John T., Kath, Donna "hold 
that marble tight". Day Camp '90 - "we are the world". 
Ireland '89 - Shan. Lang. Martin, the Leonards - "It was a 
crack". Bedford Farms - "I must have made a thousand 
frappes" -Mr. V.. Dave. Boff, Mark. Beck - Let's talk!. The 
Venutis. Miss Hanley's gym class - "The Crew" James, Amy. 
Tom, Rob. Jen. Dmo. Sean. Kyle, Trish, Boschetto, Rachel, 
Rach - we'll "talk" , someday, Liz, Zamp, and Amy S! Also 
Matt - Maaattheww?, to Kevin for being Irish, Chris you're 
the best! "Queeche Crew" -to Lynnette for all the laughs, Ci 
for 12 years of wonderful memories, and Megan for sticking 
by me through it all - I love you guys! X-tra special thanks to 
Scotty for always being there for me and making me smile - 1 
love you! And finally to my favorite family for EVERY- 
THING!!! Future Coals: To experience one moment of my 
life in the spotlight of a Broadway stage, to never live a day 
without laughing, to teach the world to sing in perfect harmo- 
ny, and to one day lose my allergy to horses and ride off into 
the "moonlight of Vt." with my favorite guy. 

Alex Flores 

334 North Rd. 

Activities: French Club 1,2,3.4; Choir 1,2.3; Madrigal 4; 
Double Sextette 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. Thanks To: God, for 
constantly watching for me. To Mom, Dad. and Laura for all 
your support and your love. I love you all. To Shari Erlich for 
being so sweet and the best of friends. Thanks to Carolyn 
Sarno for always keeping me entertained and constantly mak- 
ing me laugh, you're the greatest. Thanks to Mark W. for 
sharing your gossip, to Bryan Alexander (you're awesome), 
Wendy T., Steve P., Carl S , Chris M.. Paul D. (do you want 
some gum?). Mark G. (how's French?). Keith Farmer (you're 
a sweetheart), and Jessica Garrison (I love your eyes!). Spe- 
cial Thanks To: Josue Arguello for your love and patience, I 
love you!!! Futvre Goals: To move back to Mexico City as 
soom as possible, to be a great pre-school teacher, to get 
married and be happy for the rest of my life. 

Alex Freeman 

156 Concord Rd. 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2.3,4; Span- 
ish Club 2.3.4; Spanish Club Officer 4; Choir 4; Show Choir 
4; Swimming 1.2,3.4; Tennis 4. Thanks To: My family and 
friends for making this year the best. Mark G. and Kevin D. 
for a great hockey season. John T., Kevin D., Jon K., Judy G., 
Donna W.. Erin F.. Becky R.. Amy W.. and who else I missed 
for making Marching Band "kick" this season. Future Coals: 

Start a swim team in college/university that doesn't have one. 
J would like to teach elementary school and own a green 
house. This greenhouse would be an the oceanside - east or 

Judy Galani 

3 Birchwood Dr. 

Activities: YEARBOOK 2,3; Editor-in-Chief(NERVOUS 
BREAKDOWN) 4!!!!; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3.4; Marching 
Band (wicked cool!) 1,2,3.4; Jazz Ensemble 1,2.3,4; Chamber 
Music 4; Pit Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Legislative Committee 2.3; 
Co-Chairperson 4; Cit Com 4; Le Cercle Francais 1,2.3,4; 
Treasurer 3; AFS 1,2.3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; NHS 3; VP 4; 
FORUM 2,3; Drama Club 1,2.3,4; Tournament of Plays 
1.2.4; Student Production Night 2.3,4; Spring Play 2; Hall 
Decorating 2,3,4; Homework 1; Fuddrucker's 2; Band Finger 
(Thumb) 3; Beating Marsha 3,4; Suicide Pact 4; New Year's 
3; Labor Day Weekend 3.4; Rachel's Kitchen; 
PAUSE 4; Appalling Lack of Anything to do on Weekends 
1 .2.3.4. Thanks To: Everybody who's mattered to me or made 
me laugh anytime during the past lifetime! Rach & Rach for 
my LIFETIME, and especially the Summer of '90; obnoxious 
name similarities, the "pact" with Brian, Katherine, Not 
Brian. Thurs. and Fris. at Montage, "Airplane", Flight Line- 

s Pollock - ever been in a Turkish Prison? "You're easy, 

I'm eager", Copacabana singalongs, let's make a tape! Mey- 
ers - thanks for the exciting weekends at your house, you 
know, that appreciation thing, friendship almost,yeah!, my 
first Christmas, Marching Band. Yearbook parties (yeah, 
right!), clipboards, and getting a Life! Thanks Yannie for all 
the talks (and the drama), the beach, and you're beautiful 
face! Rita • ex droop sis • exgzh flrp. Thanks for always 
making me smile and incriminating photos of us in tutus. 
Remember guys - 3rd Thursday of every month - Pizza Hut 
(yeah, we do that a lot!). Becky, for all the "stimulating" talks 
on the football stands. You've been my inspiration this year! 
Amy. for the scheming and gossiping. "My mother is dead 
and I am her. do you have a mind if I smoke. Excuse me." 
Nancy, for UMASS roadtrips. Sandra. I miss you soooo 
much. There is no one I'd rather gossip with! By the way. I've 
got a Lane Bryant Gift Certificate for you! Melissa, thanks 
for the $3000 debt! Jeff, let's talk! Scott, thanks for every- 
thing (I think!). Thanks also to Trish (for indecision), Buck 
(for the hugs and. ..other things!), Jen (ex droop sis). Holly. 
Dabe (for the irratic friendship), Chris (for all the great? 

memories), Geary (I'm sick of your attitude!), Mike (for 
Prom '90 and for finally getting your license), Kyle, Sean 
(Tarzan), Moose (for always getting me mad at you and then 
being right in the end!), Jamie, Rob (for death rides and your 
Dad's suits), Tom (for driving lessons). Lynelte (provocative 
talks), OIlie (for your thoughts on American women), Erin, 
Megan, Amy S. (men talks and summers), and Ci (Indigo 
Girls). Thanks Band Fags: Juan, especially (for being the true 
band slut and a really great friend), Kev, Jack. Steph. Donna. 
Erin. Brill. Gersh. Gretchen. Rebecca. George, etc. for wast- 
ed weekends. Yearbook Staff - Mr. Rinaldi. Kath. Eileen. 
Jacqui. Andria. and especially Matthew (thanks for "making 
it" with me!) Mr. Spinosa. Mr. Stephenson. Mrs. Donovan. 
Ms. Mehrle. Mrs. Rainis (for being the coolest ever). Ms. 
Lohrum (for ALL yor help), and Mrs. Byron - thanks for 
making a difference! Thanks Mrs. Meyers for putting up with 
me all these years, and could you pick me up a few things at 
Purity? Special thanks to my favorite sister Elizabeth for 

leaving me her car, being relatively the same size as me, and 
for being a neat sister! Bobby and Zvi, thanks for the food, 
clothing, and shelter and unbelievable joy I've experienced on 
the homcfront! Special thanks also to Walter for risking your 
reputation by being seen with a nerd like me. What can I say - 
you're the best!!! Thanks to Jimmy Buffett. Indigo Girls, the 
Dead. Peter Paul & Mary. CSN. Stephen King, the Simp- 
sons, the Bradys, Rocky Horror, Clyde (my blue baby), Vic 
Shakapopolis, Chapstick, summers, and anything else that's 
made life bearable! Future Coals: To experience one perfect 
day which would dawn into a bright sunshine, and then the 
sun would set at dusk and the stars would shine bright, 
sharing the sky with a full moon and the birds would tweet 
and the crickets would chirp and the black sky would enve- 
lope everyone and no one would stop laughing, loving, and 
living together in a peaceful harmony. And to never see Kevin 
Geary elected President. 

Mark Gallant 

13 Beacon St. 

Activities: Baseball 1; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Indoor Track 
1,2,3.4; Prom Decorating 3; NHS 3.4; Hall Decorating 3.4. 
Thanks to: God. Mom. Dad. my grandparents. Matt. Maria. 
Rich F.. Brian M,. Alex F., Mr. Maxwell. Mike B.. Joe S.. 
"The Gray Ghost," Kevin D. -- How about those Bruins? Mr. 
Lord, Mr. Joyce - for teaching me how to hit a baseball, Mike 
H., Kyle G., Dave Z., Mr. Al Dougherty, the guys from the 
hockey league, and Mr. Palmer. Future Coals: To graduate 
from college, play pro ball, and hopefully make a lot of 

Jessica Garrison 

77 Patterson Rd. 

Activitiesz: Ski Team 2; SADD 2,3; French Club 2,3. Tanks 
To: All those I smiled and laughed with. Thanks to Heather 
and all those meaningful talks. To Rick, you've always been 
there for me. To Lisa, Sheldon. Jason, and my mom and dad. 
Tequi and Sasha. Future Goalsz; To open a dance studio, 
start a modeling career, and eventually marry Rick Stacey. 

Kevin Geary 

6 Sunnyfield Rd 

Activities: Golf 1.2.3 Captain 4; SADD; Hall Deco- 
rating 2,3.4; Citizenship Committee 2,3.4; Spanish Club 2,3, 
President 4; Forum 2.3, Editor 4; Legislative 4; Student Advi- 
sory 4; Zoo Crew 1,2.3.4; Mom Jokes 2,3,4.Thanks To: Mike 
D. for always making me laugh, Schetto for "Kickapoo Joy 
Juice" and making me a Top 20 hit. Toons for left on Red, 
Rob for Ben Casey. Chris for snoring, being late, burping, 
etc.; Jamie for calming me down. Jeff "give it to" Jones. Erin 
for understanding me. kind of; Myles "duege. duege. duege", 
Rachel P. for dancing with me. Judy "I'm sick of your atti- 
tude". Amy for laughing at my jokes. Zieke for warning me of 
my cholesterol level. Jodie for AM rides. Dave "my younger 
twin" Boffa. Liz, Jen, Kyle, Sean, Megan, Monica, Amy B.. 
Tricia, the Golf Team, YM '90 and '91. Father P.; Mr. 
Reynolds. Mr Keup. Mr. Spinosa and Mr. Sullivan for not 
only being great teachers but good friends; Dick Vitale. Rog- 
er Rabbit, the people in the Kayopectate commercial; and to 
Mom. Dad. Kate and Bri for giving me the time, love, and 
advice that will last me a lifetime; thanks to everyone at BHS 
you have made such a difference in my life, I will never forget 
you; and thanks mostly to a group of young men who on a 
soccer field in November showed me the true meaning of 
courage and determination. Future Coals: To one day get a 
pink pie in trivial pursuit, not to lose track of my friends, and 
most importantly to enter politics and one day serve this great 
nation in a capacity where I can- truly make a difference in 
this world. 

Jack Geilfuss 

37 Glenridge Drive 

Activities: Cross Country 2.3,4; Indoor Track 1,2.3,4; Out- 
door Track 1,2.3.4; SADD 4; Science Team 3.4; Marching 
Band 2,3,4; French Club 3.4; Art Director for Musical 4 
Thanks To: Mom. Dad. Bad. Chrissy. Mrs. Byron. Coach 
Dork. Coach Doughrty. Barry Dyment. Brian Hanley, Gram, 
Grandpop. John. Jacquic. Mary Beth. Lisa. Dennis. Russ. 
Debbie, Wayne, Future GoaU: A Corvette ZR - 1 

Kyle Gelormini 

10 Harvard Drive 

Activities: Baseball; Basketball; NHS 3.4. 
SADD3. Co-leader 4; French Club 3. Treasurer 4. Hall Deco- 
rating 2.3.4; Prom Decorating 3 Thanks To: My family ■ 


Mom, Dad. Corey. Craig, and all my relatives - for all of your 
support, trust, and help throughout the years. Thanks to all 
my friends and classmates that have made my life so enjoy- 
able and interesting. Chris - for being a friend all these years 
and for all the good times we shared (oh yeah, almost forgot: 
thanks for all the rides to school), Jamie (Zambedian). Dave. 
Liz - sorry about the snowball. Amy. Jen. Mike - for letting 
me laugh at you all your... dreams, Geary. Rob - Ben Casey, 
Lynnette - for being shorter than me. Myles. Judy, Jeff. 
Zamp, Deardork, Erin, Megan, Rachel. Mark G and the 
other Mark G,. Jack, Mark M., and everyone else (if I forgot 
anyone - sorry). Thanks also to everyone in Youth Ministry 
•89 - '91. the Annual Steve Miller Concert Crew, all of the 
regular Sunday Afternoon Hockey participants, and most of 
all. to anyone who ever carried a couch or shoveled sand for 
the Class fo 1991 Future Coals: To get through college and 
get a great job, one that I can*t wait to get to every day To 
have a happy family that gets along well and can have fun 
together. To live the rest of my life with no regrets whatso- 
ever. To leave something here that future generations will be 
affected by. To attend a World Series game in a Wriglcy 
Field bleacher seat on a beautiful afternoon. To make it to six 
feet tall. To find out if our teachers were correct when they 
told us that everything we learned in high school would be 
useful in the real world. 

John Goodarz 

151 Concord Rd 

Acidities: JV Soccer 1,2; Varsity 3; V Ski Team 1,2,3.4; V 
Track 2,4; Spanish Club 1,2.3.4; Science Team 3.4; SADD 
3,4. Thaiks To: I would like to thank Mark Gray, Dave 
Hunt. Paul Doherly, and Brian Towne for teaching mc the 
facts about "Mona" and helping me through the years, I'd 
like to thank the period C gang, Kevin Geary, Mike Dmo. and 
Chris Henry for making S|>anish class a total joke. I'd like to 
thank the soccer team, especially Dave Boschctto and Jamie 
Asbcdian, who actually passed the ball to me. I'd like to thank 
the "steel team" members. John Hamby, Mike Huff, and of 
course, Mike Kiwi. I'd like to thank Sasha Korik for the most 
expensive Halloween I've ever had I'd like to thank Rob 
Ahcrn and Dana Giles for all the Grateful Dead Shows 
Finally I would like to thank Elizabeth and Richard Bennci 
whose house I slept in and whose food I ate for the past 2 
years. Future Goals: To go to college and later to Medical 
School. To stay away from hallucinigenic drugs. Enjoy col- 
lege to the fullest. Marry a beautiful and smart girl and move 
to California. Finally to attend one of Graham Morehcad's 
Bible Studies. 

Jennifer Anne Gorgens 

38 Old Stagecoach Rd 

ActifUies: Prom Decorating 3; Hall Decorating t.2,3,4. 
Yearbook Staff 4. Thaaks To: To my mother. I want to say 
that I love you very much. Over the last couple of years you 
have been there to give mc love and support, no matter how 
hard things got. I know I don't say it much, but 1 love you so 
much and I don't know what I would do without you. 1 also 
want Pat to know that I love you too. You always listen 
without judging mc. Kim, I know I don't say it much or show 
it. but I do love you. I want to say thank you and I love you to 
my Dad and his new wife. Dcbby, and family Peter, Sarah. 
Beth, and John. To my best friend and sister Beth MacLcUan. 
I want you to know how much I love you. You've always been 
there to pick up the pieces; no matter what. Don't ever forget 
all the good times we had with "Tag. . I'm it!", "Murry**", 
"Moooo!". and my most famous "I don't know". I Love You. 
forever babe! Lots of love and thanks to those few that have 
stood by me over (he last 4 years including Michelle. Diane. 
Slacey, Kerri S., Kerri 0\ Shannon, and Shane, We've had 
our share of problems but we managed to make it through. To 
Jen Owen and her brother Bob, I love you guys. Jen, we had a 
lot of fun scooping guys, and Bob, I still love you and always 
will. Don't forget our garage nights with us. Dean, Scan. Jon 
Alfonz. and little John. To all those in Winchester Davie, 
Gooch, Bob. Rich, and Miker. "Dude man, we Rock. ..Way 
Cool!", and "Trust me?...No!'*Davie. even though I haven't 
known you for that long, you have become a very special part 
of my life. You always manage to bring a smile to my face and 
I love you dearly! Miker, sooner or later I will collect on my 
pool game winning. You guys rule. I love you! To my first love 
Jeff Jensen, I want you to know how much I care about you 
We've been there in the past and 1 hope that continues. Izzy. I 
love you. Your blonde, blue - eyed babe is waiting for you to 
come back. Mike Valle, even though you left me and moved 
to California I still love you as a brother. Hurry up and come 
back. To the whole Marlboro Crew: Garrett, Fran. Joe, Mike. 
Emoic. Matt. Doug, and Chris. "Venus and the Butterflies" 

will live on forever. You guys certainly were " The Untouch- 
ables". Never forget our camping trip, especially Mike and 
"Luther". I Love All You Guys Very Much!!! Always Re- 
member and Never Forget! Futare Goals: I hope to go to the 
University of Miami to major in Marine Biology. I want to 
work at Sea World with the dolphins. 

Scott Granowitz 

47 Meadowbrook Rd 

Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3. Captain 4; Winter Track 
1 ,2.3 Captain 4; Spring Track 1 .2.3. Captain 4; Spanish Club 
3.4; Special Olympics 3.4. Tkaaks To: Mom. Dad. Elisa. 
Debbie, Grandparenu, all my friends, and coaches. Fatare 
Goals: To become an engineer, successfully run X - C at ibe 
collegiate level, and be happy. 

Andrea Griffin 

93 Concord Rd 

Activities: Soccer 1.2,3.4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Spring Track 
1,2,3.4; Horse - back nding; Hall Decorating; Dollars for 
scholars phoneathon Tkaaks To: Thanks Mom and Dad for 
always supporting me in whatever I do and always being there 
to help mc whenever I need it. Also Simeon. Sarah. Alec, and 
little Fiver, thanks Dad thanks for helping me improve my 
soccer skills and helping me tram for track, and always en- 
couraging. Also a special thanks for taking me to horee shows 
at 4:00 in the morning and always taking me for my lessons 
Mom thanks for everything, there are so many things and I 
don't know where to begin First of all, for always making mc 
feel belter when I'm down Secondly, for always being inter- 
ested in whatever I do (coming to watch mc play soccer, nde, 
and run) Finally thanks to all of my friends - especially. 
Heather, Cindy, Maureen. Kim. and Rachel Fatare Goals: I 
plan to go to college and eventually become a vetcrananin 
Along the way I want to continue playing soccer, running, 
and especially keep horse ■ back riding I'd also like to eventu- 
ally travel around the world and marry. 

Holly Grey 

22 Springs Rd 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 3.4; Varsity Ski Team 2.3.4. Cap- 
tain; Varsity Softball 1.2,3.4, CapUin; French Club 1.2.3; 
SADD 2.3.4. AFS 2.3,4, Hall Decorating Prom Dec- 
orating 3 Thaaks To: My family • Dad. Mom. Ethan, and 

Hannah To anyone and everyone who has ever been a friend 
but especially Amy A . we've been through a lot and I love 
you for being there for me. Liz W my soccer buddy. Rachel 
M for never knowing what to do. Jen C for eating all the 
fudgcsicles. Judy G. for confusing situations. Monica H for 
the advice. Megan D., Kathy D., Lynnette B , Mami we're 
beachbound. Pam D , for coming to the game even though I 
didn't see you. Boppin Beth. Kinky Kim. Lotcr Linda. Kathy 
B.. Jodie R.. Tom C. for letting me use the banana. Dave B.. 
Kevin G . Chris T . Dmo. Rob D , Jamie A for the rides. Jeff 
J., Dave Z. I'm still standing. Scan D , Jon K . and Jamie L 
for being the sweetest guy I know. My teachers especially Mr. 
Spinosa "Wow", and Mr Sullivan, the Soccer team, ski team 
and coaches Ed. Scott and Kim. the softball (cam and Coach 
Dave, but especially the 1990 State Championship team, 
thanks for a season filled with memories I'll never forget 
Fatare Coals: To go to college and have a great time while 
getting my business degree. Then, after graduatmg from law 

school, become very successful, marry the man of my dreams, 
and spend our summer vacations dnfling on our 50 foot 
sailboat in the waters of the world. 

Oliver Haas 

2 Ncllis Terrace W flr 

Actifitlc*: Vanity Soccer 4, Bukelblll 4: Baseball 4; Choir 
4; Hall Decorating 4. AFS 4; Spauiih Club 4 Tkukt To: My 
Mom and Dad in Gcnnany for nuking all this pouibic My 
boat family (Warren, Deborah. Harl, Sam) who it the best 
you can gel. My girlfriend Andrea, all the great and lomc- 
limes a little weird people at AFS, especully to AFS Frank- 
fun C IS bock!!' To the Spoffords and all their friends for 
supporting. My friends in Germany: Beppo, Ingo, Hanny for 
Ihcir motivation. My band for the great rockin time The 
whole Soccer team for the greatest Soccer season I ever had 
The Bermaiu for being so kind (Hard Rock Cafe shirts arc 
the best). Joah (stones never die), Dave (DeeceUc), Jamie. 
Mike. Scan, Paul, Rob, Becky, Shan, Alex, Judy. Monica 
(what a spint!), Mark (what a kick!), Koopy, Tricia. Rachel. 
Graham, Enc, Enn, Chris (Thanks for the nice nickname, 
which I still don't understand!'), Dave, Pete (thanks for the 
rides), Kelly. Dave (let's rock the choir!), Craig. Danny (nev- 
er swim in a pond when it's under 40 degrees), Joah, John. 
Adam, and all the other guys at Bedford High who helped mc 
and answered my sometimes pretty strange questions. All 
faculty members at school especially Mr Low. Mr Hunt- 
(nice lifestones). Mr Pavao, Mr Maxwell (for pushing mc 
into the Humanities'), all the guys in the AFS Chapter Mas- 
sachusetts, Fender and Gibson guitar (you arc the greatest"), 
to my whole family in Germany especially my Grandma on 
the Canary Islands (mi Schaetzle!'), the whole Humphrey 
family, and God for giving me the power Fvtarc Coab: 
Slaying Bedford and becoming the Soccer coach (joke) I 
want to finish High School in Germany with good grades 
(another joke) and after that going to the airport and becom- 
ing a marketing manager. 

Jonathan Hamby 

123 Offut Rd. 

Actititi**: Varsity Football 2.).4- Vanity Ski Team 1.2,3,4, 
Vanity Lacrosse 1.2; CapUin 3.4, Frye's Leap 100 Fool Club 
3,4, Marcus Kennedy Fan Club 4, Concord River Late Nite 
Club 4. Bodysurfing 3.4. Tnple A Fan Club 3, YMCA 3. 
New Kids Fan Club 3,4, Offline Club 3, BWA Prowrestling 
2.3.4; Drone Fan Club 1.2.3,4; Sled Team 1.2.3,4. Funnel 
Club 3.4. Pool Owner 3,4. Nymo Ediquete Club 2.3.4; Pope 
Swim Club 3,4 Tkuka Ts: Mother, you're the strongest 
woman I've ever known Dad, you got hk through it Brad 
and Chns, you guys helped To Pete for cleaning up the 
racoon To Steve for tnps to Maine To Tim for winter swims 
At Walden To Marcus for being great To Paul for being a 
dog To Scoll for supponing the Rig To Mark M for taping 
everything To Mark G for pas) prom acliviiy. To Mark 
Gallant for wrestling To Sue for helping mc through the 
troubled limes To Ryan for last bash past I To the gang in 
the Student OfTice To Norma for helping with the gang in 
the Student Office To Julie and Amy To Duke. Blaze. 
Keith, and The rest of the football team 1 missed To India for 
rocking mc all night To Jamie for physics To Smilly for 
fixing my car To Tnple A for getting us out of messes To D 
Hunt for roasting 'em To Mike H for busting a move 
Special Thanks to Tim, Pete, Steve, and Mark for the sum- 
mer of '90 And you Stephinc for showing mc when I'm 
wrong, telling me when I'm right, and making me feel special 
I Love You very much. Fatare Coals: To see Paul lake Father 
Picardi's job, to visit Ryan and Linda once in a while, to see 
Pete let a set of at least 8 waves break across the channel 
befor he does anything drastic To see Tim becone the most 
hated wrestler ever To see Steve roast em To see Marcus 
settle down with a girl his own age To go to the Academy, fly 
fast fighlen. retire at 26, slan building houses with my wife, 
then to go on and snowboard the Alps, surf the Nonh Shore, 
and jet ski from the Cape to Miami Find Elvis and have him 
play my 21st binbday pany And basiclly rdtk the world 

Christine Hamel 

18 Houlton St 

Actiiitie*: Drama Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Choir I. 
Madngal 2,3,4, Double Sextette 2.3.; Director 4, Show Choir 
3,4; Spring Musical 1,2.3,4; Girb Suie 3; Citizenship Com- 
mittee 3,4. Legislative Committee 4; SADD 2.3,4, Spnng 
Track 1,2; Feild Hockey J V 1,2; Varisty 3; Captian 4. 
French Club 1,2,3,4. Bedford-Suaux exchange 3,4, Foreign 
Langauge Accrediuiion Cominitlee 2,3; Hall Decorating 



2,3,4; N.H,S. 3,4; Telemedia 3,4; FORUM 3,4; Prom Deco- 
rating 3,4. Thaoks To:My tolercnt and supportive family: 
Mom, Dad, Meg, and Mike; I can't thank you enough. The 
Besnir family, Pavao, everybody on the France trip- espicially 
Megan-it wouldnn't have been the same without you. Thanks 
to the Feild Hockey Team (I don't chat. Mary)- I'll never 
forget you guys. Thanks to Jen (Julien!), Lynnette, Eileen 
(would I hawc survived in Advanced Chem?), Rachel 
(Freshman gym- you're the best), Tricia (grcenlight?). Amy 
(Indigo Girls), Dave, Liz. Brian (will you chicks shut up?). 
Kathy (Poland Springs), Judy (Steve Stories). Tom. Sean, 
Moose, Buck (R.E.M.). Taavo, Bill, le petit navire, Maureen, 
Jen Carson, Mrs. Rainis, Gretchen. Mike E. (piano). Mrs. 
Mclnnis. and Kevin. Special Thanks to Rachel P. for being 
silly, and Matt for being wise. Thanks again to Erin for 
knowing me better than I do. I think. Mabey? Future Coals: 
To create music that will make the world weep, laugh, and 
wonder. To break the world's record of the number of visits to 
Disney World. To figure out Stonehenge. To become the 
Little Mermaid, marry PRince Eric, live in Paris, and never 
lose sight of the world's beauty. 

Stacey Lynn Hanson 

Activities: Prom Decorating 3; Hall Decorating 1,2. Thanks 
To: Thanks to my parents. I know we have had our problems, 
but we always worked them out. I love you! Thanks to my 
sister, Kathy. who is always there when I need you, even if I 
don't see you much, I do love you! Thanks to Diane you are 
the best, we have our problems but we always worked them 
out. You are there for me when I need you. Keep in touch. 1 
won't forget you. To Michelle, Jen, Kerri, Shannon, Shane, 
Tim, and Beth, always remember the fun times. Kerri, Diane, 
and Shannon remember "the fence". Don't forget me! You 
are all great! Future Goab: To go to a good college. To get a 
good paying job 1 enjoy. To have fun! 

Melissa Ann Hartwell 

35 Elmbrook Rd. 

Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; AFS 3,4; Argentia Summer 
of 1990; Hall Decorating 3,4. Thiaks To: A special thanks to 
Mom, Dad, and Scott. I never would have made it this far 
without you guys. Thanks Nana, Nana, Aunt Margaret. 
Anda - for being such a good friend, little Mikcy and the rest 
of my family who've helped me. To my best friend Michelle - 
thanks for all the times we've shared, good and bad. Don't 
ever forget Waterville, New York, P-town and Canada. Jeff - 
thanks for being such a great friend. Remember:"l'm right 
and you're wrong!" Oh yeah Jeff, where are your keys, and 
which direction??? Kim - thanks for all the memories, we've 
had some pretty weird ones! Remember - the haunted house 
at Funtown USA! Kristie - let's drop this thing with Donald, 
huh? Kyona - the dresser and Kleenex bo%, you're too much! 
Rachel. Chrissy. Eric. Cindy. Colin. Tom. Tina. Michelle S. 
Thanks for being with me for all of these guys, I'll never 
forget you! Thanks to all of my second families, especially the 
Bakcr/Conolly clan who put up with me just as much as my 
own family. I want to thank Sears for all the fun I've had. 
Laura - all talks and fun, Kelly - singing every theme song 
there is and never letting me get bored, Shawkat - for all I've 
learned, Lisa - the nachos, Helen for hanging, and everyone in 
my dept. Thanks Kenny B., Ken M, Brian, and Bruce D. for 
all the talks in the breakroom. Greg, Mike, Vae, Vala(sorry if 
that's not right). Brcnda. Bruce, Jessica. Thanks to my family 
in Argentina for everything you did for me: Mami, Papi, 
Silvina. Kavina. and Andrea. My best friends Karla. Celia. 
and Patricia and the rest of the people I met. I learned so 
much from you. I'll never forget the summer of '90. Tara. 
Aya. Grant and Shari - thanks for making traveling and 
Spanish class so much fun! Shari - remember all the fun we 
had. the people. 2 cents, and all the rest. Santa Fe forever! 
Future Goals: Go to college and be successful at whatever I 
decide to do. Marry a great guy and have four kids. Visit 
Argentina every couple of years and travel the rest of the 
world. Be happy. See Guns and Roses in concert. 

Chris L. Henry 

25 Offut Rd. 

Acti<ities:Spanish Club 1,2.3,4; Debate Team 3; SADD 3,4. 
Thaiks To: Nobody, except: All of the Spanish C crew, Dmo. 
Geary and Goodarz. The lunch table support group. To all of 
the people that sat next to me in class for being so patient. To 
Jim Morrison for just being. To my parents for feeding me. 
Future Goab: Whoops. Aw just forget it. 

Richard K. Higham 

34 Glenridge Dr. 

Activities: Track 1.4; Baseball 1.2.3,4; Football 3.4. Thanks 
To: My mother for putting up with me. which was probably 
not easy. To my father for keeping in touch with me and going 
of his way to show he cared, even though he was struggling 
with his own hard times. To Jenna Reilcy for picking me up in 
a tough time and teaching me a lot about myself and impor- 
tant relationships. To Ward Bien for making things stable 
again. To Coach Sabourin for not giving up on me. even when 
I almost gave up on myself, and for teaching the value of 
integrity and the importance of being a quality person. To my 
cousin David for hanging in and overcoming tremendous 
obsucles. To Johnny L.. Paul Oilfruit. Josh Clarke. To Tim. 
Jon. Manhouse. Ryan. Pete. Steve. Marcus. Huffman. Blaz- 
er, and Keith. Thanks to Kerry, Jen C, Jen H., Jen S., Karen, 
and other Junior and Seniors. Future Goals: To go to a good 
school and play football someday - somehow. To continue 
school as long as possible in whatever field I decide on and get 
a good job. To say oil, hose myself down, go to frappe land, 
wear clown underwear, look like Gorbechev, yell "kids have 
homework to do", see the roni's. to meet Kevin, to say I'm a 
good boy, just cut me some slack. 

Chris Hirsch 

24 Fox Run Rd. 

Activities: AFS 3.4; Homework I; Hall Decorating; 
Football 1.4; Tennis 3.4; Rifle 1,2.3,4; Bench 1,2.3.4; Concert 
Band I; Telemedia 1,2.3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Drama Club 1; 
Debate 1.2,3,4; Math League 3,4; Science Team 1,2.3.4; Bar- 
ber Shop 4; Choir 1 ; Musical 1 .4; SADD 1 ,2,3,4; French Club 
1.2. Thanks To: Tom and Mary Jo, Stephanie, Michelle, 
Heather, Mr. Sabourin. Colonel. Chief. Mr. Ullman. Mrs 
Kniegar. Mr. Kelly, Mr. Maxwell, Mike and Kim, Mac, Bill, 
Bruce, Kay, Todd, Jim. Bill. Steve, Ed, Dave. Charlie. Rich- 
ard. Dick. Danny, Rob, the people I have stepped on, and 
Malibu. Future G«aU: To become a pilot for a major and to 
make a million dollars before I am 29. I also would like to 
crush all people that have ever made fun of me. 

Michael Huffman 

17 Appletree Ln 

Activities: Football 2,3.4; Ski Team 1 .2.3.4; Spring Track 3.4; 

Hall Decorating 1,2,3,4; Prom Decorating 3; Spirit Games 
2.3; Canada Ski Trip 1.3,4. Thanks To: Pete. Mark. Tim. 
Namyere - the entire football team. All of my coaches, the 
Ski (Steal) Team led by Jon, John and Kiwi the legend. 
Norm, Cliff, Woody, Clara, Fraser, Lillith, Sam. Rebecca. 
Diana and Coach for all the laughs, the Cape Crew for all the 
endless summer days and nights especially cousin Mary, Ke- 
vin for being a part of all the rowdy bleacher crowds, Rob for 
the firework runs, Goodarz for scuba diving with me, the Sox 
for getting my hopes up every year and then frustrating me. 
Any of my friends who I may have missed and of course Mom 
and Matt and all of my relatives. Future Goab: Go to college 
in the Northwest, see America the real way by hitching cross 
country. Ski year round whether it be on water or snow. 
Travel to Australia and Africa, sell tickets to all the major 
events. Drive a real Jeep, light off fireworks till I blow off a 
finger, and hopefully never settle down in one place. 

Monica Hunsader 

8 Clark Circle 

Activities: Soccer JV I. Varsity 2.3.4; Swim - Team; 
Softball JV 1.2 Varsity 3.4; Powder Puff 3.4; Vice - President 
of Class I; Home room Rep 2; AFS 1.2.3 Treasurer 4; French 
Club 1.2.3; SADD 1.2.3 President 4; Latin Club Vice • Presi- 
dent 4; Spirit Games 2,3; Walk for Hunger 3,4; Eddie 3; Hall 
Decorating 1.2,3,4; CYO 1,2,3; Prom - Committee 3.4; Band 
1.2; Dollars for Scholars 1,3,4. Thanks To: I don't know 
where to start or when to finish. So many people to thank, but 
not enough words to thank them with. Mom, Dad, Natascha, 
Kara, and Stripes, you were always there, being very under- 
standing and supportive. Whig. Shannon. Sarah. Ethan, and 
Loree. I love my "close as cornmeal group." Ames. I can't 
imagine High School without you. Thanks for all the memo- 
ries and special times. We will alwayw be friends forever. 
Loree. I LOVE YOU! You're my little flower. We'll be 
together forever. Barb, thanks for always being there no 
matter what occassion. We could always do anything of go 
anywhere together. The Brennans. thanks for the food. Cait 

H. . Kim S.. Katie H.. Laurie S.. Meg B.. thanks for making 
my last soccer season so fun. Cait H.. Ave Puella! Tricia. I 
could always say anything to you and you're a great person to 
listen to. Keith, thanks for being so sweet. Mr. Pctrillo. I'll 
miss you and Amy and I running your little trips. Chris T.. 
Dave Z.. Liz W.. Rob D.. Holly G.. Rachel P.. Mike D.. Mark 
G.. thanks for filling my High School years with your friend- 
ships. Dave B., You'll always be my special friend. Mr. Hunt, 
thanks for your bad jokes and friendly smile. Mr. Palmer, 
thanks for Wed. morning lab. Mr. Kelly, for a great year in 
Latin. Dennis S.. for saying thanks to me bis senior year. And 
last, but certainly not least, thanks to the class of 91! Future 
Goab: To never lose the special friendships I have made 
throughout my life. To fall in love, get married, and have four 

Ryan M. Janson 

19 Grasmere Ln., Nashua, N.H. 03063 

Activities: Football: Freshman 1; J V. 2; Varsity 3.4; Winter 
Track 1; Class V P. 3.4; Prom Decorating 3; Hall Decorating 
3.4; Off-Line Club - VP 3; Paul Doherty Rag-On Club 3.4; 
Commuting 3; Adv. Commuting 4; BWA ProWrestling Tag- 
Team Champion 3.4; Roy Fan-Club 3; Tantrum 4; Nash- 
Bash Crew 3 1/2. Thanks To: I would like to thank my Mom 
and Dad for being good parents and for making sure my gas 
tank is always full; my sisters, especially Sharon for all the 
talks and advice; Mark G. Alicia D. Mark M. Stephanie M. 
Rich H. Julie M. Nemo. Mr. Huff. Mr. Palmer. Mr. Max- 
well, Mr. Keup; the football team and coaches; Kerry P for 
being a good friend; Jamie A and Jamie B for restraining me 
during Class meetings; Paul D for having morals; Mike B for 
being as lost as I am in Physics; Bob C. Mike D, and Sean L 
for keeping the "Dream Alive"; to all our fans - see you on 
tour in '94; Jon H for letting me crash at his house during 
football; Pete S for being the funniest kid I know; Tim M for 
being the great guy he is - AD361 14; Steve M for the great 
times in Maine and at Steele Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Clapp for 
opening their home up to me anytime, and for being some of 
the nicest people I know; my cuz Kelly O; my right hand man 
Marcus K for being a brother to me and always helping me 
out when I need it; Last 1 would like to thank the person who 
means the most to me. Linda C. for making the past 2 years 
the best they could be; for always being there and supporting 
me. Thank you for all that you have done. I love you and wish 
you the best. Future Goab: To see Mike D get a new guitar 
To find Marcus K. a steady girlfriend and keep him out of 
trouble. To have Pete S. over for dinner on October 13. 1993 
at 12:00 midnight. To see Dave H. graduate; Tim M. win the 
WWF championship belt from the Ultimate Warrior; Pete S. 
match his socks; Steve M. keep his shirt on in public; Mike H 
do a jumping jack correctly. To play live in Foxborough 
Stadium and out-drum Neil Peart. To go to college, get 
ntarried to Linda, open Blazer's Bar & Grill with Mike B.. 
have kids, and live Comfortably Numb. 

Jeffrey M. Jones 

120 North Rd. 

Activities: Basketball; Football 1.2; Lacro&se 3.4; Wa- 
ter Polo; Arguing, EDDIE 3; Hall Decorating 

I, 3,4; Prom Decorating 3.4; Lip Synch 4; Mom Jokes 3.4; 
Secret Suicide Society of the Summer Session 4 Thanks To: 
Mom (for washing my underwear, and being a Mom). Nana. 
Papa. Sherry. Linda-n-Rick. Beth. Donna. "The Goons " Jen 
and Mike and my dog Sampson - Melissa (for being my best 
friend, and getting over her love affair with Donald Duck). 
Michelle B (for all the good limes, teaching me how to ski. 


and being shorter than I am), Chri* (for having a place on 
Lake Winnepasauke always Tilled with food and initiating the 
S.S.S.S.S.). Rob "Marto Andrctle" Donaldson (for always 
driving us around and being a rock). Tom (for buying the 
Suzuki and laughing at anything). Mike "Demo" (for running 
with me). Mark M. (for being a good friend and having a pool 
to play watcrpolo in). Amy C. (for introducing me to the 
hamburglar). Dave B. (for being a fellow Pine Brother, and 
making fun of me in his directory). Jamie (for having the 
biggest ego in the school). Amy A. (for being there to make 
fun oO. Kevin (for believing "the great pumpkin story"). 
Marni (for teaching me the "correct" way to roll my panU). 
Pete. Eric. Kyle. Dave Z.. Liz. Rachel M . Sean L.. J. Buck- 
ley, Sean D., Kristie C, Michelle Sacco (for being my honey, 
and all those normal dates). Ron Espisilo, George Murray, 
and Tom Wright (for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club, 
and all you guys do for the town), the good teachers I had 
(who actually uught). the girls Softball team (for bringing 
excitement to the school by winning the sute championship), 
the Field Hockey Team (for not much), the B.H.S. Cheer- 
leaders?, the DPW for always having the road clear when it 
snows, and anyone else I forgot to mention Wmtmn Coab: To 
see the Red Son win the World Series, have a nicer boat than 
Chris, see Rob receive that elustrious couple hundred dollar 
speeding ticket, have Tom lei me actually take the "yellow 
banana" for a drive, see Kyle wipe out on water ski's and not 
start laughing hysterically, see Mike H arrested for scalping 
tickets, to win Mcgabucks, own a new truck, graduate from a 
decent college, gel a decent job. marry a good wife, own a 
great dog. dunk a basketball, see Kevin pathetically lo*e a 
political election, learn how to weasel like J Hamby. get a 
tattoo, actually win an argument with a wall, see Mike D get 
up before noon in the summer, live until I die. become a 
college basketball coach, see my mother someday retire hap- 
pily, obtain the Holy Grail and spend no wasted time, that I 
don't enjoy wasting. 

Samir Kapuria 

22 Gould Rd. 

Actifitie*: Golf 1.2.3; Basketball 1.4; Vanity Lacroue 
2.3.4;Spanish Club 1.2,3,4; SADD 3.4; Chamber Music 4. 
SAVE PAVAO CLUB 3.4 Thaika To: Mom. Dad. and 
"Aru". for being who Ihey are. Juan "Johnny J off. maybe 
we'll find "Melony". thanks for the memories (original). Ke- 
vin D. (Mr. GolO. Tricia "what's on your shoulder''" M.. 
Kathy "Lana " Kurd, Jack (Brad!). Joey S (Shcwabeck!). Joe 
P., Krystin C. Grelchen "I kill people" Ela. Dave "it's casu- 
al" Z.. Liz W.. Rachel M.(Myles). Cindy "tape il up!" Lenz, 
Amy B. (Kaplan?). Yung say what''. Sasha. John "Mr Phys- 
ics" Holden. Teresa C . Kathy S (shy''). Zach (Amy Sulli- 
van?). Tommy "Forehead" Chester (Bannaner!). Donna. 
Mark G (want to play hockey). Mrs Anderson (conduct 
much?). Sr Pavao "Doude esta la maleU". and everybody 
else in this book, "for a lack of a better phrase" (Mr Spin- 
osa). Fahire Coab: To live, love and learn, make a lot of 
money and enjoy life. (Also to "rear-end" Koop's Ferrari, a 
couple of "Goals" ahead). 

, Zacbary Keeting 

337 North Rd. 

Actiiida: Ski Team 3,4; Lacrosse 4 Tkaaks To: All the 

members of the Gallant/Duris Hockey League for gibing new 
meaning to the term "tripping" All those on the ski team who 
help cheer me across the finish line in my debut Nordic 
extravaganza. Susanne for giving me a reason to stay in 
Spanish Freshman Year. Anyone who never asked for a free 
sub at D'Angelos. Fred for showing me how a real drum god 
should play. And of course my parents, who helped me on 
every long term assignment 1 completed through twelfth 

Marcus Kennedy 

57 Ridgeview Ave., Mattapan, 02126 

Activities: Freshman Football I; Varsity Football 2,3; Co- 
Captain 4; Track I ; Latin Club. Tkaaka To: God, my Mom, 
little sister. Hope, Rev , Bo. my favorite Aunt; Sedrick; Jeff; 
Louuenia; thanks to Big Tim and sorry about beating you up 
in Sth grade; my lift hand man Big. Arm Ryan for bailing me 
out; The "Bone" Hamby "Do it for the chicks!"; Steve M. 
keep your shin ofP. Minuse. Pete. Nemo. Keith. Lenoxx. 
Special thanks to Shay D. Big thanks to "my pig" (Kerry); 
little Jamie B.; Sue Spencer, "by the way, I still beg!"; MO; 
Jen C. (stay nice); all the other ladies who are in my life, all 
the ladies who were in my life, and all the ladies who wish to 
be in my life. Thanks (o Mr and Mrs McNeany; Coaches 
Sabourin, Pelrillo. and Campbell. A big fat thanks to the 

person who made it all happen - Mrs. Parker Falmrt Coab: 

To become a poaitive role model, have a career which I could 
enjoy To see Jon Hamby a humble human being To bench 
more than Tim To hear Keith tell a funny story To see Sean 
Linehan dress nice. And to find out what really makes an 
ocean wave. wave. 

Brian J. Kem 

21 Hayden Ln. 

ActivitiecTennis 1,2,4; Debate 1,2; Orcheatra 1,2; Math 
League 2,3,4; Science Team 4; French Club 2,3,4; SADD 
2.3,4; Hall Decorating 2.3; LEFTY; SecreUry 2; VP 
3, Ex-officed 4. NEFTY; President 4; France Ex- 
change 3.4; Homework 1 Tkaaka To: Mom. Dad. David, and 
Rachel, for being my home. Mall, for the equation of life, 
Rachel, for daily ballroom dances; Amy. for my summer 
mail. Andy, for the Surfers, Chris H , for making English fun. 
Chris T , Rachel M.. Sean. Kyle. Liz, Tricia. Enn, and Judy, 
for all of your various reasons; Sbari. Rachel. Marc. Megan. 
Wayne. Mark. Heather. Andrea. Shelby, and Monica, for 
being my life savers I love all of you. Rabb. Dave, Jen. Evan. 
Andy. Jes, Rob, Chunk. Shan. Robyn. Aaron. Jo«h. 23. Kutz, 
and all of NEFTY for making sure I had no free lime, and 
loved il the whole way through Facart Caab: To live long 
and prosper, to ask not what my country can do for me. but 
what I can do for my country, to fear nothing but fear itself, 
and to figure out what should have been my future goals 

Jonathan Koop 

9 Robinson Dr 

Activilic*: Soccer JV 1.3 Vanity 4; Swim Team I. Lacroas 
Varsity 2,3.4; SADD 4; Spanish Club 1,2,4, Marching Band 
1.2,3.4. Jazz Ensemble 1.2,4, Musical 1,2,3,4. Hall Decorat- 
ing 2.3.4 Tkaaka To: Thanks eapecially to Mom. Dad and 
Michelle for always being there lo lend a helping hand and 
support Thanks lo Samir who has been a best friend since 3rd 
grade who 1 couldn't have survived without Thanks to Ra- 
chel Meyers for being there when I really needed a fnend lo 
lean on or lo abuse Thani also to Tncia. a great prom 
date. Judy Galani. the band chic and a lemfic fnend, Joe 
Somerset, math wizard. Kevin Duns and Jack Geilfuaa. lunch 
pals and good fnernta. Joe P . Ed M . The soccer learn for a 
great season of laughs and challenges, and moat importantly 

10 all my other fun. loving, fnends Fatar* Caab: To keep the 

nickname Juan and to play soccer in an over 50*s league or 
watenki competitively in the men's over 70's division To live 
every day to its fullest and live a life of happiness and fullfill- 
menl with a beautiful house, beautiful wife, beautiful kids, 
and a beautiful red Ferran. 

Sasha Korik 

3 Cothill Rd 

Activities: Tennis; Soccer 2; Rifle 4; Hall Decorating 
2,3.4; SADD 3.4; Spanish Club 2.3.4; AFS 3.4; Telemedia; Year Book 4 Thaaka To: My family - Mom. Dad. 
Grammy. And my little brother Mike I would also like lo 
thank John G (the yellow men). Joe S for being great all 
around, and finally Sam K . Jon K . Scoii M . and Josh B . 
And anybody else I might have missed Fatar* Caab: I plan 
to go to college and go into Med. Tech. then even go into 
education, graduate, find a job. marry a nice loolung nch 

Cynthia Lenz 

107 Offut Rd 

Activities Soccer 3,4; Ski Taun 2,3,4; French Club 1,2.3,4; 
National Honor Society 3A JROTC Drill Team 2.3,4; Sci- 
ence Team 1.4 Thanks To: Mom. Dad. Bnan Thanks, you've 
always been there'l been the best I'll always love yoa 
Jack and Joe. French woaM not have been the same withoui 
you guys Eileen, maybe we'll figure out Kathy 's life xjr^c 
lifiK I doubt it Thanks to Scott You've been a great fnend 
Thanks lo the real of my fnends for making High School 
more bearal>le Fatarc Caals: To live To become an astro- 
naut and be live fint to live on another planet To attempt to 
make this planet we live on a better place.(Wkat an uareaUs- 
tic goal, but bey') 

Sean Linehan 

16 North Rd 

Acti>ili«s:Football 1.2.3,4. BaskelbaU 1,2; Baseball 2.3,4; 
Latin Club 3. French Club I . Off Line Club 3,4 Tkaaka T* 
My Mother. Bridget. Nate, and my Uncle George, you guys 
are the best Scott C for jsmming with me and being a good 
fnend Ryan J . Mike D . and Bob C for giving me a chance, 
the dream's alive, see ya on lour in '94 Thanks to the football 
team. J Love. Keith. Tim. Steve. Blaze. Duke. Oil. Pete. 
Bone. Minuse. Nemo, and Dupree Also Scott O . Mark C . 
Fred B . Jeff J . Amy C . Nancy S . and Stepb S Falat* 
Caab: Get mamed. open for Anthrax at the Centrum Then 
ahve Anthrax open up for Tantrum on our world tour Get 
sponsored by Ibanez and GHS and wnte a song with Jamea 
Hetfield If not, make my millions by becoming a cartoonist 
Abo, to have Nemo pay me back from the t9 Weston game. 

John Lydon 

6 Bedford Village 

AcdiWaa: Football 1.2 Vsnily 3.4. Baseball 1.2 Vanity 3.4. 
Scooping Vanity 3.4. Paul Doherty Rag Scaaions 3.4 Tkaaks 
Ta: My Mom for always helping me and for all the support in 
whatever I wanted to do My stsur Jennifer for being the best 
sister I ever had' Special "Thanks to my brothen for always 
letting me uae their can whenever I wanted to ukc out tboae 
lovdy ladies Pete Ritson for all those Hampton Beach Tnps. 
Steve Prcacolt for growing up together Pat Cosgrove for all 
the great times we have had in the past and to all the great 
limes we will hsve in the future Mike "Blazer " Blasi for all 
those great BOX stones we have shared together Joah Clarke 
for bang the best Cbeebe with Checba around Rich "Dick. 
Duke. Puke" Higham for all the great Uaghs and partying »c 
have had. I hope you become a great kick returner in collcfic 
Paul "oil. moral man. Dog" Doberty for all the fun times -c 
have had and for being a good fnend. Oh ya and for al»i>i 
being there to rag on "Thanks to the late night T-Top cruising 
club. Hampton Beach and Martha's Vineyard for all Ihoae 
Boxes they produced A Super Special Thanks to all those 
girls that put up with mc in my high school yean Thanks to 
Ken. Jenny. Zuzka. Debbie and the rest of the class of 92 
girls Thanks lo Ihe Senior girls. Michelle. Jen. Alicia. Sue. 
Slephanie. Kelly, and Kerry Thanks lo Mike. Dicky. Josh. 
Psul. Jon. Msrciis. Tim. Keith, Sean. Steve. Mark, Pete, mv 
coaches, and the rest of the football team Fatar* Caak 
Become succaafnl in busineaa. and make a lot of money 
Dnve a fast really fly sporu car that has T lops Keep in 
touch with my fnends over the yean Never under any cir- 
cumsunccs be whipped by anyone Play football in college 
and become a great coracrtaack Meet up with a special girl, 
have a good relationship, but never gel mamed' And most 
important of all to hsve the most possible fun in my life 

Elizabeth Ann MacLellan 

4 Perham St 

ActiviUaa: SADD 4, Yeaitook Suff 4; From Decorating 3. 
Hall Decorating I.2J.4 HaaksTo: Extra Special thanks to 
Mom I never wouM have Bade it withoui your love and 
support Thanks for sundiag b> my ndc ihrough it all I love 
you" Thanks to Boaaie for being tack a great sister. I love 
you" Another extra special thanks goes to my Dad Dad. even 
though you're gone I love you and mm you very much, and I 
will never forget how lucky I was lo have such a great Dad!!" 
Thanks to Lias (Wslter) for being my (oldest and dearest) 
fnend. and for slicking by me for Ihe past 19 yean We share 
so many memories together like "Puis Je". "Reefer", and of 
course Maine "Hey. let's try to win at least one volleyball 
game this year. Okay'*" Love Ya" "Thanks to Jen for being my 
best friend snd sister We share a lot of memones and have 
had many good times tofcther. Don't forget "MOOOOO". 
"MLRRAV" and ol coanc "Dade maa... »« rock, way 
cool!" You've made aqr tmat year oac to fcacmber I lo*c 


you!! Thanks to Michelle for being such a good friend. Don't 
forget thegood times we've had at concerts (6th row - POI- 
SON) and at the mall. "Is that the guy?" "Well, can you 
believe we Hnally made it?" "I always knew we get out of here 
sooner or later." Don't ever lose contact with me. I love you!! 
Thanks to all my other close friends which include Lauren, 
Paula. Kerri. Fran. Mike (Luther), Joe. Chris, Doug, Matt, 
Emo. Diane, Shannon. Shane, Stacey. Brian. Doug, and to 
anyone I forgot to mention. 1 love all you guys!!! My final, 
citra, extra special thanks goes to my boyfriend Garrett. 
Garrett, I love you sooooo much!!! You've made the past two 
years of my life the best ones. I'm so furtunate to have you 
and 1 really hope I never lose you. I love you. Always and 
Forever!! Future Goals; To go to a good college, get a good 
job, marry Garrett, travel around the world, live in a big 
house, and have a lot of children. 

Scott L. Malo 

22 Pope Terrace 

Activities: Drill Team 1,2,3,4 Commander 2,3; Baseball 
1,3,4; CYO 4; Living on the Edge 4. Thtnks To: Thanks to 
God, who has answered my every prayer. To my parents, who 
supported me and pushed me to be myself. Thanks to my 
brother, who did everything a big little brother could do. To 
all my friends, who always keep me going and we had all those 
fun times. Thanks to Cindy, who was always there for my 
problems and joys. I hope you have a great year. Last. I would 
like to thank all the soldiers in Saudi, young and old. thank 
you for risking your life so that all humans on earth can be 
free. Thanks to everyone. Peace. Future Goals: To live on the 
edge, and always be free. Remember the good times, and 
forget the bad. To live life, only as I want it to be. Always 
have a smile on my face, never look sad. And when I die. not a 
soul will cry. because everyone will wave a happy good - bye. 

CarolAnn Martin 

37 Evergreen Ave 

Activities: Eddie 3: Volleyball 1.3; National Honor Society I; 
Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 2; Hall Decorating 3; SADD 4; 
Cbeerleading I. Thanks To: First of all I would like to thank 
God because without him I probably would've never gotten 
through high school. Mom • I LOVE YOU! - Thanks so much 
for putting up with me! Wendy - You've been an uncondition- 
al friend, thanks for being there for me. Cindy -Lyias! and 
Dito! Graham Love ya! thanks for being there and putting up 
with me. ..remember last year. ..what a basketcase! Scott Cann 
- Good luck! Val. Earlina, Donna. Mary - Thanks for your 
friendship and advice it has meant a lot to me - Love ya! To 
Mr. Hunt and Mr. Stevenson thanks for understanding 
me. ..It's better now! Angel = mi amigo de siempre gracias 
porser mi mejor amigo Te Quiero Suerte poura el futuro! 
Jason my best friend thanks for your friendship and encour- 
agement— Friends forever! John in Cinti, I hope our friend- 
ship grows. I'm glad we met! Kalhy - you're a nut, Alex, Lisa, 
Heather, Mikey. Jenn. Erinn wherever you are, Sean, Shari, 
Rachelle, Leslie. Claire. Cristoff. Sam Philips, Helen and 
Cecil, Mary Woolard. Laura. Mark Desiderio. Dad, wherever 
you are I love you, Jenn, Sulfur! Don't forget that tie! Love 
ya! And whoever I forgot... Thanks! Future Goals: To go to 
college and become a Radiologic Technician then. ..Who 

Patricia McGovern 

3 Ten Acres Dr 

Activities: Basketball I Varsity 2.3.4; Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis 
2,3,4; Field Hockey 1; AFS 1,2 Secretary 3.4; SADD 2.3,4; 
Legislative Committee 3,4; Citizenship Committee 3,4; Span- 
ish Club 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; Marching Band I; Con- 
cert Band 1,2; Hall Decorating 1,2,3,4; Haydens 2.3; Blister 
in the Sun 3; Forum 3. Thanks To: Thanks to my family for 
putting up with me and especially to my wonderful mother. 
Thanks to my friends. I love you all. A special thanks to 
Rachel P. for laughing with me about everything and nothing. 
Juan for being the great guy you arc. Jenn Callahan for all 
the meaningful memories, Monica H. for being so special. 
Rachel Meyers for being the first one to drive with me, Judy 
Galani for all the laughing good times, Steve Craig for the 
talks, Barbola Butch for always putting a smile on my face. 
Josh for always being there, literally. Carolyn S. for all the 
advice, the Campbell family for being you. Christine H. for 
those "deep" talks and don't forget, it's green. Jen C, Amy 

A. . Dave B.. Megan D.. Lynnette ■ Debbie Gibson OK? Amy 

B. . Kerry P.. Rob Ahern for the air guitar and Jerry, Samir • 
there's nothing on my shoulder, Erin F.. Kim S. for the 
pinching. Nat M.. Diane B.. Anne C. The soccer gang - 
"huddle for warmth" and JV Pride, the Poly Sci class for 

enlightening me. Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. P's Junior year history 
class, the Locker Crew, the Hayden crew, and THE CREW, 
you guys are great, Bernese, Ashley, Heather Sewall, Nikki 
Linton, Loree my love Galpin, and especially my dear friend 
Rosita for all the roof - top chats. I miss you guys tremen- 
dously. And to eveyone I missed. Future Goals: Go to college 
become a stewardes. travel the world, meet the man of my 
dreams in first class, go into the peace corps together and live 
happily ever after. 

Tim McNeany 

232 Carlisle Rd 

Activities: Football 1,2.3 Captain 4; Basketball 1.3.4; Base- 
ball I; Lacrosse 3. Captain 4; Wrestling 3.4 (Champ); Winter 
Track 2.3 Captain 4; Latin Club 3 President 4; French Club 
1.2; Prom Decorating 3; Prom Clean Up Captain 3; Spirit 
Games 2 MVP 3; Spring Track 2.3,4; Hall Decorating 2,3,4; 
Frye's Leap 100 Ft Club 4; BPS 3.4. Thanks To: Mom and 
Dad for your support and all of that lunch money. Lori and 
T.J. for being the best brother and sister combo a kid could 
have. Marcus for being the coolest kid I have ever met. Jon 
for the crazy times we've had, Steve for the good times at the 
beach when we were 3. Pete for being the funniest kid ever. 
Ryan for having the largest arms in the world. Mark for 
keeping the minoos style, "Dirty Dog" for letting me cut you 
down all the time. Mike B.. Keith F.. NEMO, Mark G., Dick. 
Huffman. Hunt. Seano. Johnny L., Scott, Jamie Bailey, Mi- 
chelle B.. Kim C. Jen C, Amy C, Alicia, Megan. Julie. 
Steph. Kelly. Rachel P.. Jodie. Mo. Sue, Amy S. Also thanks 
to Col. Campbell. Coach Petrillo. and Coach Sabourin. 
Thanks to everyone else I have ever met but couldn't fit in. 
Thank God. Future Goals: To see Steve actually turn into 
M.C. Hammer and dance on someone's face; I also want to 
make it big in pro wrestling and one day be the third Road 
Warrior. If that doesn't work out. I hope to be the first real 
Robo Cop and end the War on Drugs. I also want to bring the 
word "Fairy Whopper" back to the teenage dialogue. 

Steven J. Mead I 

44 Pine Hill Rd 

Activities: Hockey 1,2 Captain 3,4; Football 1, Arlington 
Catholic 2, Bedford Varsity 3,4; JV Baseball 1; Lacrosse 
4;Hall Decorating - Sophomore hall my Junior year; Frye's 
Leap 100 Feet Club 3.4; Paul Doherty Rag On Club 2.3.4; 

Prom Decorating 3; Sold Candy as a Freshman: 2 - Space 
Parking 3.4; BOMAR 3; 350 Roast 'em Club 3,4; New Kids 
Fan Club 4; Nashbash Summer 3. Thanks To: Pete Shamon 
for eating what a raccoon would. Tim McNeany for being so 
friendly at the beach when we were three years old. Jonathon 
Hamby for letting me borrow his things without permission. 
Ryan Jansen for being Richie Rich. Paul Doherty for getting 
dumped on constantly. Marcus Kennedy for being "Rocky" 
the ladies man. Also to Sue, Julie, Steph, Alicia, Jamie, and 
Kelly for being there for my high school life, thanks. And to 
Liz for being a good friend. The rest of the football team 
especially Mark Minassian for always coming to Maine. The 
hockey team and my four coaches, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Pe- 
trillo, Col. Campbell, and Coach GrifTiths. And to Coach 
Belcher and Mike Donahue for being more like friends in- 
stead of the regular coach. Kim Cardilc for being the best 
laugher in the grade and for those quiet nights at her house, 
they meant a lot to me, good luck in your future. I love you. 

Mom for being there to talk to and to pick for doing anything 
for me. And to Dad for going out of his way to help me. For 
you and the rest of the family I thank you a lot and Love you 
all. Future Goals: To see Dave Hunt graduate. To see Jon 
Hamby's acne clear up. To see Pete Shamon show an interest 
in a girl. To see Tim McNeany become the most generic 
WWF wrestler. To see Marcus Kennedy settle down with one 
girl. To see Kim Cardilc not laugh at her own jokes. To sec 
Alicia Deluca trip and pop her head. To go to college and get 
a degree in Engineering and to make enough money to su(>- 
port my own family and let everyone know I have that money 
so when I rig Megabucks and win I can laugh at them all. And 
to go to Maine every Memorial Day weekend with Pete, Tim, 
and Jonathon. 

Kimberly L. Mello 

4 Franklin Rd 

Activities: Varsity Basketball 1,2,3 CapUin 4; Cross Country 
I; Soccer 2; Spanish Club 1,2; SADD 3; Hall Decorating 
2,3.4; Athletic Committee 3. Thaiks To: I'd like to say a 
special thanks to my mother and father if it weren't for you I 
wouldn't be here, thanks I love you both very much. Timmy. 
James. Matt and Chris the four best brothers I could ask for. 
To my grandparents, stepmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and 
all my other family thanks I love you all very much. Melissa 
(the Wise One) thanks for always being there for me, and 
giving me your Wise advice, thanks I don't know what 'i 
would have done without you. Remember the (Ice Michelle's 
window) - Police, P-Town, the boys, DETAILS, the tele- 
phone pole (?) Thanks you're the best, let's go bowling. Julie 
thanks for always making me laugh, want to go to McD's - 
ice. A-ba-ba-ba-ba. Nancy thanks for being there when oth- 
ers weren't. I'll never forget you. "Time Warp." Michelle B. 
thanks for being there you're great (did you pass in your 
essay?). Jen Hanson and Darrell Russell, stick with it. and it's 
almost over I love you both, keep scratching. Michelle D 
thanks for being there in Cand D block and for brown nosing 
the bus driver. I'll never forget you, good luck (with the guys), 
I'll miss talking to you. Debbie thanks for confiding in me, 
and listening to me, good luck with all the guys, to Diane also 
thanks for putting up with me in homeroom, good luck, and 
keep in touch. Thanks also to Eric, Cindy, Jeff. Jason. Heath- 
er S.. Jen (Cookie), Keith F.. Bryan, Dave H., Paul D., Alicia 
D., Ron G.. Karie M.. Cameron, Tricia, Pita, Jenne D., and 
Ian and Steve for making B block interesting. To all the 
people at work. C and D block child ed class thanks for brown 
nosing with me. and for keeping class interesting. Ms. Peel's 
first and second grades, good luck. I'll miss you all very much 
To all my other Moms and Dads thanks for putting up with 
me. Thanks to the basketball team good luck in the future. 
Thanks for all the memories. To all my teachers for pushing 
me to do my best. To all my class mates, and the best class, 
the class of '91 . Last but not least to Denton for always being 
there even if you didn't want to. you have put up with all my 
problems. I'm glad I've gotten to know you. I know I'll win at 
bowling sooner or later, so you better watch out. 4-5683-968. 
Future Goals: To get front row tickets to a New Kids on the 
Block concert, shrink a few inches. sUrt a women's NBA. and 
to date someone taller than me. No. but really, go to college 
and play ball, go into child education and become a teacher or 
go into accounting. Marry someone Tall, Dark, and Hand- 
some, (the One I Love), have 3.5 kids be rich, own a Monte 
Carlo SS black with red pin stripes and to have a Chevy 
Blazer. But mostly aim high and look for a few good men. 

Julie Ann Merrill 

10 Balsam Dr 

Activities: JV Soccer I; Varsity Soccer 2.3 Captain 4; Spring 
Track 1,2; Class President 1; Home Room Rep 2; Hall Deco- 
rating 1,2,3,4; Prom Decorating 3; French Club 1; Yearbook 
4; JV Nash Bash Crew 3.5. Thanks To: Susanne, Nantucket 
was the best, also Summer '87, Loon Mt., Tracks, Thanks for 
always listening and letting me be right, you are the greatest 
friend even with the dent in your forehead. Jamie for always 
being there to go grocery shopping with, no matter what 
(music 86). even if you are spoiled Don't forget N H and 
may the man from Peru live forever. Amy for all the talks, 
socs, and coffee at Pewtor Pot, thanks for Harvard Square. 
N.H.. and for being so well organized. I wish you guys luck 
and s\iccess in whatever you end up doing Clareton 1992 
Also thanks to Nikki. Marni. Joyce. Phil, Dave, Chris. Katie, 
Jen S., Scott R., Jon and Tim for helping me through the bad 
times. Ryan and Mike for their knowledge in Physics Scott 
O B. for his tomatoes. Steph for Halloween 90 Alicia for 
dying my hair purple. Kim for being the orginal V-Club 
member. Caria for the protractors in Mr M's ceiling Kelly 
for being cool JACKS2. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for 


all their love and support and to Danny for being there the 
past 4 years, for all our Sundays, for Salisbury and summer 
'87 and mostly for being a great friend. I love you and wish 
you the best. Future Coals: I. To walk without a limp. 2. To 
leach Amy C. how to ski. 3. To become a successful engineer 
and never have to give another oral report. 

Rachel Myles Meyers 
62 Sweetwater Ave 

Actitilies: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; 
Choir I; Madrigal 2.3.4; Double Se«telte 1,2,3.4; Drama 
Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 2,3.4; Spring Play 1; 
Marching Band 1,2,3; Jazz Ensemble 2.3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; 
Prom Decorating 3; French Club 2.3.4; Hall Decorating 
2,3,4; Suicide Pact 4; l^bor Day Weekend 3.4; My Kitchen 
i,2.i,*: PAUSE 2.3.4; Appaling Lack of Anything to do on 
the Weekends 1.2; Even With My License 3,4. Thanks To: 
Mom for putting up with me, my music, and my friends who 
are always at the door My Daddy for always having neat 
stories to tell me. Jessica for Z - Words and being silly with 
me. Blep - Blep. And Pepper, the acrobatic cat, for making 
me sneeze. Amy for being my life support system, "I've got a 
psychopathic love..." Jen for chocolate turkeys and glow-in- 
the-dark teeth. Judy for going to obnoxious heavy metal 
concerU with me, Christmas anyone? Rachel, for the summer 
of '90. our never achieved problem. Not Brian, and 13 sec- 
onds. Liz. SNIGLETS! Tricia. sure we'll play tennis this 
summer. Christine for just being Christine, "you're not sup- 
posed to do that!" Little Juan for always standing by me and 
for taking such good care of me. And the whole posse; Jamie, 
thanks for being so good to me, it's going (Bite, Bite) Dave B 
for those daily Wedgewood tennis court talks and eighth 
grade pacts. Chris, all that for a ride to school? Rob for 
making driving an adventure, suits and flightlines Geary, 
who really does have a little brother, for sound effects and for 
ending my insecurities Dmo for going to the Semi - Formal 
with me in spite of my dinner jacket. Zampese , for being 
stubborn, no checks please. Tom, for a messy Halloween 
Jeff, Kyle, Sean, OIlie, and the rest of the crew Buck for 
having the perfect last name Sam. there's NOTHING on my 
shoulder! Matt for giving Amy a hard lime when I'm not 
there. Susanne for being my Physics Message Sister Lyn- 
nette and her darling Ray. Hooplas! Crud! Blah! Heather for 
being really, truly, confused Michelle. Diane, and Mike 
Burke for being the funniest family Holly, for letting me be 
clueless, as usual. Donna. Erin, Megan (Lovey). Jenn C and 
Kerry Special thanks to Father Picardi for letting me be the 
only Quaker Jew in Youth Ministry's history Mr Reynolds, 
Mr. Sabourin (Enthusiasm). Mrs Rainis (Faith No More). 
Mr. Palmer, and Mr Sullivan And everyone from the past 
Paul T. for 10 months and for shocking Wedgewood parents 
Chris R. for hugs, steak knives, is that you'' Mike D (Julio), 
for being my Cha - Cha teacher, losing gloves, stealing heli- 
um, and for loving mc. Kitty for listening to my twisted life 
Mike Stein for not hating me. going North. Nobscot. Don't 
tell me. Jay's there. You lie! Also, thanks to Sir Archie the 
Teal Mobile for giving me my first taste of freedom I love 
every one of you more than Tootsie Rolls and coffee! Vufrt 
Coals: To have an illogical relationship with someone 1 care 
about. To make a difference in the lives of everyone I'll ever 
care about. And to find out why objects in the mirror are 
closer than they appear. 

Stephanie Miller 

84 Page Rd 

Actifities: Cheerleading 1,2,3 Captain 4; Hall Decorating 
1,2.3.4; Prom Decorating 3,4; Yearbook 4; Powder Puff 3,4; 
Clam Bake 4; Egg Toss. Thaaks To: Alicia, My Best Buddy 
Thanks for all of the good limes and helping me thru the bad 
limes You're the coolest Kelly, the coolest Dude and Best 
Buddy. Thanks for all the great limes and for the rides in 
Bucky. You're the Best. To SKA. We had the best time 
Remember pumpkin stealing. Bucky. Narcisus. and for all of 
the times in between you guys are the greatest and I love you 
very much. Kim. the coolest of them all Remember all the 
times during the summer of '90 We had the best lime 
Thanks for all of the talks we had. You're the best, love ya 
Michelle, you radical Mama. Thanks for all the great times. I 
love ya. Mark. Reshy - keep picking those toes. Love ya. 
Amy. Thanis for all of the talks at Dunkin Donuls. Julie, 
Remember Halloween, that time was so fun. Thanis for 
everything. Sue. you dancing Queen. Jamie. Remember 
Mr.Ullman. All of you guys are the best! PiU. Marnie. Re- 
member the Flintstones Dance!. Thanks to the cheerleaders 
of 90 - 91 you guys are the best. Liz - little one. Caroline - 
Caro, Jen H.. Kelly - no meatball. Prune - dog. Beth. Tim. 

and Sieve for having the best birthdate. Ryan J . Johnny - 
Love. Josh C. Paul - Polly. Pete S . Scott - Yoo Dude, Phil 
B., Todd N., Julia, Todd M , Regulators for all the good 
times. Dave H - for having the most class. Mark G . Jamie 
A., Joyce, Suzi - for all the good times, Lori - Narcisus. 
MaryJane. Jenn R . Donna K . Nicole C . Nicole M. for 
being hte true Resh. Ellens School of Dance. Danny, Sara, 
Jonathan, Bonnie, Stevie Marcus, and of course Shay D for 
all the great memories, Tom Chester, for the coolest car. and 
to anyone that I missed The best for last. Thank you Jona- 
than for everything. You were always there when I needed 
you! We had our bad times, bul things always worked out for 
the best in the end. Thanks again for all the good times. I love 
you very much. A special thanks to Mom and Dad. Thank 
you for everything and your support I love you Thanks to 
everyone that I knew, know now. and will know Thanks to 
Miss Lohrum for all your help. A very special thanks to the 
class of "91" for everything Caria - for the Firebirds. 
(Jacks)2. Jodie Fartre Coals: To be a Professional Dancer 
on Broadway, to own my own dancing school and open up a 
business with my husband, to have a car just like Kelly 
O'Malley (Bucky) 

Mark Minassian 

9 Winchester Dr 

Aclivilies: Football; Track; Water Polo 1.2.3 
Capuin 4. French Club 1 .2.3.4; SADD 1 .2.3.4, Spml Games 
2,3; Suyin Alive 3; Hall Decorating 2.3.4. Prom Decorating 
3; Unemployment Club 3. Non - Maine Club 1,2,3,4, Mike 
Huffman Dance Ensemble 3,4 Tkaaks To: Mom and Dad 
for all your love and support, and Craig for being the best 
brother a kid could have; To Pete, the funniest kid I've ever 
known; Huffman, for always having a crazy plan, Paul, for 
being a good friend since the first grade; Nemyare. for all 
those argumenu and for never swearing. Tim. for t>eing larger 
than life; Blasi, for the hair that never moves, Steve, for 
taking all my gum. Jeff, for being such a great deep end 
water-polo goalie; John, for letting me use your pool; Marcus, 
for being Ihe man; Judy, for all the ulks; Kerry, for jumpmg 
into the pool; Kelly, for being cool. Mike D . Sean L . Ryan. 
Chris. Kev. Johnny L . Dickie. Jamie. Keith. Rachel P . Jo- 
die, Megan. Jen C . Kim. Amy S . Hacbad Macbar. Dick 
Dunn, all Ihe football coaches and anyone I might have 
missed Fatare Coals: To shock the world 

Francis Barhara Mitchell 

Activitic*: Spanish Club 2.3; SADD 2.3.4; Telemedia 4; Clar- 
inet 4 Weeks; Ted's Chic 3.4; Good School Pictures 3; Span- 
ish Hall Painter 3,4 (1 promise I'll finish!); Varsity "Accident 
Prone" Club 1,2,3.4 (Involving refrigerators, bums, protrac- 
tors and bagels); My first job (Secreury at the Temple 
Emunah even though I'm not Jewish) 7 Weeks; Fist Fights - 
NEVER!! Lucky for me . And of course I have always been 
the light of my parenis lives! Tkaaks To: First of all. I have to 
thank, 0>"' ''•'^ everyone else should be) my father for his 
guidance and my mother for her inspiring support Thank you 
for trying to make me use my potential to its ma« I love you 
both! I miss you mom. but we've always been close and always 
will be (You're the only one on my same wave length!) 
Thanks to my baby brother, the Tokyo - Home boy for always 
being an easy touch for money and spare pencils Thank you 
Ted for always being there for me, and for all you've taught 
me. You'll always be close to my heart Try your hardest in 

what you've chosen and I'll back you all the way. I LOVE 
YOU! April 14, 1990 Oh. to Roberto - Sean Buckley - 
Thanks for always giving me rides without charging gas mon- 
ey and for being an amigo To Jeni R. for being my best 
friend, you never make life boring and you always have a 
good (clean) ear for me Thanks you Sonny. Dave D for 
lilening to all of my crud and all the other things that I found 
esciling but you probably thought was boring. While still 
being able to convince me you were interested To the Queen 
of the Hormone Users Club - Mary P , the ultimate Weenie 
I'm not a Fran - Freak of a barnyard animal' Can you believe 
I'm passing history this year Mr Reynolds'" I'll betcha miss 
me donlcba? To Mr Pavao for putting up with my slow 
artistic abilities and for naming me after a spaghetti sauce To 
my "Dirty Dozen" College math class with Mr Hunt - I love 
our conversations about the Electric Company, rebels, and 
my dad's socks And I can't forget my fur - faced pup. 
Valentine, for forever being my doggie Oh - by the way - 
Ryan J , - I'm NOT SaUn, and to Asil for just always being 
Asil and to Mike B (SB) Speed DOES Kill' and a "Hi. Mr 
Ullmann!" P S. - Aimee Cain - are you out there Can you 
bear me? Where are you . Froghunting hopefully Fatart 
Coab: I want to get married to the one I love, have lots of kids 
with unique names and live in a log house in the mountains 
Possibly carry a job as a bank teller Bul if that plan falls 
through at the last minute, I wouldn't mind being President of 
an astranaut 

Graham Morehead 

445 Concord Rd 

Activi(i«a: Science League, Ski Team, Spanish Club, Math 
League, Forum, Yaff, Senior Play, Advanced Larry, Debate 
Team Tkaaks To: [)avid Lloyd, Amanda Gentry, John 
Crowe, John Ebersole, Andy Taylor, Chruiopher Henry. 
Mrs Krueger, Amy Jones, Renee Ferguson, Chrisiophe and 
Racbelle DeGregory, Michael Lamb, Mary Pellegrini, Jason 
Callina, Mark Desideno, John Paschkewitz. Almaiin l^wis, 
Reggie Verdieu. Joel Tynes. Matthew and Jennifer Melten. 
My Family, Russ Ewell, Brett Kreidcr, Joey Poulin, Eddie 
and Roianne Armes, and Peter and Laura Garcia - Bengo- 
cbea, and not necessarily in that order Oh. and you loo' Hey 
Steve Drake, do you want your name in my yearbook'' Sorry 
Do Tell, Deva Liebermann Falar* Coala: To be able to do a 
split, to create a masterpiece in art, music and literature, to 
get mamed and have a big happy family, to win a nobel prize 
beginning with Ihe letter "P," to write and direct an epic film, 
to vuit outer space, and to perform at the grand old opry in 
Nashville. Tennessee 

Debhic No«ak 

107 A Scott Circle 

Tkaaks To: Three sweet guy» *l Bedford High - you Sopho- 
mores and Juniors knoo who yoo are who always compli- 
mented me and lold me what a swcM person I am or was just 
there when I had to complain abou other guys Thanks you 
two Mikes and Chns. Chru I hope you will never forget me 
We've become real close fnend and you got the raw end as the 
deal, as far as the one who had to listen to mc the deal, as far 
as the one who had to listen to me the most I hope our 
friendship lasts and you will look for me to listen, as I looked 
for you 10 listen Shane - you're really sweet Thanks for 
uking me to Mc[>onalds during ufiassigned and good luck lo 
you and Shannon Thanks lo my fnends. Kim Mello for 
letting me be one of ibe first four people to drive in her car. 
for shanng her secrets and really being there as a close fnend 
Nana-kyi Johnson, someday I'll know how to spell your name 
for being the coolesi Junior who loves everyone and will 
listen, even though she's probably heard the story from your 
twin, also for her laugh, smile, and seriousness I'd also like to 
thank Erin Sparks for giving me good advice on how to get nd 
of guys without hurting their feelings and for trusting me and 
opening up to me as a fnend when she first moved here To 
Pnna we've become close friends these past two years You 
belter keep in touch with me when you move to Tennessee 
and you better not have your license before me!! I can't forget 
my family - Donna and Julie for being liille sisters I can tease, 
hug and fight with. Diane - you're a greal sister Thanks for 
not yelling at me about all the things I yell at you for Bill for 
uking me dnving. helping me with some of my homework 
and sticking up for me at limes To Mom and Dad - for 
making me try my best and trying lo lead me in the nght 
direction Thanks to all the teachers, especially Mrs Miele 
who didn't push me to do better, but let me know (sometimes 
indirectly) when I should stop by for help A never lost confi- 
dence in me Fatart Coab: To grow taller than some of my 
friends, some of the freshman or just people my age' To go lo 
college, and get a nice blue car. maybe an RX7 or and Acura 



Integra that's not too old. marry a blonde and have two kids 
before I reach the age of 27. 

Diane Novak 

107 A Scott Circle 

Thanks To: Thanks to Robin Dohman. Kerri O'Keefe. and 
Andy Hall for those unassigned times. Thanks to Nana-kyi 
Johnson for being there for anything I had to say. Thanks to 
Daymion Smith for those great Math classes, and for making 
me smile just by looking at you. Thanks to Prina Harris who I 
never got to visit in Boston. Keep in touch. Thanks to Jay 
Wallace for making me realize what it was thai I was looking 
for in a guy. Thanks to Jane Chui. you're cool Jane. You 
always could make me laugh. Thanks for helping me in Art. 
Also thanks to Stephanie Cann for helping me in art. I never 
could have made it without you guys. Thanks to Paul Camer- 
on for being an awesome guy that I could talk to. Thanks to 
Lee Downing for making me enjoy ROTC more. Thanks Rob 
for not making me feel so small. Thanks to my twin sister. 
Debbie. Deb, you've always been someone 1 could turn to. 
Oh, thanks for those times you've gotten me out of trouble or 
tried to and ended up getting yourself in trouble. Thanks to 
my brother Bill for coming to me for advice. Hey big brother, 
I'll always be there for you. Thanks to my little sisters Donna 
and Julie for driving me crazy sometimes, but for being the 
cutest little sisters. Last but not least thanks to my parents, 
who have always tried to push me in the right direction, even 
though I didn't want to listen. For all those people whom I 
have forgotten thanks for making this year the best one ever! 
Also thanks to my commissary buddies, you know who you 
are. P S. thanks Dan for being the doctor. Future Coals: My 
future goals are to go to U-Lowell, and gel an a apartment 
with friends of mine, or move into a dorm. Also to not have to 
worry about anything. Eventually 1 plan on getting married to 
a really sweet understanding guy. 

Scott O'Brien 

3 Sheridan Rd. 

Actiiities: Hockey 1. 2; Capt. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom 
Decorating 3; Latin Club 3; French Club 1, 2; Physics Pencil 
Club God 4; Iso-Cam Rick Observation Tram Capt. 4. 
Thanks To: Mom, Dad, the rest of my family. Paul for sayin 
oil. Phil B. and Dave for doing stupid stuff to make me laugh 
and being regulators. Jonathan for letting me set up the oil 
rig. Sue for sharing her Whole Wheat Fig Bars in Physics. 
Pete (Macbar) for making life real neato. Thanks also to 
Kim. Steph. Kelly, and the rest of their neat little gang for 
partying amongst us. Thanks also to Keri (Paul's whipmaster) 
and Karen (Oh my God). If I forgot anyone I'm sorry but you 
probably just weren't worth the pencil lead it would've taken 
me to write your name. Future Goals: To move to India and 
become the lover who rocks you all night. To truly prove that 
wearing is believingt (k-swiss). 

Shannon O'Callahan 

216 Great Rd. 

Actiiities: Field Hockey 2; Prom Decorating 3; SADD 4; 
Hall Decorating 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. Thanks To: Mom + 
Dad without you I would not have made it. Thanks to June, 
Kim, Paul + Peter for being cool brothers and sisters, a 
special thanks to Tracey and Kenny you guys are the best, i 
love you all. Thanks to Lee-Bff-fer knowing me better than I 
know myself, and to Diane for helping me through everthing 
you guys are the best friends anyone could ask for. Thanks to 
Michelle for helping me say what 1 wanted to say and for 
being an all around Cool Dude. Thanks to Stacey, who never 
knows what she wants, for everything. Thanks to Tim for 
making me laugh. Thanks to Beth for the locker room B Per 
Thanks to Jen G. for listening and to Jen D. for tuesdays. A 
special thank you to all the people that I have been friends 
with over the years that aren't mentioned here. Shane- the 
past two years have been the best I LOVE YOU. Never 
forget Vermont uhuh uhuh. The Fence, Detention, going out 
to breakfast, law class, poker and especially all of the happy 
times-you guys are the best. Future Goals: To become the 
best person I can be and to always be happy with who I am. 

Killeen (Kelly) O'Malley 

Activities: Softball 1, 3: Hall Decorating 1, 2, 3. 4; Prom 
Decorating 3; Powderpuff 3. 4; Homeroom Rep 3; Sadd 4. 
Thanks To: Mom -f Dad for my whole life. I wouldn't trade 
you guys for nothing. Joey + Smokey my 2 awesome broth- 
ers. Grammie + Poppy for being so understanding -f the 
best grandparents in Bedford. Thanks to Auntie Kathy. Aunt 
Ann Marie. Adopted Aunt Helen you are the best aunts 
around. Thanks to my uncle Jimmy 1 couldn't of been driving 

without your help and time. Uncle Johnny for the best times 
at the arcades + at the world of wheels. Uncle Mike for 
taking us fishing and warning us about imaginary people. You 
guys are the best uncles. Maureen. Lynne. Janet, Uncfe 
Frank, Denny, Kristie, Jessica, Fallon, Little Jimmy, and new 
Little Eddie. Thanks to Ilene taking me out so many times 
and putting up with me throughout it all. And of course 
thanks to my special friends like Carta even if you are across 
the United States buddy you're the best. Talking about the 
best here it goes I don't know who to put first Stephanie . . . 
Alicia our pumpkin patch was the best time ever. Our nite at 
the Travel Lodge shh-(Bork. Bork) (Baga!) McDonalds. 
Spire. Islands. Islands?? definitely reminds me of Kim, dude 
dude your the best cotton pickin' gal in town. Michelle B. 
you'll always be right on in my book, dude your the greatest 
(p. Cote'). (Dain kids), (N.H.). Marne for the T V nights, 
your talk in the back of Michelles car remember? yeah didn't 
think SO-JAKS2, Julie, Jamie. Sue. Amy our Christmas Eve 
videos are the best. Boy we know how to throw a Christmas 
party huh. I loved them. Julie prom decorating was fun. And 
my all time favorite buddy Lorie G. (Shake your buddy down. 
Buckey. Beach) Jen A. our night at the Days Inn and dude 
your right on. Suzi buddy your the balls. Thanx to Jenny. 
Pam, Mary Jane for makin' dancin' a Scoopin' night. I wish 
you guys were still in town. Go Girlies right on!! and Nikki the 
queen of all reshes. Thanxs to Kevin, Phil, Dave, Scott. 
Toads2. Paul D., Mark W.. Robbie A,, my favorite cousin 
Ryan and to the class of '91 who made my high school years 
really fun + fast. Future Goals: Stop crying after graduation, 
buy that beautiful home on Good Harbor Beach then gradu- 
ate from college. Find Vanilla Ice and marry him and travel 
around the world and see the whole entire world sight every 
country, every island, every party and take it one Day At a 

John Paschkewitz %. 

2 Clark Cir. 

Activities: Cross-Country 2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track I. 3; Indoor 
Track 3; Math League 2. 3, 4; Science League 2, 3, 4; Young 
Conservatives Club - Founder 4; USCF Bicycle Racing 4; 
Tennis 2. Thanks To: My family and everyone else who made 
my high school experience what it was. Future Goals: To race 
in the Tour de France, to become a US senator, to get a PhD. 
and to do anything else I find interesting. 

Nicole K. Patterson 

2 Green St. 

Activities: 1 . 2, 3. 4. Thanks To: Tina Ricker, I would like to 
remind you about B - Period People. Food, and Science. 
Don't bum your nose, get away. Congo bars ours are better, 
"when you gotta go call Patterson's tow" 290 155. go wash 
your car. have a good day girls. Vermont weekend. Happy- 
meals, black likes you better, for all the good and bad times 
but most of all for being so understanding and always there 
for me to talk to. To Mark Chen and Jim Bartels - thanks for 
being there for me you guys are like brothers to me thanks for 
the laughs and good times. Hey look at the ducks. Vermont 
Weekend. To Peter Ritson. you're a good person. Stay that 
way. Thanks for the long talks and always listening to my 
problems, you better invite me to your wedding!. Steve, 
Caren, Karrie, Werewolf, Brandi, Nicole Maddox, Dave 
Hunt, the Belairs. Hey Duckie. who left and why?! To Jim 
Hunt thanks for the long talks and you owe me a back rub!! 

Gina Inferrera. 4th of July Weekend in Vermont "OK don. 
burn me". Andrea, thanks for being a good friend besides an 
awesome cousin you're my favorite, good luck in the future, 
and I hope you get a shop, thanks to John Lydon and Mr and 
Mrss. Shane Jardine. Phil Poor thanks for teasing me my 
whole Jr. year, you're like a brother to me. Party, party, 
party. To Mrs. Ricker. thank you for all those M & M 
cookies, oh yes. you too Bill, and also the Q's in Maine 
Thanks to the Early Childhood double perild class. I'll sec 
you at the reunion and don't forget to dress arropriatly!!! A 
special thanks to "Scott" for always being there for me the 
past four years have been long and hard but we did it together 
and I hope there is many more years to come. I love you. To 
the Hannons. Paul, Linda, Lynn, Gram Scott and Spike, 
thank you for all the memories and the way you have all 
youched my heart. To Paula and Jim Bennet. thanks for all 
god times. I hope there are more to come. A very special 
thanks to my Mom and Dad for 1 : putting up with me and my 
mouth that always seemed to get me into a lot of trouble. 2: 
for giving me all of the brothers and sisters I have and so 
many good times to remember. You two are the greatest and 1 
love you both, and to the rest of my family. Frank, Bucko. 
Meghan. Travis. Julie. Vicki. Stan, little Sun. Kayla. David. 
Paul. Ashley. Randy. Debbie, Alf. Hector, PeeWee. Robby. 
Jeff, Blacky, and Lady. To my teachers; Mrs. Drenas for 
putting up with our B - Period People. Food, and Science 
Class I dont know how you did it!!! Mr. Keup. yes I do live a^ 
the Telemedia room!! Ms. Dowling and Mrs. Hibbard thanks 
for the coffee and chats! Mrs. D. for all the schedule changes. 
Ms. Savarino Cohen!! and finally Mr. Duggan and Mr. Am- 
broses - Keep smiling and do some work! Future Goals: To get 
married, have children, move to Vermont, and open my own 
day care and own my own home. 

Eric Pearson 

181 Old Billerica Rd. 

Aclifilics: Football 1; JV Soccer 2. 3; Varsity Soccer 4: 
Science Team 4; Drill Team 4. Thanks To: Cindy Lenz. 
Melissa Hariwell. Michelle Baker, Jeff Jones, Rachel Camp- 
bell. Mom. Dad, Kim Mello. Gail Hariwell, Mr. and Mrs. 
Lenz, and all those other people who have been there when I 
needed help. Future Goals: To find the true meaning of the 
word freedom. 

Kerry Pignatiello 

16 Harvard Dr. 

ActiviHes: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Hall 
Decorating 2, 3, 4; Prom Decorating 3; Choir 1, 2; Spring 
Musical 1; Tournament of Plays I: SADD 2, 3, 4; Athletic 
Trainer 1; Basketball Manager 2; Jordan Marsh Fan Club 3, 
4; Rachel's Kitchen 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; New Year's 3; 
Beating Marsha 3, 4; Appalling Lack of Anything to do on 
Weekends 1. 2. 3. 4. Thanks To: Thanks to everyone who has 
made the first 17 years of my life terrific. Special thanks to 
Mom for being so understanding. Dad for letting me use the 
I ROC. and Lisa for being a great sister. I love you all very 
much. Also, to Jcnn my kleptotwin. What would I do without 
you? The drives to school. McDonalds. Burger King, deten- 
tion. Norih Conway. Maine. Yarmouthport. all the men in 
our lives: Burger King Man. Dogman. Never forget Jordan 
Marsh. Do you hear something . . . could it be bunt cake? 
We've had so many incredible times, thanks for being my 
Yannie and for always being there when I needed you To 
Jen, the gnarliest person I know B!U!B are the greatest 
Watch out for "Teen Werewolf and never forgct-Wool- 
worth's is #1! To Judy my ex-drooper ses . . Umbgh-clomf- 
dang ... I love your b-b-bronchial asthma. Never forget 
Pizza Hut-3rd Thursday of every month. To Jodie, Physics is 
phun! Always remember, never stick a live wire in your ear. 
To Marcy-Bonjour! Always remember; mon petite enfant est 
tres mignon. Thanks for everything. To Amy for getting mono 
with me and doing the clock at Field Hockey games Special 
thanks to Marcus for always being there and for filling me in 
on all the juicy gossip-you're the BEST! Thanks to Mike B. 
for all of the ice cream, the prom, and for canng so much To 
Jimmy for some great phone conversations and for making 
my Yannie happy. Ryan, never forget those intense t>asketball 
games - thanks for never changing To Moose for having all of 
the pool parties where I always got thrown in first. Tom, I 
wouldn't have wanted to crash into a tree with anyone else. To 
MO, my favorite Junior, thanks for being as loud as me. 
Thanks to Paul for almost getting me fired and for always 
being able to make me laugh Extra special thanks to Dan for 
some great memories. I'm glad we're still friends-you mean a 
lot to me And to Brendan for caring so much and for all of 
the terrific times, I'm sure there will be many more You're 
#1 on my list - NEVER FORGET IP Also thanks to Tncia 


for being even more confused than me. Rachel M. for having 
even more parties than me, Jamie for our hot 6th grade 
romance, Kyle, my semi-formal date and eternal neighbor. 
John L. for the picture in his locker. Dicky for making fun of 
me. Timmy for licking my face and for protecting me from 
the "Olympic Swimmer". Steph for the 2 years of fun in Art, 
Holly. Heaather for partyin" with me, Mike Dmo for some 
great times. Dave Z. for taking me X-Mas shopping. Chris T. 
for all of the rides in the morning, Tim for being my dale on 
the 4lh of July. Liz for slaying so sweet and everyone and 
everything I forgot. I couldn't have made il without any of 
you. I love you all! Best of luck in the future with everything 
you do - you all deserve nothing but the BEST! Futvrc Goals: 
To graduate from college and start my own advertising agen- 
cy. Eventually marry the man of my dreams, have the perfect 
family, buy a bouse in Bermuda, and drive an all white 
Volkswagon Cabriolet convertible. Before I die, I must ski 
down a mountain without breaking a bone, drive Dad's I ROC 
one last time without hitting anything, walk through Jordan 
Marsh, alone, and IF POSSIBLE, do something wrong and 
for once NOT get caught. Lastly, to never stop laughing, 
always be happy, and never lose contact with anyone I've ever 
met in the last 4 years. 

Rachel Pollock 

59 Wildwood Dr. 

Actifities: Tennis I. 2. 3; Captain 4; Field Hockey I; Volley- 
ball 3; Madrigal I, 2; Double Sextette 1. 2; French Club I. 2. 
3.4; SADD 1.2, 3.4; AFS I. 2. 3,4; Latin Club 3; Telemcdia 
4; Prom Decorating 3. 4; Hall Decorating 2. 3. 4; Fud 
druckers 2; Jenn's House; Labor Day Weekend 4 Thaaks To: 
Jonathan and Jason for a miserable and perfect childhood on 
Robinson Thanks to all the chics - Megan & Amy S.. some- 
day we will meet three ull. gorgeous, brilliant (is that really 
necessary?) brothers at the Omni. Jenn C. - always remember 
that perfect evening with too adorable jerks, sticky pasta, and 
lots 'o whipped cream. "There's someone under here!" Chris- 
tine-thanks for being real and giving me a car to be jealous of 
Erin-thanks for all the lime spent and for being almost as bad 
at math as I am. Rob and Chris - may you neverbccome 
valets Kevin • thanks for dancing with me in Poli-Sci. Mat- 
thew - (hanks for travelling through the years with me, I love 
you dearly. Thanks to Dave B., Demo, Moose (you love Adv 
Bio! You feminist!), Fred. Kyle, and Mark Thanks to all my 
NEFTY friends (especially Jenn and Shari!) Thanks to Joey 
for what was. is. and will be, meet you in Cali in a year Mrs 
Donovan, thank you for being an excellent teacher Mr 
Reynolds - you're the best. If you ever need any fashion tips, 
give me a ring. Rachel - thanks for understanding and for 
coming back into my life. May Queen. Mrs. Hoyt's lun- 
cheons, and Valley Girls live on forever Amel. my pleasant 
Valley twin, remember Fuddruckers. (he French guys at the 
beach, and Ducky in pink ballet sweatpants. I'll miss you 
Niki - if we don't symbolize world peace, who does*^ Judcl - 
ever been in a Turkish prison? We don't have a cat! Do you 
like Madonna? What number are we thinking of? 8! Trachea - 
thanks for always laughing with me at absolutely nothing • all 
the time. Remember playing paddycake just to annoy every- 
one, the Mist, sipping sweet Coke, and for just being obnox- 
ious with me. You always make mc smile To the rents - 
thanks for providing me with everything I ever needed. Dad - 
you are the only colorblind man I know who organizes tooth- 
brush colors. Mom • thank you for the freedom when il comes 
lime to go. 1 love you. Ug - thanks for being the best brother 
and dance partner ever. You are my brown-eyed guy, Fvhire 
Goals: To graduate from a school in California, go into real 
estate and make some fast inoney, Hnd a man who will ftll my 
days with endless wonder and my head with new ideas. To 
write children's books which he will illustrate and to (ravel all 
over the world, reading our books to an international group of 
six year olds. To sec the Dead perform Ripple and CSN 
perform Suite: Judy Blue Eyes in one night and to be able to 
help create a time when I can show my children herds of 
roaming elephants and tell them stories of the extinct nuclear 
weapons. To sec Judy give birth and sec myself never grow 
old at heart. 

Joe Poulin 

19 Selfridge Rd. 

Activities: Cross Country 3. 4; Indoor Track 3. 4; Outdoor 
Track 3, 4; Rifle Team 1 , 2; French Club 2. 3. 4; Latin Club 4; 
Science Team 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Thaiks To: Thanks to 
my family, my friends, and my teachers. Thanks to the Lunch 
Crew for being there. Thanks to Mr. Sabourin for Enthusi- 
asm. Thanks to Ken, Bill, Barry, and Coach Dyer. F«t«re 

Goals: To make i( through senior year, to be accepted at any 
college, to run in the Boston Marathon . . once. To travel 
someday to every corner of the world. 

Steven Prescott 

4E Bedford Village 

Tkaoks To: Mom. my grandparents. Linda, John. Ian, Nancy 
(I love you forever). Eric (best friends for 15 years). Mike 
(my punching bag). Miss Savarino (for getting me through 
Sophomore and Junior Year), Bob (for being the best broth- 
er), Tina (pooO. Pete. Fatvre Goals: To kill New Kids on the 
Block, to own a fast car. 

Tina Ricker 

19 Culler St. 

Activities: Field Hockey 1. 2: Track I. 2 Tbaaks To: Mom 
for being two parents m one - thanks for the shoppmg sprees 
and all the love and understanding. Bill for being my brother 
and letting me borrow your clothes. Lmdy my big sis • don't 
forget the Chinese red ligbls. All my relatives - Uncle David. 
Uncle Sherm, Aunt Mary Bllen. Mike, Lori, Uncle Bill, 
Dcbby - save mc some tomatoes. Little Prim, my other broth- 
er Scott S., Heather my (win don'( ever forget mooing at the 
cows, getting up at 4:45, going ugly to George's and all ihoae 
other wild times Wendel - words can't describe you but bow 
docs i( feel (o be thrown in a jacuzzi'**! Dad - you're always on 
my mind and in my heart - I'll always love you Scott - you've 
made my life so much easier to deal with You were always 
there when I needed you Thanks for making me laugh so 
hard that I cried • I'll never forget the good times - I LOVE 
YOU!!! The Cann family. Jim for always smiling - thanks for 
the early morning wake up calls. Niki - there's so much to say 
Thanks for the long talks, understanding me and my moods 
and being the only person that knows how to deal with them, 
mixed drtnkies. hey there's Phil. SUPRA". Express yourself, 
they're twin sisters and its their birthday. Happy Meats, "did 
I say I wan(ed fries", sidewalks, speak to mc. the flowers, the 
many, many crazy times - (her'i been a lot - the laughter and 
the tears, we've been through so much together but remember 
I'm always here to laugh, listen, and cry with you • I LOVE 
YOU The whole Patterson family for accepting me and 
nruking mc feci loved and yes David I'll wash my car, Robby - 
you've showed mc what love really means We've had our ups 

and downs and lots of laughs. Don't forget to watch out for 
paper bags and remember that black likes me better We have 
a lot more time together I'm always here to love and under- 
sund you I'll LOVE YOU ALWAYS'! Also thanks to 
Diane. Danoo. Shane. Pete R . Jamie A . Bryan A for listen- 
ing to me in Art Class, Tommy and Jeff for the talks in the 
library. Jim C. Sean B. Early Childhood (and D - Michelle. 
Niki, Nicky, Jen. Karie, Kim. Kelly - are you dressed appro- 
priate?!!! Caren. Fred. Nikki M . Joe L., John D Lee. Mike 
D. Dana P., Mike H.. Billy. Krislcn and Dave • I better be in 
that wedding' The heritage mobtl crew, the Class of *9I and 
everyone else 1 forgot. You've made my four years of High 
School the best!!! FatMrc Goals: To stop biting my ringcmaits. 
get a job. marry Rob and nnally become a Patterson. 

Jennifer Rosenbaum 

17 Heritage Rd. 

Activltiea: Show Choir 4; Choir 3, 4; JV Soccer 3; Madrigal 
4; Dbl Sexlede 4. Math League 3 Tkaaks To: Mom and 
Dad for helping rrte to be all I wanted and putting up with m> 
CMS Fran. Angle, Renee. Ron. Ken, Vic. Donru. Beth (my 
roomale), Lisa, Audrey (my niece), Mike (my guy). Kerr) 
(my bro). Ricky (my bro). Robin. Nikki. Sabnna. Michelle. 
Michelle-a. Nancy, Steph, Melissa, Lisa. Don, Steve. Ann. 
Bill-y. all my other friends at BHS and Fnendly's. Anna. Lou. 
Dave (my ex), and Lisa at Hilton I love you all Thanks for 
the shoulders and fun times Mostly to my sister Becky • I love 
you baby sis! You're the best! Heather S . Patii. Joah and Eric 
and Jerr(my bros), J J and David (K P bros) all my teachers 
acro&s the country and around the globe - thank you for the 
knowledge you gave me Fatare Goals: to go to college, mcci 
a nice Jewish boy. get my degree, own a posh hotel, get 
nurned. buy a nightclub and sing a lot, have 4 kids and a dog 
or two. live well, love my in-lawi. 

Rebecca Rosenberg 

Concord Rd 

Activities: Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4: Concert Band I: Wind 
Ensemble 2. 3. 4. Pit Orchestra 2, 3. FORUM 1 , 2, 3. Science 
League I, 2. 3; Math League 3; AFS 2. Vice President 3. 
President 4. Holland '89. French Club 1. 2. 3. Yearbook Cop> 
Editor 4. Hall Decorating 2. 3. 4. Volleyball 3. Homeroom 
Rep 3. Drama Club 1.2,4. Tournament of Plays 2. 4. Variei> 
Show 3. 4. Happy I, 2, 3. 4; In Love 3, 4: Graduated 4 
Tkaaks To: I'll begin by thanking Mike and Dawn for 18 
years of food, shelter, clothing, and money (also for loving me 
and canng for mc and all of that mushy stufO Thank >ou 
Sarah for making my homelife well. interesting No. 
really - you're the best Thanks to Crayons for keeping m> 
neck warm on cold nights Thank you Bedford Farms for m> 
summer employment and thanks (o all who have helped me 
survive hot days and long lines • Erin. Lynnettc. Megan. 
Mark W . Dave, and Boffa Hans. Nieke. Jrgen, Kann. 
Twoinc. and Chnsta • Dank U zecr' Ik hcb het erg naar mijn 
zin gehad' Merci. Delphine. pour une experience tres memo- 
rable Thank you to tbe France crew. Lisa K . Lisa C , Jodie. 
Ivan. Megan, Chrutinc, Amy W . Theresa. Brian. Kath>. 
Amy ''passport" Storer. Matt who has fully embarrassed mc 
whenever he speaks of subways, and of course Mr Pavao 
Thanks to all those who made my marching band experience 
something to remember - Alex, Gersh. Brian. Gretchcn. Am>. 
Judy. Julie, John K . Kevin. Brill. Wnchay. and especialU 
Donna and Enn • (he five star drum majors Thanks Kathy S 
and Eileen for being wonderful fncnds and for all those talks 
from your car to my window at midnight Thank you Michelle 
for talking. Jen for listening, Steph for smiliag. and Nanc> 
for knowing Thanks Amy for supporting mc during my fini 
dnve-thru experience, as well as supporting mc through c« 
erything else You are someone who really cares and under 
stands - I will never forget you Jewlcs. I love ya Thanks for 
being there - always A very special thank you to Hunu 
canned tomato sauce Thanks Shan and Jen • the Mont> 
Python crew Lisa, thank you for being my french project 
partner, my history midyear study pal, and my good friend 
Daymion. thank you for helping chemistry go by fast and for 
being the classy and mature Junior Kath> H . thanks for all 
the stimulating conversations Speaking of stimulating 
Judy. IS It really better during tbe harvest'' Donna, thanks for 
moving here and thanks for laughing at my jokes. Eva. Timo. 
and Oliver - thanks for sharing much more than culture 
Kann, Bn. Uli. and Solvi - hurry up and comeback' To 
everyone else who has made mc laugh and who has been a 
part of (he best four years of my hfe Thanks to Rock> 
Horror. Banana ice cream with jimmies, the da> I met poopc> 
• Canoby Lake. Davey's stuffed football that got mc through 
lonely nighu, my license. Au Colon. Cliffs Notes and the 
color green Thank you Mrs Saunders, my second mom. for 
all the wonderful pasu A special thanks to the Cooke famil> 
for giving mc a second home and everything else you've done 
for fiK One last thank you (o the most important person in 
my life - I love you David You've done more than you can 
ever imagine. Thank you for tbe past, the present, and the 
future Fatare Gaab: To have lou of cau. pasts, roses, and 
happiness Also. I hope to visit Munchkinland by mean of a 
flying house Finally 1 promise to banish standardized testing 
from the face of the earih. 

Jodie Russo 

28 Pine St. 

Activitica: Junior Varsity Softball I; CapUin 2; Varsity Soft- 
ball 2, 3. 4; CapUin 4; Student Athletic Traimng 1. 2. 3. 4; 
Powder Puff 3. 4; Procn Decorating 3. 4; Hall Decorating 2. 



3, 4; SADD 2, 3. 4. Tktaks To: Mom. Dad. and Nana for 
always believing in me in everything I did. Jon. for being the 
best brother anyone could have. Amy. I'll never forget Ver- 
mont and maybe I'll learn how to walk up a flight of stairs. 
Kerry, we can never forget Physics. Always remember "Phys- 
ics is phun" and "Sue the school", plus all the others we had. 
Bobby Brown, there he is! Jenn C. now we can shop in real 
stores! Mami - Softball '90. Linda C. do you have a boy- 
friend? Deh! Thanks for just being you. Lisa P.. my little Hrst 
baseman, we want it. Holly. Tricia, Kelly. Alicia. Jen H.. 
Katie, Marcy, Jen C, Michelle, Stephanie. Dave (red rabbit 
over!). Pete, Keith. Ryan. Marcus, Tim, Tom, Jamie, and 
Mark. Thanks for everything. Kevin and Dave for all our fun 
rides in the morning. No more beige bomber! To all my 
teachers who've helped me survive high school. Mr. Cacciola. 
Mr. Gollis. Mr. Maxwell, and any others 1 missed. Especially 
I'd like to thank the Sute Championship Softball Team - my 
teammates, coaches, and supporters. It was the most exciting 
thing that happened during high school. Thanks guys and let's 
do it all over again! Fuhirt Goals: To go to college, receiving 
a Softball scholarship, and study physical therapy. Get mar- 
ried to the most incredible guy. Finally, I'd like to come back 
to Bedford High and Coach the Softball team to another 
State Championship. 

Nancy Saunders 

33 Fayette Rd. 

Actifities: Marching Band I: Majorettes 2. 3; Captain 4; 
French Club I. 2; I>rama Club I, 2. 4: SADD 2, 3. 4; AFS 2. 
4; Prom-Committee 3; Hall Decorating 4; Yearbook 4; Inter- 
gration Society 2. President 3. 4; Theresa Concannon Fan 
Club. Secretary 4; Amnesty International. Secretary 4. 
Tluaka To: Mom. Dad. Pauly and Paula- for spoiling me. I 
Love You! Becky (Rebecca) for being such a good friend, "ya 
know", let's always stay close. Michelle Dee for all our good 
times, code words, and all your understanding. Witchay for 
gossiping, partying, sneaking out and all our fun times togeth- 
er. Hugga for teaching me to be myself and for loving life like 
I do. Thanks for caring. Also. Michelle Cunha for all your 
advice and understanding (oh, no maturity!), Jenne (ban mo- 
torcycles and Eddie Andleman), Julie M. (Darabeen . . . 
thanks for always making me laugh), Tina (writing lab, IPS, 
homeroom talks, and birthday cards.), Kim (New Kids, mall 
runs, cookies). Mo (college Fair - Hard Rock Cafe, Robert 
Plant. Saturday Night Live antics), Judy (UMASS road 
trips), the CVS crew. Sean for always kiddin with me but 
never raggin on me. Bryan P. (New Year's Eve). Kaan, Mark 
Boisvert, Theresa (carbon rules! Thanks for teaching me elec- 
tric dipole!), Nana-Kyi, Cookie, Matt, the Rocky gang, Voe- 
Vie for being a reliable car pet, everyone at Drum Major 
Academy - Friends are friends forever, Alexis. Steve (want a 
Pepsi). Kathy? Nancy? Lana? Donna and Erin - two awe- 
some drum majors! Majorettes (Cinnamon. Clammy, and 
Sista), flags, the cast and crew of "Eddie". Nemo. Kerry. Jen, 
Pete. Ricky. Marwinfor noat being a snob. Nikld P.. Fran. 
Shannon, and to Julia, although the friendship didn't last the 
memories will. Special thanks to Mike for understanding me 
better than anyone else does - you are my best friend as well 
as my boyfriend - I Love You! I also want to thank the 
Serra's. Rosenberg's. Dee's. Roberts'. Stygar's and Mills' 
families for everything as well as Lorraine. Aunty Barbara 
and Uncle Bob, Nana. Jana and Ray. Fatiire Coals: To get a 
funky "bachelorette pad" with Steph. and do all the things in 
college I wanted to do in High School but didn't get a chance 
to. To find true romance with the man I know I'll love forever 
and to thereafter live in my dreams. To do the time warp 
again and to go to Margaritaville. After all this to come back 
and see what happened to the Class of '91. 

Kathy Schowalter 

610 Springs Rd. 

Acliiilies: Varsity Swimming 1. 4; Varsity Track I; French 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4; AFS 2, 3. Vice-President 4; Legislative Com- 
mittee 3. Co-Chairman 4; Citizenship Committee 4; Drama 
Club 4; Debate 2. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Crew 3. 4; Tournament of 
Plays 4; Spring Play 3: Yearbook 3; Senior Editor 4; Hall 
Decorating I. 2, 3. 4; Prom Decorating 3; Bedford /Sceaux 
Exchange 3. 4. Thaaks To: My parents for not kicking me out 
yet; E>ave for being such a great brother. Lisa. Jason. Amy. 
Mike, Steve, and Jamie- the whole "Lake crew"- for always 
being there- A heart of OJ? A Day in the Life . . . Everyone 
from Belmont and Gators- Puerto Rico, the Hyatt. Harvard 
Square. Dartmouth, every motel in New England (maid's 
carts? fire?) and camp (Yale and Hampshire)- especially 
Kelly. Melissa. Erica. Meags, Di. Alyson. and JJ (for rides to 

practice- yes. I have jumper cables. Also Coach B.. Mary. 
Rickx2, Steve, Larry, and Alisa. Shcilah (Mickey)- what 
would I do without you? for past and present. Allen and 
Carter for my first serenade. Melissa, my oldest friend- what 
can I say that hasn't already been said- thanks! Tara (TJ) for 
making my life seem really easy and peaceful- glad you liked 
the photo. Everyone that I've met from Colby and Bates- 
especially Erin. Josh. Jaine. Heidi. Liam. Dave. The entire 
yearbook staff- '90 and '9 1 . The casts of 'Ordinary People' 
and Senior Tournament. Absolutely everybody who went to 
France- Mange! Reims! Eiffel Tower at night, parachuting, 
champagne and chocolate. Versailles- all the people we met . . 
. Lisa K. for letting me be quiet, and understanding (all night 
talks we don't remember). Cindy- for putting up with my 
obsessions and other assorted chatter. GLWJ. Donna- who 
else would I beg with? Would you like a Sears charge? and for 
'deep talks'. Eileen, never forget . . . mail. GLW?, perilarking, 
"Desire" 28x, yes. Eileen called, have him call her back . . . 
Ivan and George for helping me survive my worst summer 
ever and come out smiling. You're weird! Rebecca- Harvard 
Square, truth?? Diana for always believing in me. Bri why 
didn't we get out of the car? Matt for trying to understand 
me. Everyone from Youth Ministry. All the people from 
lunch all 4 yrs. Also: Christine. Amy S., Amy A.. Samir. Jon. 
Kyle, Lisa C, Jodi, Kathy, Jen R.. Amy W.. Rachel C. 
Mary. Neil, Jen, Josh. Everyone I've met, and who has helped 
to convince me not to blow this place up- good luck! Fatare 
Goals: To never be bored or boring, to learn to drive a race 
car, to sail around the world, to marry the almost-perfect 
man. live in Paris, and have my "One Moment in Time". 

Pete Sbamon 

12 Hunt Rd 

ActiTities: Football 1,2.3.4; Hockey 1.2,3.4; Baseball 1,2; La- 
crosse 3,4; President Off Line Club 3; BWA Pro wrestling 
1,2,3.4; New Kids Fan Club 4; Body Surfing 3.4; Maine 
1.2,3,4. Thaaks To: Everyone I know and many others whom 
either I don't know and never will, others I used to know but 
don't know anymore, and people I don't know now but will 
know at some lime in the future. Fnlare Goals: To truly 
understand physics. To let a set of at least 8 waves break 
across the channel. To complete my Slim Whitman album 
collection. To replace Dereck Sanderson as T V. colorman for 
the Boston Bruins and make more money than all of my 

brothers combined. To eat dinner at Ryan's and Linda's on 
October 13, 1993. To see Steve finally get his car completely 
fixed. To see Tim become the World Wrestling Federation 
champion of the world. To see Jon's earring hole close up. To 
see Paul become the first Pope to reach the American 40 
count down. To make Minoose grow a mustache. 

Eileen Shaughnessy 

5 Fox Run Rd 

Actifities: Varsity Ski Team 1.2 CapUin 3.4; Athletic Train- 
ing; Field Hockey 2. Varsity 3.4; Yearbook photogra- 
phy editor 3.4; Orchestra 1,2.3,4; Chamber Music 2.3.4; Pit 
Orchestra 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3.4; AFS 2.3.4; SADD 2.3.4; 
Math League 2.3.4; NHS 3.4; Prom Decorating 3; Hall Dec- 
orating 2.3.4. Tkaaks To: Mom. Dad. Patrick. Sadie, and 
Smokey. Michelle my vrild Irish cousin, Roser for being 
afraid of the nuns, Cindy for being the best ski buddy in the 

world. Ivan - I'll get you back for all the shoe fighu someday. 
Lisa because "Cheerful is better." Mary - I miss you. Rebec- 
ca. Kathy H. - ASATs rule! Diana. Amy. Erin. Christine. 
Judy. Donna. Dave H.. Andria. Shari, Mrs. Anderson, Pete 
and the trainers, the ski team, the field hockey team, and most 
of all to Kathy "Hello? - lu a kite!" Fatarc Goal*: To win the 
bet. and make Kathy pay up for it. 

Marni Shea 

16A Bedford Village 

Aclintic*: JV Soccer I; Varsity 2.3,4; Captain 4; JV Basket- 
ball I; Varsity Softball 2,3,4; CapUin 4; Hall Decorating 
1,2.3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; French Club 1,2; Homeroom Rep 
2.3.4; SADD 4. Tkaaks To: Michelle for always being there 
all these years. I'll never forget the fun times. Kelly for TV 
nights. Kim and Joyce for the 3 Muskateers. the laundrymat. 
and of course all the talks with the pregnant lady (Carol). 
Jenny and the rest of the Juniors. Jen Raffa and the rest of 
the IP Crew and for the day Good Harbor Beach. Julie M. for 
being Queen of the Danford Rocks. Sue for finally realizing 
that the Rocks rule. Jodie for running so fast. Liz C. for 
scrubbing so well. Jeff. Dave, Mark. Paul, Alicia. Steph, Liz. 
Katie. Jen, and everyone else in the Class of '9 1 . Soccer team 
'90 (rocks rule), Softball team 90-9 1 for being Stale Champs. 
Also to Tammy for prepping me on weekends. Special thanks 
to Mom and Dad for all your love, support, and money!! Julic'^ 
for being a great sister. Chantel for being so cute and making 
me laugh. Scott for being a soccer star. Ann for the phone 
bill. Special, special thanks to my new niece Adriana. Fatare 
Goals: To stop stealing hubcaps, move out of Bedford. To get 
married, have kids and a lot of money. Most of all I want to 
be happy and to some day have Paul Saunders washing my 

Kerri Lynn Snelson 

Actifities: Prom Decorating 3; Hall Decorating 2. Tkaaks 
To: Thanks to my whole family for supporting me through 
school. I wouldn't have made it unless you guys pushed me 
the way you did. Thanks Mom for doing what you could to 
get me to school every day. Thanks Wendy for always being 
there no matter what. We've had great times, and not so great 
times, but we've hung on. Thanks Shmed. Thanks to Scott, 
you've helped me through bad times. We became good 
friends, and we've had fun times. Good luck in everything you 
do. Thanks to Jen. Stacey, Kerri O'Shannon. Diane. Mi- 
chelle. Beth, Shane, and Robyn R. Robeeno. Stace. Shannon, 
Robyn. don't forget the times we had going out at lunch. I'll 
never forget you guys. Thanks for everything. Fatare Goals: 
Have a good career and always be happy. 

Joe Somerset 

22 Ledgewood Dr. 

Actifities: Golf I; Varsity 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2; Varsity 3: Hock- 
ey 4; Baseball 4; SADD 2,3.4; Math League 3.4; AFS 4; 
Spanish Club 1,2,4; Latin Club 2; Spirit Games 2; Hall Deco- 
rating 4; Yearbook 4; GDHL 1,2.3.4. Tkaaks To: Mom. Dad. 
and Sara for always giving advice, guidance, and support 
throughout my life. You are all great. I love you very much. 
All members of the Gallant Duris Hockey League. Mark G. 
thanks for always arguing with me and keeping me alive in 
Physics. Samir. thank you for blessing me. you made the golf 
team what it was. Special thanks to Bill H. and Jason C. for 
making the summers at Cape Cod so much fun Thanks for 
the weekends Sucey M. (Miracle Ear). Thanks for the Hard 
Rock Sweaatshirt Stacey. Thanks to all of the suff at Bed- 
ford High School, especially Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Palmer (Bru- 
tal!). Mr. Pavao. Mr. Huff. Mr. Kelly. Mr. Maxwell. Ms. 
Curran. and Mr. Reynolds (I hear you! I hear you!). Special 
Thanks Mr. Reynolds you are the greatest teacher and golf 
coach; we finally made States. YES!! Thanks to everyone who 
has influenced me somehow; Mom. Dad. Sara. Bill H.. Jason 
C, Jonathan K.. Samir K.. Mark G.. Kevin D.. Scott M.. 
Matt S., Sasha K , Liz W.. and Susanne S. for putting up with 
seeing me every morning for four years al the locker next lo 
hers Fatare Goals: To become successful in some aspect of 
the business field, marry a beautiful wonun. retire early, and 
spend the rest of my life playing great golf courses and 

Susanne Spencer 

32 Old Stagecoach Rd. 

Actifities: Field Hockey; Track 1.2; Softball 4; Hall 
Decorating 1.2,3,4; Spanish Club I; Prom 3.4. Tkaaks To: 
Zuzka. Karen, and Kerri for teaching me how to dance 


Michelle, can't wail to be your relative. Moreen, stop beeping 
and watch the road! Steph for being my "lent" idol. T-bone. 
be good. I'll miss you! Jen, Rachel for being my Physics 
messenger sisters. Lynctte and Marcy. defense rules! Marni. 
Rocks on Roids don't rule. Scolt. for being my Hogan Hero. 
Josh, for getting me through math class Paul. Tim and Steve, 
the tattoo crew. Pele slayin' alive! Dickey, my muscle man. 
Marcus, lavender bud. Kim HA-HA-HA. Steph and Alicia, 
solid gold dancing idols. Alison, summer '87. Kcrri. 
GEORGE: 228. MaryKale, for doing the rap with me. Ed G. 
for making sure I never got away with saying something 
stupid. Phil, for being my lunch buddy Nikki the burning 
bush, thanks for everything Carla. for always making me 
laugh Jon. for all the pep talks. I'm going to miss you! Jules, 
don't forget summer of '87. late night at the wilderness. 
Nantucket (don't try to ride any waves) for all our talks and 
good advice. (Thanks for putting up with Julie and I. Dan) 
Amy. for talks on the back porch, coffee and Dunkin' Donuls. 
BEANS!!! Jamie. Bogoda Bound! Chandeliers, pool parties at 
your house, Clariton. For all three, thanks for being my best 
friends, 1 love you guys! Special Thanks To: Edo. thanks for 
pushing me through Junior year. For Davis School (7/8/88), 
for the lights(7/l/88), for quests with Marianne and of 
course Ocean City! Especially for always being there to com- 
fort and support me. Thanks to my second family. Aunt Sue- 
Sue. Uncle Ray. Jodie and Sharon. Jen. thanks for paving the 
way for me. all the good advice, for always understanding me 
and supporting me. and for being one of my best friends. 
Mom and Dad (where do I start?) Thanks for the love, 
support, understanding and confidence. You're the best par- 
ents ever! I love you all! Faturc Goals: To go to college, 
become a successful doctor, travel to Austrailia. Eventually 
come back to the US, marry Mr. P. and live happily ever 

Matthew Stewart Stein 

28 Cot Hill Rd. 

Aclltitifs: French Club 1,2,3,4: President 3.4: Tournament of 
Plays 1,2,3,4: Sprmg Play 1.2,3,4: Ice Hockey 3,4; Financial 
Editor and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 4: Goods and 
Services Auction 3: NHS 3.4: Co-PresidenI 4: Gene Burns 
Show 4: Spring Musicals 1,2,3.4: Choir 1: Madrigals 2.3.4: 
Show Choir 3: Barbershop 4 Tbukt To: Mom. Dad. and 
Cara for supporting ans putting up with me throughout, and 
to my grandparents for the same, especially for the times thai 
I should have spent more time with all of you but school stuff 
got in the way. Milly whom I miss very much, and to whom I 
will be forever grateful. Brian for putting it all into perspec- 
tive, keeping me lazy, being my best friend, and not telling loo 
many people about the rcarview mirror incident Amy A. for 
always being there to laugh with, cry with, having a shoulder 
to lean on. and for always being a true friend no matter what 
anyone might say or think I will always be grateful for your 
friendship. To Jen C for everything, especially your pigtails 
and being my friend. To Erin F., for being my friend through 
thick and thin. To Rachel P for always being there, sharing 
everything, never losing sight of who you are, and being such 
a valuable friend. To Dave and Brian for making classes 
interesting. To Ci, Rachel M and Jenny C (You'll always be 
Jenny to me, no matter how much you hate it!) for being my 
friends. To all the Tournament casts, did we win this year??? 
To Judy for the Yearl>ook and the fun we had making it To 
Kathy (2), Nancy S., Michelle D (someday I'll find the 
time), and Stephanie S. for keeping me smiling. To Amy W. 
for being a new found friend To Chris T for being a great 
guy, and Kyle G. for proving it could be worse, I could be a 
Penguin fan (of a Cubs fan for that matter) To "announces " 
in French. Apicella's Chemistry, shooting the monkey. Spino- 
sa's flying entrances and wow's, "wocka. wocka". breaking 
the fan. Film I. II. Ill and its cast. crew, and production staff, 
especially that manager of E^irity Supreme and the Drive 
through girl at McDonald's. Thank You Daddy, Thank You 
Daddy, Thank You Daddy. To the Hockey Team and Coach- 
es, Ivan W., and Dave Pease for his instruction. Also to 
Becky. Rebecca. Jody C. and Hitchcock, and R Stephenson 
for their exemplary teaching, for being role models, and for 
helping to make school and learning what it should, and was 
meant to be. Also for teaching more than Just curriculums. 
for their caring, nurturing, dedication, devotion, and concern. 
I, for one, did, do, and always will appreciate and be forever 
in your debts for all you have taught, shown, and done for me. 
Especially to Pavao. for our luncheon in Paris, all that went 
with it, and for your friendship. Vous etiez, et serez, vraiment 
et toujours mon ami. Merci pour lout. Fatsre Goals: To 

always have friends like those I have now. To never lose sight 
of who I am, nor where I came from, to be happy, and to die 
knowing thai somewhere along the line, I made a difference 

Amy Storer 

6 Noreen Dr. 

Activllics: Spring Trick 1,2; XCounlry 2: Swimming 1.2; 
SADD 1,2,3,4; AFS 1,2,3.4; French Club; Hall Deco- 
rating 2.3,4 TVwka To: Everyone who has accepted my 
craziness! The entire France trip group - passport - duh'' 
Pavao - why didn't you murder me? Malt. Kalhy. Rebecca- 
Roderick Baby! Christine-she like bised me MEGA' Amy A 
for restraining my "kill Brian" instincu, Rachel P -wing- 
wing-wing! Lynnelte-physics-"are you listening? No Mr U'" 
Liz-applesauce?!? Judy-Wedgewood summers linger forever- 
can I have one of yours? Jen C -Bill the Cat lives' Holly-bos 
run! Brian F.-for listening to my ceaseless post-practice ranl- 
ings. Donna W -Good luck (ND) Amy B junior NERDS'!' 
Jon K. -you're the best-l can't say enough Rachel M -prin- 
cess?Dir1 Farmers? Brian-give me my pencil' Jamie-thanks 
for being my buddy! Tricia-blondie! Kyle, Christ, Sean, Mike. 
Daves, Ryan, Pete-loved sitting behing me I know' Timmy 
and Marcus for making me feel extremely gullible and totally 
ruining Keith-thanks to Keith loo. for being such a good guy 
Super Thanks to my entire team, especially Emily. Brilt. 
Chip, Karen and Sieve Enn - you're great, what can I say'' 
Megan- France was chouelle-"je veux fairc pe-pe'**!" Jodie- 
whal side of the road, four bags, ethnic fest''?'' Mom. Jon. 
Jim. and Dave-thanks for understanding my weirdness (some- 
times)' I love you all! Fatarc GmIs: To have my passport 
tattooed onto my body so that I can never forget it again, to 
trapeze through English Class, to find out what a dirt fanner 
really is. to kill Brian but use the necessity defense and be 
found not guilty, to tell a good joke (Timmy), to finally learn 
bow to do a 360 on a kneeboard wiihoul performing a face- 
plant, to marry my perfect, ideal husband, to have hoardea of 
darling children painlessly, to pursue a career in I have no 
idea what, to speak French fluently, to continue to eat every- 
thing. 10 finally make Junior Nationals, to always cbcnsh my 
memories of Dad, and to be as happy as I can poaaibly be 

Stephanie Lee Stygar 

99B Scott Circle 

Activities' Spanish Club : Hall Decorating 2.4 I'- l>. 

rating 3; Flags 4, DMA II; Hugga 4, Theresa Concannon 
Fan Club 4 Tkaaks To: Mom. Dad. and Duane for putting 
up with me all these years. Nancy for always being there, all 
your advice, and beautiful poems, Michelle for her serious- 
ness to keep me in line I love you guys' Becky for her 
individualism, Tara (Air) and Baby D for keeping me insane 
in flags Goona, don't ntake me laugh The wee wee twins. 
Jodums. Lisa. Amy. Mary. Tncia. thanks for making flags 
fun. Wjtchay-parties at Nancy's, purple Amy F-shooting 
stars. Heather S.-all the memories and keeping me company 
in homeroom. Melissa for your dumb jokes. Susan J. -tape 
Jen C. for never letting me give up. Jen D.-coung and Brad 
F.-my "Ice Cream Pals" !Spoons! Mike S -be good to Nance 
and uke the plunge. Craig-"Hey Don Johnson". Sean L ■ 
thanks for the Hugga Card. ruhr. Scott C.-you always know 
bow to make me laugh Nana-kyi-gossip buddy Thanks to 
Fred for all the good times and special memories. Kerry, Jen, 

Lynnette-Art. Donna and Ehn for being cool drum majors. 
Marwin for being ultra-cool. David G for the awesome waltz, 
Sean from D- Yarmouth for your awesome smile Jen R -you 
have a beautiful voice, Zack-pervert, John Koop-dancing to 
our own music. Mama. Papa and Pauly Saundcrs-thani for 
taking care of me Mr and Mrs. Lce-thanx for everything 
Falart Goals: To get a funky "bachelorette pad " with Nancy, 
keep in touch with all my friends, always have love, to keep 
everybody smiling, and Anally live down my repuution as 

Ken Sylvia 

5 Ent Rd 

Tkaaks To: Mom and Dad for putting up w/me and for all 
their help in gciting me this far Thanks to Mr Depietro for 
all your help in the past 2 years Thanks to all my fncnds. who 
have always been there through good and bad times, mostly 
Niglet. Victor, Sabrina, l>onna Quinn from Billeting/ Bed- 
ford. Robin. Mike. Kerry. Renege (Mrs Zimbabwe). Heath- 
er. Lu. Ana. Wallace. Bruce, Fester and anyone else 1 forgot' 
You know who you are Falan Gaab: Go to college, make 
lots of money, marry when I'm about 30. and live happily ever 

Wendy Tamerler | 

52 Offut Rd. 

Actitilies: SADD 3. Choir 4. Amncsly International 4; Span- 
ish Club 1.2,3,4, AFS 3, HaJl Decorating 1,3.4; Yearbook 4. 
Debate 3. Athletic Training 2; Red Cross 3 Tkaaks To: 
Thanks to Mom. Dad. and Aflfie. to Mikey for being my best 
fncnd and supporting me wall tlut I've done, to Mr Malt for 
making Freshman and Sophomore years so memorable; to 
Jen for keeping things interesting, to Carol Ann for always 
standing by me. to Lisa and Kalhy for being great fnends. lo 
Shan. Alex, and Mark for gossiping with me in the Library, 
to Miss K , Coach Sab , Mr Reynolds, and Pavao for being 
the greatest leacbert, lo Joe Lxivecchio for being like a broth- 
er to me Falar* CmIk To make it through college, to marry 
Mikcy and have his children, to try cases before the Supreme 
Court, to be ambassador to Spain, to gel out of Massachu- 
setts, to be happy always 

John Tanzer 

23 Mcadowbrook Rd. 

Acti'ilies: Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4. Concert Band 4; March- 
ing Band Jazz Band 1.2,3.4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Pit 
Orchestra Tkaaks To: Mom. Dad. Mane, the nKm- 
bers of the Music Department, the Music Depanmcnl suff. 
Mr Paul K Smith. Mr Everett Beale. and everyone else who 
helped make the last four years enjoyable for me I extend 
thanks also to the members of the Bedford High Percussion 
section George. Kathy. Krulen. Jeff. Sieve, and all the mem- 
bers of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony orchestra. Se- 
nior Orchestra, especially percussionists Alex Orfaly. Ben 
Rankin. Malt Nelson, and Roben Egan. and trumpeter Chns 
Saia for making my two years in the Orchestra great Fatare 
Gaair To succeed in musK school and to get a job in ihc 
Boston Symphony. Chicago Symphony, or New York Phil- 
harmonic hopefully nghl when I graduate from college 

Andy Taylor 

5 Haydcn Lane.etc. 

ActiHiies: Drama Club 1,2.3,4; Scieooe Team 3,4; FORUM 
2,3,4, Telemedu 2,3,4; Liberalism 1.2,3,4; Time Travel 
3.1 .4.2. Debate Team (about three hours) Tkaaks To: Bnan 
Spanow. Josu Kerocs. Jessica Kinon. Graham Morebcad. 
Onon Kreigman. Bill. Paul Scublinski. Chns Henry. Hsiey 
Grossman. Dave Gebroe, Matt Moaky, The Drama Club 
People, Jen Carson. Jil Chrutensen. Elisa Kramer. Rachel 
Campbell. Fester. Chas. Nina. Sara Gilbert. Margo Strauss. 
Bnan Kern for the guiur. Virginia Wang. Echo. Alexis Lury. 
Chns Goetz. Dan Zabell, The Men of Dower. Paul Lugo. 
Scott Sokol. The Altitun Family. Hiroko Tokvoka. Tom from 
Jamaica Plains. "Spiney Norman", and . oh yeah. Mom and 
Oti Falar* Goals: Become a Filmmaker/anthropolognt and 
travel the world, wnte a book or two. and always be happy 

Christ Theophile 

49 Wildwood Dr. 

Activities: Mom Jokes; Hall Decorating 1,2.3.4; Dra- 
ma Club 1.4. SADD 1.2.3,4; Latin Club 3: President 4; 
French Club Im2, FORUM F A 3.4; Citizenship Committee 
3.4; Legislative Committee 4; Yearbook 4, Student Counal 


1.2; Prom Chairman 3.4; Soccer 1.2.4; Basketball; 
Golf 3; Tennis 1 .2; Track 3.4; Lyp Sync 3.4. Thanks To: The 
Dork Crew, my adopted brother Tom for letting me drive his 
car. Rob for driving me everywhere, Kevin for being the butt 
of all our jokes. Jamie for having a bigger ego than me. Kyle 
for being my friend for so long and not commenting on my 
driving, Mark G. for giving me rides to school when I needed 
them and for being the best sweeper in Massachusetts. Sean 
D. for being four inches taller than me, Mike D. for being 
four inches shorter than me. Dave B. for keeping me laughing 
in Political Science, Dave Z. for coming to Bedford High 
School. Amy A. for being one of my close friends. Liz for 
always talking on the phone to me, Erin for being another one 
of my close friends. Megan for not killing me for all the 
damage I did to her car, Jen for keeping me laughing with her 
comments. Lynnctte for always cooking for me, Mr. Spinosa 
for knowing just about everything there is to know. Mr. 
Maxwell for being a cool guy. Father Picardi for coming to all 
sporting events. Amy B. for asking me to the prom 6 months 
before it. Coach Wilson. Coach Doherty, Coach Reynolds. 
Coach Prue. Jeff for jumping off the bridge, Mr. Sullivan for 
teaching me my way around the legal system, Brian for hav- 
ing hair that does not move, all the mothers for providing us 
with Mom Jokes. Mr. Cacciola for taping me up. Amy S. for 
saying "hi" to me in homeroom, Rachel M. for being a friend. 
Judy for gossiping with me. Dad, Mom, Anne-Marie. Jim, 
Krislen. Peter, Doran, Secret Suicide Society of the Summer 
Session. Future Goals: Abstain the Holy Grail, dunk a bas- 
ketball, to go half and half on a Ferrari with Rob and run it 
till it dies, or until we die whatever comes first, to go back to 
NH with the Dork Crew and Jump off the bridge, to get away 
with skipping a day of school, to live a long and prosperous 
life with my wife. 

Mark Banks Watkins 

5 William St. 

Activities: Ski Team 1.2.4; Soccer 1; FORUM 3.4; SADD 
1.2.3,4; AFS 3,4; Hall Decorating 1.2.3,4; Ski Trip 4; Work; Spanish Club 1.2; Latin Club 3; Youth Ministry 3,4; 
Prom Decorating 3, Thanks To: Paul D. for always listening 
and arriving (remember the Cape and Alton Bay). Kelly O'M 
for always making me laugh (Buckcy is awesome). Michelle 
B.($weets-we made it together) and for your listening and 
your sense of humor. Alicia (Medusa) for being yourself and 

advice! Marni (The Village). Jodie R. (Jodum ) for 

always being a cool friend. Tom C. for all the rides in the 
yellow banana-good luck. The McGrath family for their hos- 
pitality (and Keri. Mike B., Dave. Dan. Daymion. Aniko. 
Krista, Zuzka, etc. for making New Hampshire so much fun!) 
Karen for always forgiving me. Kelly C, for smelling the 
reliant up. Joyce, Jenny, and Leslie for our cross-country 
trips in the reliant (Leslie and Joyce Hampton Beach). The 
Bedford Farms crew (Lynnelte. Becky. Erin, Jill, Mark D., 
Anne B., and Joe Vcnuti). Lynne and Scott for cutting and 
for the fun moments you both gave me. Katie Doherty, Dave 
Venuti and Dave Boffa (Geoff C.) Marcy C, Maureen C . 
Michelle D. and everyone else that I forgot. Mrs. Ralston for 
being the coolest teacher cver-you're one of my idols Krista 
1 28 North is defmitly the way to the Cape, Jenna Dickcrson 
for always saying thanks after we dropped you off. Especially 
to Mom and Dad for putting up with me the past few years. 
Meghan-my sibling resh I Love You. Also Moses for influ- 
encing me. Future Goals: To graduate from college. Be 
America's youngest Entrepreneur Be m Forbes as the Most 
Eligible Bachelor. Get married on a beach in Rhode Island at 
30. Have 3 children. Drive a British Green Jag Convertible, 
Cherry red Ferrari, and white Range Rover Retire at 45 and 
travel. Always be materialistic. Oh yeah, be extremely rich 
because money always buys happiness. And live a long, 
healthy life, and never lose touch with everyone that counted 

Elizabeth Welch 

6 Cedar Ridge Terrace 

Activities: JV Soccer I. Varsity 2.3; Captain 4; Diving 2.3.4; 
Spnng Track; Athletic Trainer I; Spanish Club; Secretary 2; Latin Club 2.3; SADD; NHS 3: 
Co-President 4; Student Advisory Committee 4; Hall Deco- 
rating 2.3.4; Prom Decorating 3; Rachel's Kitchen 
Thanks To: Mom. Dad, Nana. Veronica. Tom. Chris. Frank, 
and Vin for your love. To Dave (Bave) for some philosophical 
talks; Chris (my "bcslest" friend) for the bruises, the phone 
conversations, and Chris. Theo. and Phil; Kyle - Art I Minor; 
Mike (Dmo) - I saw you scratch that nose' You stuck your 
tongue out at me!; Jamie (Jaime!) and his pajaro; Rachel 
(Myles*) for sniglets; Amy S - keep trapezing; Rob for always 

being Donald; Lynnette for Math and fun fruits; and Holly 
my soccer buddy. To St. Michael's Youth Ministry. Of course 
thank you Dave Z. for your caring, your smile, even for 
making fun of me. but especially for the memories. And most 
of all to Jen for always being there and being yourself and to 
Amy for knowing me too well and basically for everything. To 
Judy. Megan. Erin (Rockport). Christine, Tom, Mark G., 
Paul and the rest of the crew for making High School the 
experience it was. Future Goals: To laugh and to love, to win 
respect, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to 
give, and to leave the world a bit better. And to prove to Dave 
that salt shakers have more holes and to Brian that he's 

Richard White 

14C Scott Circle 

Activities: Drill Team 1 .2.3.4; CYOC 1 ,2.3.4; Baseball 4; Boy 
Scouts 1,2,3.4; Homework 1; CCDC; Altor Server 
1.2.3; Usher 1.2,3.4. Thanks To: Scott Malo, Cindy Lenz. 
Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Maxwell, Lt. Colonel 
Campbell, Chief Braga, Samir. Eric Pearson, my mother, my 
father, all my brothers and sisters, the members of Troop 173. 
All the members of the Drill Team, members of the CYO. the 
members of Troop 5, all the men in Saudi and all the rest of 
my friends. Future Goals: To go to college and then into the 
Air Force as Computer Specialist. 

Sonja Wiedemann 

65 Wildwood Dr. 

Activities: Field Hockey 4. Thanks To: Family Russo for 
taking care of me the whole year. Robin and Maureen for 
being good friends, all the teachers that helped me in the first 
time - especially to Mr. Stephenson, also thanks to Miss G. 
and Mrs. Duris and the whole Field Hockey Team, it was a 
great season for me. And also many thanks to all the people 
who tried to understand me and help me during this year. 
Future Goals: Go back to Germany and have two more years 
of school!! Getting my friends there a bit of the experience of 
Sonnie's American-town. 

Donna Wilson 

5 Colonial Rd. 

Activities: Marching Band 1.2,3.4; Spanish Club 2.3,4; UIL 

Solo and Ensemble Contest 1.2; All District Band 1.2; All 
Region Band 1; School Musical 3.4; Hall Decorating 4; Sci- 
ence League 4; Full Orchestra 3,4; SADD 3.4; NHS 2,3,4; 
Gubernatorial Campaign 3,4 Thanks To: Mom and Dad • for 
raising mc-my stubbornness kept you young; Alea-for being 
an honest best friend, even if it meant being rude; Steve-it just 
doesn't malch-our fights were the best; Andy-your yellow 
sweater is just as ugly as my gold belt; Michelle (Mouse)- 
purple is okay, but I love my green socks; Angel -?@#&!*. 
Robin-word! you look great in briefs; Fernando-my needs arc 
your needs; April-your Buffet is a life saver; Mary-the trio 
was a blasi-by the way. how's UT? Celina-1 swear we didn't 
do anything in the bleachers! Joc-I owe you my marriage, love 
Mrs Scaneon; Judson Band-only you could teach me the true 
meaning of embarrassment; Becky-you made band bearable, 
you're just the best; Juan-TIl miss you; Amy-its not my fault; 
Kalhy-I didn't pick up those guys-welt, just one; Erin-you 

made camp and school easier; Stephanie-go for the better 
things in life-don't settle for those who can't make up their 
minds; Michelle and Nancy; Judy-You're really great at what 
you do when other people aren't trying to tell you how to do it; 
Rachel M.-for encouraging me to live in a clueless life; Kathy 
S.-your car meant a lot to mc-scriously, I enjoyed our deep 
conversations; The Lecs-what would 1 have done without 
you?; the band-you guys brought out the best and worst in me; 
my siblings-words cannot express how I feel about you; life- 
for being so good to mc; Amy A., Lisa K,, Jen R., Samir. 
Matt. Jen C, Liz. Karin, Tracy, Kami, and if i didn't thank 
you and you think I should have, think about how well you 
know me-you know whether I simply forgot out of my own 
confusion or I can't say what needs to be said. Future Goals: 
Get my license; gel a job; go to college; earn a degree; lake 
whatever God blesses me with. 

Amy Wojnar 

8 Putnam Rd. 

Activities: Spring Track; Winter Track 2.3.4; Ski 
Team 3; Cross-Country 2,3.4; French Club 2.3.4; AFS 3.4; 
Pit Orchestra 2,4; Hall Decorating 3,4; Spirit Games 3; 
Marching Band 1,2,3.4. Thanks To: Maureen for so many 
years of friendship and laughs Rebecca for making my Soph- 
omore and Junior year the weirdest, most exciting, and most 
fun years ever (don't laugh!). Karrie for always being there to 
listen and for keeping in touch so well-you'll always be my 
Sweetie-Pie Armstrong! To Dave Z.-the first guy I ever 
loved-so much has changed but I'll never forget you. Diana, 
for all the great talks and nights out, Mark M. for being such 
a sensitive, caring friend and for helping mc get through all 
my difficult times. Karin for all the long letters and for being 
such a sweet person. Chris B. for all the encouragement with 
running. Donna for all the great times Senior Year and for 
making Marching Band bearable. Nicholas for 3 incredible 
weeks in France and for being the sweetest guy in the world. 
To Joe P.. Lisa K.. Kathy H.. Gretchen, Uli. Bri. Timo, 
Kathy S.. Malt, Taffy. Dad. and everyone else who has helped 
to keep me happy in the past 4 years. Thanks also (I didn't 
forget!) to my mother for all the love, encouragement, and 
understanding, and for being a great friend. Future Goals: To 
run in the Falmouth Road Race until I'm 85, to speak French 
fiuently. and to help the world in my own way. 

Maureen Worth 

372 Concord Rd. 

Thaoks To: Mom. Dad, Pamela, Niki. and Ollie. Amy W.. 
Andrea, Nancy. Michelle D., Jen Z.. Robin. Jason, and very 
importantly to Heather C. "Sonnie", Michelle C. and to 
Ronnie for "expanding my horizons". Also thanx to the CVS 
crew and esp. Chad-O for making me laugh. Mr. Maxwell for 
being an awesome teacher. Mr. Stephenson for liking my 
"artwork". Mr. McDonald for liking cool music, and Mr. 
Pilla for being interesting. Remember. "Dazed and con- 
fused", Robert Plant concerts, reliant parties, the Hard Rock 
Cafe boys. "Lights!", "think physicaHy!(how?)", Pavao stut- 
tering and spazzing. overflowing toilets. "Losah! gradua- 
tion-take 2. Michelle vs. Chad, and tons more that I can't 
think of. Future Goals: To have a cool life and keep the faith. 

Dave Zampese ^((^ 

28 Old Stagecoach Rd 

Activities: Training 1 ,2.3; Basketball 3.4; Winter Track 2.3.4; 
Soccer 4; Baseball; Spring Track 2.3.4; Hall Decorat- 
ing 2.3; SADD 2.3.4, Thaaks To: My mom and dad To my 
sisters and the rest of my relatives To my friends Dave. Chris, 
Kyle, Mark. Mike. Tom, Dick, and Harry Amy. Jen, Myles, 
Amanda, Holly. Shocka Zulu, Monica and everyone else that 
I my have forgotten. Thanks to the track crew and the bench 
crew Thanks to my teachers Mr Dipictro for all the help 
Mr Corliss. Mr. Maxwell. Mr. Kelly, Mr Cacciola Mr 
Sabourin for all he has done for me and Mr Ullmann Thanks 
to Roger Rabbit Also a very special thanks to Elizabeth M 
Welch, and the rest of the Welch family Future Goals: To 
own a toy company and to help children, especially those less 
fortunate than I was. 


n Ma 



Always keep your dreams out in front. You can do 
anything you dreann. You can do it. Go for it. 

Love, Monn and Dad 


Press along big chief. We're proud of you. Just let 
prayer be your key of the morning and bolt of the 

Grandmother and Granddad Prior 


You are our youngest grandson, but always very spe- 
cial. We are very proud of you. Congratulations. May 
your dreams all come true. 

Grandma and Grandpa Hoff 


Our best wishes and congratulations on a job well 
done. You've always made us proud and we know you 
always will. With every good wish for the future. 

Mom and Dad 


Congratulations. We are very proud of you. May good 
health and success be with you in life. We will be with 
you always, too. 

Love always - Mom, Dad, and Mike 


Sports, academics, good-natured, friendly and fun, a 
good guy, and a great son. Congratulations. We are 
very proud of you and wish you the best of everything. 

Love - Mom, Dad, and Sara 


Your sensitive and creative nature have been a joy to 
our lives. May these qualities stay with you always. 

Love, Mom and Phil 


We are proud of the man that you have become. You 
have much to offer the world and we support you in 
your plans for the future. 

Love - Mom, Dad, Kate, and Brian 


May your radiant smile and warm personality light up 
other lives as it has ours. Good luck in the future. 

Love, Dad and Sandy 


We are very proud of what you have accomplished 
and love you so much. Keep smiling and best wishes as 
you move on to college and LIFE! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Dear Jason, 

You have made me very proud. Congratulations! May 
your future be full of many challenges and adventures. 
Go for it Class of 1991! 

Ms. Nancy Dishman 

180 ADS 


Carry with you that loving, caring spirit!! Your smile 
lights up the darkness!! Make the world a better place 
because you were there! We all love you! 
Mom, Dad, Nana, Veronica, Tom, Chris, Frank, and 



Congratulations! Thanks for helping me out all year 
and don't forget me when you go to college! 

Liz( Betty,...) 



We are so proud of what a fine young woman you have 
become. Our love and support for whatever the future 

Joy and Gary Cohen 


You've made it! It's been hard for you, moving and 
changing schools every 2-3 years, but you have tri- 
umphed! We're very proud! 

Cpt. and Mrs. Steven Rosenbaum and family 


We're proud of you! We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Jen 

Good luck in your future! Have fun and work hard! 

Mom, Dad, and Dave 


Congratulations, you've done supremely well and 
made us very proud. We know you'll always be successful 
- Good luck. 

Mom, Dad, Brad and Chrissy 


Congratulations on your graduaton! We are thankful 
to have you as our son and our love, support, and prayers 
are with you always. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Good luck in the future. Love you. 

Mom & Dad 


We love you and have been very proud of you. Good 
luck in your future decisions. 

Mom, Dad, Mike, and Jennifer 

ADS 181 




Son, you are the greatest. We want you to know we 
love you more than anything in this world. We are very 
proud of you. 

Always Mom and Dad 


You are one of the "good guys". We hope your life 
always reflects that. Best wishes for future success. Love 

Roger and Susan Malo 


We wish you luck always in whatever you choose to do. 
We love you and will always be here for you. 

Mary and Cal Dickinson 


We're proud of you, Jim. Good luck to you and your 

Love - Mom, Dad, and Joanne 


We are proud of your many accomplishments 
throughout your high school years. We offer our love and 
support for continued success in your future goals. 

Mom and Dad 


You are beautiful not only on the outside, but most 
importantly on the inside. We are proud of you, and will 
help you to achieve your goals in life. 

Pat and Rich DeLuca 


You're special! We are proud of you. We love you. 
Thanks for being a good kid. 

Mom, Dad, and Natalie 

182 ADS 


We are very proud of you. You have developed into a 
fine young man. May your future be filled with the 
happiness and joy you have brought to us. God bless you. 

Dick and Kathy White and Family 


Congratulations. The beat is yet to come! 
Love always, 

Thomas and Nancy Shaughnessy and Patrick 

We love you for what you have been, are. and will be - 
because you are you! Good luck. Love, 

Mom and Dad 


We just wanted to remind you that we always believed 
in you, and let you know how proud and happy we are for 
you today. Congratulations. 

Love - Mom, Dad, Jason, and Nathan 


Congratulations! Best wishes for your future. "You are 
special". We all love you. 

The SAUNDERS - Dad, Mom, Paul + Paula, and 



You Made It! 


Our best wishes on your graduation. You've made us 
proud and happy with your success. Good luck in college 
and in your future career wherever it may lead you. 

Carole and Richard Taylor 


We hope you always know how proud we are of you! 
You have come a long way and whatever you choose for 
your future we wish you the best of everything! We love 

Love, Mom and Pat 


May love, caring, health and good fortune be with you 
always. Pursue your life with enthusiasm and life will 
repay you with happiness. 

With love always - Mom, Dad, and Eva 


Congratulations on reaching an important milestone. 
We are truly proud of your outstanding accomplish- 
ments. Best wishes for continued success in college. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paschewitz 

Congratulations to Jonjer, 

Computer guru, graphic artist, lizard specialist, and 
the best boat-docker in the family! We're really proud of 

Love - Mom and Dad 


Graduation is a special time, and we think you are a 
special son. Be the best you can be and know we are 
proud of you, always. 

Love, Mum and Dad 


Never lie to yourself and follow your gut instinct when 
faced with a major problem. You have come a long way 
and I couldn't be a more proud parent. 

Robert W. Dishman II 


It is a source of great satisfaction and pride for us to 
congratulate you upon your graduation from Bedford 
High School. We love you; best wishes always. 

Mimi and Daddy Webb 


Congratulations to our beautiful daughter! We are 
turly proud of you and your decisions for the future. We 
love you dearly. 

Mom and Dad 


ADS 183 

This is the time to remember, cause they will not last forever. 
These are the days to hold onto, cause we won't although we want to. 

Congratulations to the Class of 1991 

Ed Lloyd 

Jod<; Taylor 


ADS 185 




BCDrORD, MA 01730 



02173 617-861-0630 

186 ADS 



From Spire Corporation .... Our very best 
wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity to 
the Class of 1990 and to all the students, faculty 
and adnninistration of Bedford High School. 

In Energy 

Spire is the place to grow 

Spire Corporation/ Patriots Park/Bedford, MA 

The Bedford Jewish Community 

Extends its congratulations 
to the Graduating Class of 1990 
and their families. 




(617) 275-6662 

Baudanza Electric Co., Inc. 


Vice President 

328 GREAT RD. 

ADS 189 




Congratulations and Good Luck 
to the 
Class of 1991 

Brown & Brown PC 


Congratulations and Good Luck 
to the 
Class of 1991 



138 the Great Road • Bedford, MA 01730 


Good used bookf and paperbacks 


Over 15,000 Books Priced 

and Classified 
SO Greai Road. Bedford 


II 5 p.m. 

190 ADS 



Best Wishes to 

The Class of 1991 

From the 1990-1991 

Yearbook StaflF: 

Judy Qalani 
Matthew Stein 
Kathy Schowalter 
Jacqui Shwimmer 

And everyone else! 


All your life we have been so proud of you. You 
have given us such joy. We wish you good health, 
happiness, and continued success in the future. 

Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth 

Dear Mark, 

Thank you for be- 
ing a wonderful son 
and brother. We are 
all very proud of and 
expect you to go far 
in life. You are per- 
sonable, sensible and 
speak your mind - do 
not change. 

As you go through life follow your 
dreams, work hard, keep your sense of hu- 
mor and have fun. 

Congratulations. We love you 

Mom, Dad and Meghan 


Congratulations! May 
your life be filled with love 
and happiness. Thank you 
for being a wonderful 

I Love You, 

194 ADS 

To Jodie, the Sunshine of our lives: 

Many good wishes for your happiness, 
health and continued successes. Be the 
VERY best that you can be. 
Congratulations and much love. 
Mom, Dad, Jonathan, & Nana 


We are very proud of you on your spe- 
cial day. Good luck in the future to you 
and all your classmates. 

Mom, Dad, and Jill 





(617) 275-9140 



We applaud your leader- 
ship and caring qualities 
that you often extend to oth- 
ers. Keep up your wonderful 
"zest" for life. You are very 
special to us! 


Mom and Dad 

ADS 195 


Thank you for so many things. 

For arguing with us when you were right 
and we were wrong. 
For wanting to change the world. 
For making us laugh, and not letting us 
take things too seriously. 
For being an example to all of us. 
For stealing my Eric Clapton records. 
For teaching us a great deal about some things 

that really matter. 
For letting us choose the radio station 
once in a while. 
For reminding us about committment. 
For teaching us that Crayolas aren t just for kids. 

For letting Dad use the car now and then. 
For convincing us that keeping your room clean 
isn't very important, after all. 
For Introducing us to some wonderful people. 

For helping us heal. 
For giving us faith in the future. 

We love you, 

IVlom, Dad. David, and Rachel 


We are proud of you, and we know that 
you are a very special person. You will 
always have all our love and our best wish- 
es for a lifetime of happiness. 

Mom, Dad, Adam, and Polo 

196 ADS 


All aspects of tree care. 



328 Great Road 
Bedford. MA 01730 

Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1990 



« TME GREAT ROAD '>t«- 0« 

(617) 2-'5--lll 

198 ADS 

Best Wishes 
From The 



Congratulations to the 

of 1991 

From their Class Officers: 

Jamie Asbedian 
Ryan Jansen 
Jen Cohen 
Jamie Bailey 
Chris Theophile 

Thanks also to Mr. Miliken for all his 
support and advice. We appreciate all 
you have done. 



Best Wishes to 

The Class of 

From the Class of 1993 

We will always be proud of our #1 

May happiness always be yours! 

Mom, Dad, Corey & Craig! 


May all your dreams come true! 
We've always been proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 

ADS 201 















202 ADS 

Thanks to the yellow banana and 
The fastest car in the universe! universe! 


You're always #1 with us 


Mom, Dad, Elisa, 
Debbie, Grandparents 

Dear Todd, 

Congratulations! You did it!!! 
Stay Just the way you are. We're 
very proud of you! 
IVIonn + Steve 


Mary Atkinson 
Michelle Dee 
Jennifer DiNitto 
Jason Dishman 
Kevin Duris 
Shari Erlich 
Erin Fehlau 
Alejandra Flores 
Alex Freeman 

Judith Galani 
Jack Geilfuss 
Christine Hamel 
Kathy Hurd 
Samir Kapuria 
Jonathan Koop 
Rachel Meyers 
Kerri O'Keefe 
Jen Rosenbaum 

Becky Rosenburg 
Nancy Saunders 
Eileen Shaugnessy 
Matthew Stein 
Stephanie Stygar 
John Tanzer 
Andy Taylor 
Donna Wilson 
Amy Wojnar 

POMS Thanks you all for your contributions to our music programs 

ADS 203 


You're such a lovely daughter that it is hard to 
wish enough nice things for you. Please know 
what pride and joy are in each thought of you, 
and just what happiness it brings when you are 
happy, too. 

James and Hazel Hanson 

Dear Stacey, 

Isn't it great that there's no one like you? no 
other person can do what you do. Doesn't that 
make you happy? Then, say it real loud. "\'m 
one of a kind! I'm me and I'm proud! " 

Sister, Kathy 

Congratulation Class of 1991 


24 Neillian Way, Bedford. MA 01730 


You have always had and will 

continue to have our total love 

and support. We look forward to 

your future with great enthusiasm. 

Mom, Dad & Evan love and 




• SALES-275-8000 

• SERVlCE-275-8004 

• PARTS-275-8006 


Exit44N.olf Rte 128 


204 ADS 


Count your bless- 
ings by smiles not 

Count your age by 
friends not years. 

With our love and 
pride always. 

Mom and Dad 


Best Wishes to 

The Class of 1991 

From the Class of 1992 

Thanks for the memories! 

All the best to the Class of '91 


Mom, Dad, Meg + John 

ADS 205 



Sales & Service Inc. 

SINCE 1937 

High Quality TV's And Appliances 


Mitfowjve Oven 
Air ConJiiioiiffS 



Wjshfrs it Dryer* 

To the Class of 



The Bedford Jewish Community 

Extends its congratulations 
to ttie Graduating Class of 1990 
and their families. 

206 ADS 


Dear Christine, 

We are very proud of you + your decisions for 
the future. May you continue to explore life with the 
same convention + passion. Remember you'll al- 
ways have a Room With a View. 

Mom and Dad 


Congratulations to you and the Class of '91, 
May all your dreams come true. 

Best wishes. 

Bill, Rosalie, and David Kelleher. 


Thanks for all the 
beautiful memories. 
I shall cherish you 
and all of them al- 
ways. Keep reaching 
for the stars and I 
know LIFE will al- 
ways be yours. 

ADS 207 

"Out of the Blue" 

...And so we all move on - out of BHS, out of our 
childhoods, out of the blue and into THE REST OF 
OUR LIVES! It's sad to think about leaving, but 
always the memories will stay with us. These four 
years here, all the people we've said hello and 
goodbye to, everything that's become familiar 
and beloved - it's going to be hard to turn our 
backs on the past, but hopes of the future fill us 
with happiness and in time we may forget the 
cherished moments we once experienced here at 
BHS. But most probably we won't and we'll con- 
tinue to remember with a smile our days in those 
crowded and boisterous hallways, those days 
when we had lockers and were treated like in- 
mates on leashes... those days of our youths when 
we had nothing to worry about except our futures 
which seemed as bright and promising as a sum- 
mer's day. So with our five-year reunion coming 
up in only. ..well, five years, it will be no time at all 
until we all meet again and can look back at our 
adolescent years with most probably a laugh. 
Warm wishes to the Class of '91 and everyone 
else privileged enough to stomp through these fine 
halls at Bedford High School. And as we go out 
into the blue remember... 

"Take your time, think a lot, 
Think of everything you've got, 
For you nnay still be here 

But your dreams may not..." 

Theresa Concannon, Daymion Smith, and Lisette Alba 
are just too happy about being friends. 

J% 'If/ 


Julia Farmer. Kelly O'Mal- Ms. Aicarez guides Eric "May I dip you", asks Stel 

ley. Michelle Boisvert. and Swenson in the fine art Craig of his dance partner Aj^ 

Alicia DeLuca look snazzy af paper cutting. iko Vanderlee. 
at Junior Prom '90. 

>mis, Stephen 117 
am. Rob 115 
m, Rob 42, 114 
llian. Amy 100 
a.Lisetic 131. 141, 214 
anesc, Brian 109 
irez, Ms. 214 
isi, Chris 110. Ill 
tander, Bryan P. 42. 65 
ander. Michelle 157 
lya. Luis 42 
crson, Mrs. 141 
:rsson. Mike 1 1 5 

rade. Amy Elizabeth 3. 42, 62, 145.155 
5rge. Peter 103 

:dian,Jamie 5, 10,42.62 64.1 03, 1 1 1 . 1 55, 1 57 
inson, Jane 141 
inson. Mary 126 
inson. Rich 98 
ley. Jamie 42, 91 
er, Michelle 42 
bas, Mr. 137. 141 
:1s, Jim 42, 64 
owiu, Rachel 36, 37, 139 
lan. Josh 13. 43,102,103, 117 
:kstone, Jennifer 137, 141 
isdel!,Phil 43,64 

:hard,Lynnette Ann 4,43, 62, 100, 131 
ii, Mike C. 4, 43, 98. 124, 125 
sioli. Lyiuia 121 
ndin. Chris 131 
\ia. Dave 37 

vert. Michelle 7. 43. 62, 104,214 
;hay. Amy 21,,127 
ihay. Sara 100 
p i chetto. Dave 19, 43, 64.103. 111. 127. 155 
£hetto.Meg 104. 137. 140. 141 
ven, Charlie 98 
d, Ian 43 

nnan. Barb 104. 130. 131 
1, Alex. 3. 109. 137.141. 143 
wn, Katie 100 
vm, Sara 105 
wn, Wardel 98 
•wnc. Sage 127. 137. 139 
•kley. Josh 106, 107. 215 
V :kley, Sean 44 
Tiann. Anita 112, 113 
ke, Diane 44 
^ke. Michelle 44 
^on. Darlcne 137. 139 
5ch. Caroline 122. 123 
sch, Fred 44 
Sm. Scon 107, 121, 141 
lone. Lisa 3. 22. 28. 1 38. 1 39. 1 57 
lah.m. Jenn 3. 13. 44.65.91 
lahan, Kelly 37. 123 
lahan. Tim 117. 215 
mpbell. Rachacl 44, 63. 116, 117. 131 
mpoli. Heather 44. 65 
nn. Scon 44 

nn. Stephanie 105, 117. 131. 157 
rdile. Kim 27.45.64,65, 104, 157 
rdile.Liz 123 
riton, Betsy 142. 143 
rison. Jared 1 1 1 

rpenter, Krysiin 120. 121, 136. 141 
noil. Joyce 25. 104 
rson. Jen 24, 1 57 
rvey, Sarah 143 
Mellana, Wendy 37. 121 
trone, Jim 1 1 1 
lappel. Keith 45 
en. Karen 105. 137, 157 
en, Mark 45 
[ester, Thomas 12, 45 
isholm, Jason 98 
|ui, Jane 141 

iccia. Carrie 117, 137, 140, 141 
:cone, Terry 1 17 
|incy. Karen 2, 37, 100, 117, 143 
irke. Josh 45. 98 

lyton, George 117. 137, 141, 157 
■ments, Dave 115 
lates, Chris 1 36 

hen. Jen 18, 40,45,62, 64,65.100, 116. 117, 

130. 131. 154. 155 
hen, Jodi 3.14,22,137,143 
hen. Josh 103. 1 17 
Ibath, Keith 98 
lliion. Kristen3.36. 37. 100 
illiton, Maureen 100 
Mcimbatelli. Jim 65 

Al mcannon, Theresa 2, 137, 139, 141.214 
mnoUy. Amy 45 
innoly. Cristie 105 
)rcoran. Betty 123 

Cordez, Ben 157 

Coreia, Marcy 101, 125 

Craig, Ann 105, 117 

Craig, Steve 10. 128, 143, 214 

Cunha, Michelle 45 

Dcardorff, Sean 46, 102, 126,127 

Dee, Michelle 18,46, 137, 139 

DeGregory, Rachelle 141, 143 

DeLuca, Alicia 7.12, 46,64,65.1 22, 123, 1 57,21 4 

Demby, Cameron 1 1 1 

DcMoss,Mary 105. 137. 141 

Denby, Cameron 1 10 

DeNeiro, Krista 10 

DeNisco, Michelle 100 

Devlin, Maureen 143 

Dick, Ben 107 

Dickinson, Jen 46, 64 

Dill. Heath 143 

DiNeiro, KrisU 137, 139 

DiNino, Jen 18,46, 137, 139 

Dishman, Jason. 46, 9 1 

Dmochowski, Mike 46, 63, 103, 117, 131 

Dockham, Richard ID 46 

Doherty, Katie 105 

Dohcrty.Paul 4,6, 

Doherty. Tina 100 

Donaldson, Rob 47, 62, 127 

Doorakian, Duane 47 

Downs. Debbie 137, 141 

Drohan, Brian 1 09, 1 1 8, 1 1 9, 1 27 

Drozian. Elina 100 

Dubitsky, Stephanie 3. 37, 100. 127, 141 
Duggan, Mr. Tom 65 

Duris, Kevin. 12.47.62. 109. 118, 119. 137. 141 
Dworshak. Megan 4. 47. 62. 100, 120, 121 
Ebersole , John JR. 47 

Ela.Gretchen 22,29,100,117,137, 141,143, 144 

Eriich, Shari. 47. 146. 155 

Esposito. Mike 106. 107. 141, 215 

Fanelli, Carolyn 105 

Farmer, Chris 98 

Farmer. Julia 47, 214 

Farmer, Keith 4, 48. 62, 98. 99. 1 17. 125 

Farrell. Coach 104 

Fehlau. Brian 25. 29. 137. 141, 143 

Fehlau, Erin 4. 48. 63 64,137,141,143,154, 155 

Feierabend, Amy 122. 123 

Flores. Alex 48, 143 

Franks. Terri 100 

Freeman. Alex,137,141, 143 
Freeman. Jill 118, 127. 137. 141 
Freeman. Karen 141 

Galani. Judy 48. 64, 137. 141. 154. 155, 157 
Gallant, Mark 7. 48. 65, 117, 125. 154. 155 
Gallant. Man 98. 1 15 
Garrison. Jessica 48 

Geary. Kevin 5.48.62.,155. 

Geilfuss. Jack 49. 65. 107. 117, 130. 131, 137 

Gelormini. Kyle 6.49. 125 

Gersh. Dave 1 18, 136. 137, 141, 155 

Giles, Dana 49 

Ginn, John 98 

Giscombe, Ron 91 

Goodarz. John 49, 1 17 

Gorgens. Jennifer 6. 49 

Gonleib, Craig 103, 127. 143 

Grahm, Tiffany 105 

Granowitz, Scott 49, 62, 107, 1 17, 131 

Gray, Mark 19,49.62. 103. 117. 130. 131 

Grey. Holly 49. 62, 104. 1 17, 125 

Griffin, Andrea 60, 104, 116, 117, 131 

Grof, Brian 98 

Haas, Oliver 50, 117, 146 

Hamby, Jon 26, 64, 50, 98 

Hamel, Christin 2,7,35,50,62,100.143,154,155 

Hansen, Jen 1 23 

Hanson, Jen 93. 105. 112. 113. 122. 125 

Hanson, Siri 105 

Hanson. Stacey 50 

Harley. Amy 131, 137. 138, 

Hartwell, Melissa 50 

Harvey, Sarah 141 

Hector, Steven 3, 141 

Heimple, Valerie 121 

Henry, Chris 50. 64 

Higham. Dicky 50. 98. 117. 125 

Higley, Jessica 100. 121 

Hirsch. Chris 50. 98. 127.143 

Holden. Jonathan 2 1 5 

Holdcn. Katie 3. 104. 117. 131 

Huffman, Mike 51,98, 117, 131, 154, 155 

Hunsader, Monica 21,51,64,65.104,117.124, 125 

Hunt, Cindy 105, 112 

Hunt, Dan 1 1 5 

Hunt. Dave 51, 103 

Hurd,Kathy 12. 64. 141 
Hurley. Cait 131 
Ingraham. Jason 1 17, 142 
Jannis, Mandy 100 
Janaen, Ryan 5, 51,98 
Jardine, Brian 98 
Jardine, Shane 5 1 
Jehle, Heather 125 
Johnson, Sandra 123 
Jones, Dave 121 
Jones, Debbie 37 

Jones, Jeff 51 , 63, 93, 1 10, 1 1 1 , 157 
Jones, Linda 104 

Kapuria. Samir28. 51. 109. 118. 119, 141 

Keeting, Zachary 5 1 

Kelleher, Lisa 12 

Kelly, Kathy 137 

Kelly, Mr. 23 

Kennedy, Marcus 98 

Kenon, Reggie 98 

Kern, Brian 3, 35, 62, 64, 127 

Keroes, Josh 117, 157 

Kiessling, Rachel 121 

Klcekamp, Scon 98, 1 1 1, 130, 141 

Knell, Man 29, 143 

Koop. Jon62. 103. 137. 141 

Koop. Michelle 137. 141 

Korea. Marcie 100 

Korik. Sascha 13. 127 

Kyvelos, Man 109 

Kyvelos, Stephanie 2, 100, 141 

Larson, Kristen 127 

Le. Viet 127, 141 

Lee, Tara 24, 37, 137, 138, 1 39, 144 

Lenz, Cindy 64. 104. 117 

Lewis. Pat 98 

Lewis, Tammy 1 12 

Linehan, Sean 98, 125 

Liss. Nickie 100 

Lord. Dave 1 1 1 

Lydon, John 63. 125 

Maclellan. Elizabeth 53 

Maddox, Jim 1 15 

Mahar. Craig 53 

Mahoney. Brian 121. 157 

Malo, Scon 53 

Mara, Beth 105, 120, 121 

Mara. John 102, 103, 111 

Marston, Andrea 100 

Martin, CarolAnn 53. 157 

Martin. Kathy 123 

McCulloch, Edward 53 

McCune. Eric 98 

McDonald, Kristen 105 

McDonald. Scon 103 

McGarry, Man 109 

McGarry. Mike 109 

McGoveni, Tricia,126.146.155 

McGratK Brendan 98 

McGrath, Kerry 93 

Mclnnis, Mark 109, 137, 141. 143 

McNeany, Tim 19, 53, 64, 98, 1 17 

Mead, Kerry 100 

Mead, Steven 53,62,98, 115 

Mee, Sean 1 1 5 

Mcllo,Kim54, 112 

Melvin, Todd 54. 88 

Menill. Chris 215 

Merrill. Julie 6. 54, 63, 91, 104,157 

Meyers, Rachel 3, 5, 27,54, 64, 100, 126 

Miller, Stephanie 25, 54, 122, 123, 157 

Mills. Karrie 131, 137, 141 

Minassian. Mark 26, 54, 98 

Mitchell, Fiances Barbara 54 

Mix, Becca 100 

Mofield, Beth 3, 100, 131 

Mofield, Chip 98 

Morchead, Claire 100 

Morehead, Graham 54 

Nelson, Todd 12. 55,91 

Novak, Debra 55 

Novak. Diane 55 

O'Brien, Scon 55. 1 14. 1 15. 125 

O'Callahan. Shannon 55 

OTCeefe. Kerri 55 

OTvlalley. Kelly 55.62.64. 65. 157.214 
OMalley. Man 55. 109. 115 
Osweiller, Jennifer 137, 141 
Paschkewitz, John 56, 107.131 
Patterson. Nicole 56 
Pavalas, Michelle 100 
Pearson, Eric 56,64, 103, 118 
Pease, Barrie 56 

Pellegrini, Mary 1 17. 137.139, 155 
Perino, Stephanie 1 23 
Peterson, Jenn 2. 137. 139 

Pignatiello. Kerry 3, 56. 63 


Pollock. Rachel 24. 56. 64. 126. 127. 155 

Pomponi. Andria 24.137.14 1, 144.157 

Poulin, Joe 56, 107, 117, 131,215 

Prescott, Stephen J. 56 

Primmerman, Cynthia 117 

Prior, Mark 57 

Quinn, Donna 1 12 

Raffa, Kim 105 

Rainis, Mrs. 27 

Reed, Garry 103 

Reynolds, Namaya 57, 98 

Richards, Emma 100 

Ricker, Tina 57 

Rinaldi,Mr. 156 

Risley, Dwayne 143 

Rivinius, Beth 122. 123 

Rosenbaum, Jen 57, 143 

Rosenberg. Rebecca 26,35,62, 137,141,147,157 

Rosenburg. Sarah 37. 100. 155 

Ross. Colin 98 

Ross, Matt 140 

Russell, Darrell 104. 112. 131 

Russo, Jodie 64. 124. 125 

Russo. Johar\na 57 

Sandell. Amy 100 

Sands. Kim 104, 117, 131 

Saunders, Nancy 57, 1 37, 1 39, 1 57 

Schofield, Michelle 11. 143 

Schowalter, Kathy 57,63,121, 154,155,156, 157 

Shamel, Sarah 100. 1 16, 117 

Shamon,Pete 5, 13, 58.65.98, 114. 115 

Shaughnessy. Eileen 58. 100. 117. 141. 157 

Shea. Mami 58, 62. 104. 105. 125 

Shefl in, Laurie 104. 127. 137. 141, 143 

Shewkaramani. Amita 100 

Shwimmer. Jacqui 29. 137, 141, 143. 144. 157 

Smith. Daymion 10, 36, 37, 106, 107.214 

Smith. Erin 37. 100 

Smith. Jessamyn 37. 100 

Smulski. Mike 98 

Somerset. Joe 58. 109. 115. 126. 127. 157 
Span^ow. Brian 108. 109 
Spencer. Sue 100 
Spencer. Susanne 5. 58. 62. 64 
Spinosa. Mr. 1 55 
St. Saveur. Julie 137 
Sufford. Jen 93. 123 
Stciger. Stephanie 18. 137 
Stein. Matthew 35, 58. 62. 63.64. 93. 143. 145. 

Stephens. Heather 58 
Stewart, Lauren 100. 141 
Storer. Amy 58. 62. 64 
Stygar, Stephanie 59. 64. 1 39 
Sullivan, Jim 98 
Sullivan, Wayne 98. 1 15 
Swcnson, Eric 214 
Tamerler. Wendv 59 
Tanzer. John 59. 64. 137. 141 
Taylor. Andrew 59 
Taylor. John 98 

Thcophile. Chris 7.59, 155. 157 

Thomas. Ernie 98 

Thomas. Lisa 1 12 

Thoms, Joanna 100 

Tobcy, Dave 11.109,127,215 

Turner. Jessica 105. 1 16. 117 

Tutile, Derek 59 

Tyler, John 117 

Udell, Adam 102, 103, 117 

Vanderlec. Aniko 15,93.214 

Venuti. Dave 37 

Vincent, Chad 98 

Volicer, Mika 105 

Volicer, Zuzka 100 

Walkins. Mark 6. 59. 62. 63 

Weinfurt. Tricia 137. 139 

Welch. Liz 3.6.23,59,62 64.104, 120, 121, 155 

Welch, Frank 121 

White, Richard 60 

Wiedmann, Sonja 60, 100 

Wilder, Calvin 103 

Wilson. Donna 60, 140 

Wingfield, Jen 23, 131, 141 

Wojnar. Amy 60, 107, 117, 137, 141 

Wood. Ivan 114. 115. 127 

Woodall. Ben 215 

Woolaid. John 29 

Worth. Maureen 60. 64 

Young. Eric 118 

Young. Heather 100. 120. 121 

Young. Jen 105 

Zampese. Dave 60, 103. 125 -^rvTV 
Zircone. Terry 98 ZUV 


Bedford High School's 1990 SIGNUM was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing 
Division, 401 Science Park Road. State College. Pennsylvania 16801 . The Jostens area represen- 
tative was John Neister and the in-house consultant was Karen Stariha. 

Senior portraits, group photos, and candids were taken by Burlington Studios, 99R Cambridge 
Street. Burlington, Massachusetts 01803 and by Yearbook Staff Photographers. Underclassmen 
portraits were taken by O'Connor School Pictures, 1348 Main Street, Tewkesbury. Massachu- 
setts 01876. 

The cover was litho material in white with black and #285 medium blue ink applied; the 
endsheets were material parchmatte #303; the front name-date was printed in T-#285. 

Headlines were set in 36 point Helvetica. Secondary headlines were set in 14 and 18 point 
Avant Garde. Body Copy was set in 10 point Times Roman, and picture captions were set in 8 
point Times Roman. 

The publication date for the yearbooks was May 1991.